3 Months With The Sage Barista Express / Breville Barista Express

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It’s been 3 months since I purchased the Sage Barista Express (Also known as the Breville Barista Express) at John Lewis and here are my thoughts along with hints, tips and a quick review of the Sage by Heston Blumenthal Barista Express Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine in Stainless Steel.

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Name: Barista Express Bean To Cup Coffee Machine
Brand: Sage by Heston Blumenthal
Model: BES875UK
Features: Burr Grinder, 15 Bar, 1700w
Makes: Espresso, Latte, Cappucinno, Flat white, Americano


GE TA says:

Is the water heated in a plastic or stainless steel container ?

Steve says:

I’m looking into this machine, I want a Starbucks / Dunkin Donuts style cappuccino in a tall cup 😉 . Will this be able to replicate that experience? (By the way BRILLIANT in depth review, exactly what I was looking for!)

A460 says:

Man, thanks a lot. You have a talent in explaining the product, and that’s something many lack. I’m going to get the machine after this video, you have explained everything really well. Cheers, brother!

Andre Picanco says:

I was just looking for some info in order to buy one for myself and your video just made me definitely sure this machine is what I need as well! Thanks for the upload and let’s keep up with the great coffees 🙂

And btw the audio quality was quite understandable too. Cheers

MrGarfi says:

So a year later, how is it holding up? Its currently on sale here so I am really curious about the reviews of it 🙂

Mentocthemindtaker says:

I gave you a *like* because the explanation was great and you covered the machine well – _but_ nearly 19 mins and you didn’t cover the steam wand?
Nice, honest review from a home user. Good work.

Chris D says:

i am happy to see, that im not the only one who have problems to get the perfect espresso. i bought this machine for two days without the grinder. and now i have the problem to grind it correctly. i have a coffee grinder but its not fine enough, so i put it in the cruncher after grinding for some seconds and was lucky to get 1-2 great shots from 40 shots in the last hours. this is why i bought my favourite coffee from starbucks dark roast espresso. i bought it grinded and said for espresso machine. now it is sooo ultra fine grinded, that there is coming no coffee out in all filters and also with a soft tamping. i bought again some full beans and grinded it with my grinder and mixed it 50-50. so it works, but not perfect. and now my question. is it normally that the machine cant work with ultra fine coffee or is something wrong with my machine. i would happy if someone have an answer, that its normally and nothing broken. and sorry for the english. greets from germany

Sam William says:

Man that’s a long video, and you don’t even show us a cup of coffee!

MrSnarface says:

What about the milk steamer?

fire blade says:

awful sound!!

greenapplejuice23 says:

Buff nerd

Jabala Jabolindest says:

Do you still use the machine? If yes, how it holds so far.
Thanks and greetings from Bulgaria.

Monika Stasiak says:

Not a bad video but the longest 18min of my life, I would definitely recommend watching one of the professional Sage video reviews for this machine, much more informative and quicker-paced.

Frank Overman says:

Very helpful! Feels like a very honest review!

Ed 007 says:

Why post if your audio sucks

Ray Banson says:

Hello..I set up my machine this afternoon and did some testing. I just checked again (about 4hours later) and by chance found out that a lot of water was leaking. Have you ever had that before?

Emma Harrison says:

ha ha alright stranger!!!!

PipenFalzy says:

That’s the problem with this machine… The experimenting. By the time you get your espresso right, you’ve gone through a bag of your beans. Every time you try new beans you have to experiment again and waste more beans before you get it right. I think you end up experiencing more than actual drinking a good espresso.

Shiunbird says:

I have one, got it 3 weeks ago. The first three days got me on a bizarre coffee high as I tried to figure out my tampering pressure and coarseness.

After 6 years with a fully automated Krups, I finally got at home that tick, creamy espresso that I could only get from the café across the street. It is, however, less efficient. I used to go through 250g of beans every two weeks and now I go through the same amount in a week only, for the same number of shots.

So I’m happy. Although, at times, I miss the “push a button and forget about it” approach. The whole process takes considerably longer (from turning on to having the machine clean), but it’s worth it. It helps me relax, because I need to focus on the process.

The downside is that, even after 3 weeks, 1 out of 10 shots fails completely. =)

zookb123 says:

Is a Sage the same as a Breville? Rebrand for another country maybe? It looks exactly like the Breville Barista Express BES870XL.

Jhall says:

I’ve had it for over a year. Love it. Used it twice this morning. Best cup of espresso!

Roman PLAY! says:

*Love this machine, it produces excellent expresso and love the frother.>>>**ur2.pl/1177** You can use the pressurized baskets if you don’t want to work to hard on the grind or you can really dial it in to get a perfect God shot with the single wall non pressurized baskets. I do wish that it came with an optional parnerello to make the frothing a little easier for those that don’t know how to use a frother. That bieng said it just takes a little practice to learn the technique. Produces a nice dry Puck once you get the grind right. All in all I like the machine and look forward to years of service as it seems well built. Grinder produces a good fine expresso grind as well*

S O says:

Tell you something. I have done 200kg of coffee through it and still going strong. Great machine

Nyle says:

I don’t know why this machine is advertised by some websites as being a “bean to cup machine”. It’s an espresso machine with a build in grinder

pfunker2003 says:

Thanks for the overview very useful. As for Ed’s comments, sorry the audio is fine clear and easy to understand, maybe check your settings.

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