Black and Decker Coffee Maker Review – DCM600W 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker

So, I decided to review this Black & Decker DCM600W 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker because it is basic, inexpensive and it does what it’s supposed to.
Amazon LINK TO Black & Decker Coffeemaker: It’s super compact and takes up hardly any space on your counter top. It’s about 11 inches tall.There is one red button to turn the unit on and off. There is no beep to let you know that the coffee is done brewing. There is a removable filter basket. You can use paper filters or a permanent basket filter. The glass carafe holds 5 cups. Here are the two cups I use for coffee every morning. They hold about 12 ounces each. I fill water up to the 3 cups to make 2 cups of coffee. 3 cups is about 16 ounces in the pot. There is a window to see how much water is filled.

It’s very easy to clean, the basket comes out with ease and so does the glass carafe. It brews a good cup of coffee and all the coffee grinds are wet which means the water went through it. So far, there’s been no dripping or leaking from the pot.

What impressed me about the black and decker coffee maker most is that it brews a really good cup of tea. I’ll show you how to make chai with this simple recipe. Usually, you’ll boil milk, tea leaves and spices in a pot and strain it all to make chai. This saves you from washing a pot and strainer. Put tea leaves, cinnamon, ground cloves and ground cardamom in a filter. Heat milk in your cup and pour into carafe. Brew and you have delicious chai in a few minutes.

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jm miranda says:

how about the sugar?is it ok to put together with sugar?

bestkitchenreviews says:

Debosmita, heat up the milk and pour it into the glass carafe, then brew your tea. Only water should be poured into the tank, no milk. Enjoy 🙂

Abdul Samad says:

can we add cream and hot chocolate in it??

Issa Alkindi says:

Can you write the recipe of spice tea please.?

phani edara says:

Coffee Carafes was broken. is that carafe available?

Debosmita Basak says:

can i add liquid milk in coffee maker to make white coffee or white tea?

Jake says:

What is the background music?

Khushhal Jeet Rai says:

can we put milk instead of water in coffee maker

Steph Fong says:

I have a worse and cheaper coffee maker than yours. I think the favor of the coffee isn’t strong enough for me. At least, it is far far away from mcdonal’s. Do I need to pour the coffee back into the coffee maker and brew it again so that it comes out with a stronger favor?

fitore tahiri says:

can u use what kind of caffe u want on it like turkish caffe??

ebra13 says:

liked the spiced tea

ebra13 says:

liked the spiced tea

bestkitchenreviews says:

+fitore tahiri Hi, you can try Turkish coffee but it might not brew as strong as in a regular pot on the stove. Also, extremely finely ground coffee like Turkish coffee is not best suited for standard coffee makers 🙂

Jimmy Marsteller says:

I have this maker and it works great.

fazilu rahman says:

ok I am go to drinking a tea nice video

Eric Unbekannt says:


Alex Manolopoulos says:

Hi, I was wondering what you meant when you said (for coffee) “it brews a medium strength brew” – isn’t the strength of your brew determined by how much water you add?

K Z says:

this little fucker works great

Hootabell says:

what’s the best coffee beans out there? am new to this and I must know the good coffees

xgeneraldoomx says:

Wait I get it, White coffee has milk. Black coffee don’t have milk and normal coffee is just up to u

shintiazulfa tia says:

petunjukmanualalat pembuat kopi

Sappho Boom says:

This is nice 🙂
What kind of coffee did you use?


I don’t know why. I feel the taste is so light by using this machine…. I use one tb spoon coffee powder with 1 cup water…..I don’t know what’s wrong.

Habsa Ibrahim says:

have to pee and watching that pour doesn’t help

The Baby Wiki says:

Very nice,dear.

Nashid Siraj says:

Great video. I like the information. Thanks


Instead of water can I use milk in coffe

Fus Tah says:

I use it to cook my salmon!

Alexander Everett says:

What’s the background music?

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