Unknown Ceiling Fan Review

Final fan, Sorry that the vid cut off my memory filled up


Joe Mulford says:

Ah right i dont think its that old tho cos it was with the house which was built in 2003

VolvoBussi98 says:

Nice fan but too noisy. Noisy fans are not for home use. Them are designed for restaurants, officies or stations…

AlextheFurbylover Walker says:

I think the brand is SMC

NoahBones 12 says:

it depends what country if its england its HOME by ARGOS

Joe Mulford says:

No problem thanks for watching 🙂

Warry Hizzard says:

I think it’s a CEC Georgian.

Joshua K says:

cec gorgesen

Brian Hicks says:

mrmoterkid, you ever ever checked out dtvintagefansdotorg? If you like fans, check us out!

EPSILON120 says:


DylBeen the Plotagonist and randomee 240 says:

This is a j&p company spinner sold at Kmart in 1992 and 1993

Ade F. says:

maybe is a crest spinner. but the electric it buzz different than usa electrical buzzing sounds…

acnfanmanin says:

Sorry i did not meant to mess with you with my comment but at that time i was new on youtube and knew little about fans so i just copied jonahmusto the bullshitter comment.

thefandude21 says:

@jonahmusto ok are you just messing with me now! lol!

Goldenrod636 says:

The blades remind me of the blades on my childhood ceiling fan, except that they weren’t attached to the motor.

Devin Dickson says:

That’s a SMC Laguna Ceiling Fan.

Joe Mulford says:

A bearing is what takes some of the load when the motor is operating, on cheap or highly worn electric motors, they can make noises, and thats not good

Nick The Goanimater 64 says:

i think its a CEC toastmaster.

J.J. Atchison says:

I saw one of these on ebay and it’s a Home Base Palermo 107cm/42″

Joe Mulford says:

hmmm, i havent heard of that, ill have to check it out at somepoint

acnfanmanin says:

I think it’s a casablanca ceiling fan.

AlextheFurbylover Walker says:

That brand of the fan is SMC

MAXXZ says:

It kinda buzzes

TV Logan gamer says:

Everyone who says it’s a laguna or c e c are wrong it’s a home by Argos

NoahBones 12 says:

EVERYONE!!!!!! Its A Home by ARGOS it england

Nick The Goanimater 64 says:

didn’t you foret to show the light?

Rustybearing 45 says:

CEC Georgian

Baltimore Alarms & Fans says:

It’s not an SMC Laguna, they don’t have holes in the motor. It could be CEC or Crest. 

Bobbie Ochieng says:

That’s an SMC ceiling fan.

This channel's dead. Please leave says:

This Fan Reminds Me of Two Old Fans from my Aunt’s House Which are Taken Down

NoahBones 12 says:

666 Subs….Wow

thefandude21 says:

that is a crest top mount spinner

SamAndFranklin Aycock says:

its an smc laguna

Cly says:

It’s a dalair doin

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