Turn Your Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan Smart With BOND

The BOND smart home devices allows you to easily control existing ceiling fans and light combos. The BOND uses a IF or RF signal to turn your device on or off and change its settings. You use a your fixtures remote to program the unit. Once setup you can also connect to your Google Home or Amazon Echo to turn the fan an light on and off all with your voice.

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Andrea Mitchell says:

i don’t understand where there is a 6 device limit though and is it just for ceiling fans or do all device categories also have a 6 device limit? seems kind of a steep price for this with it’s limitations ,currently i just use a broadlink RM pro it was on $25 but it need an always on android device to act as a bridge , it was easy to srt up to work with alexa but a lot more complicated to get working with GH

Donny Fontenot says:

I’ve been looking for this functionality for a while. I thought that the Broadlink RF might work but sadly it doesn’t support my fan’s frequency. This, however, looks like it would work fine, but there is absolutely no way that I’m going to spend $100 for this. I think I’ll just get the right receiver/transmitter module on Aliexpress and connect it via ESP32.

Claude Bénard says:

I do not have remote control for my fan. Can i make bond work. Thank you

Om Saxena says:

You are the best. I see all your videos first. I want to sponsor you.

rog3775 says:

Great video again! My question is if I bought the fan in your description and put my Philips hue color lights in the fan, would the bond still work with the lights? Or do you think the bond and hue would have issues working together? Does that make sense? Thank you for your time!

Fabian Hedén says:

Ok so i have a problem not related to this but im getting a samsung galaxy s9 plus and i need to put a case on it and i have had those magnetic cases on my iphone before so you can basically leave your bankcard and other stuff at home or put in on your phone . that wouldnt work with the wireless charging on the s9 so i need a case that only has metal in the corners and not in the middle so i could leave my bankcard at home. i wondered if anybody could hook me up with a link for a case like that or atleast give me tips about any site to build my own case on

Jimmy is Promo says:

Who the heck has a fan with a remote? My TV barely has one haha

Jeffrey John says:

Hello I have 2 older hunter fans with remotes.. Same model fans, the issue we have is its hard to get fans to turn on. Not sure of circuit board is bad or if this will allow fans to work.. Once we get them on we leave them on since it’s very hard to turn on

vinesh chandra says:

This is pity cool stuff from bond………looks like there’s no physical hookups to the canopy of the fan [medalling with wires]

Lets Go gaming and more says:

Hi so if you have a two story with 6 fans do you need bond for each of them

Otto Björkland says:

Can you “teach” the BOND to use other IR signals like some from my remote with a RGB Strip?
Is this better than the Harmony Hub?

Tony Ayala says:

Can this Bond work with a Pentair pool remote that uses RF?

Karen Seeley says:

I got the Bond and setup to control 3 ceiling fans in different rooms. I linked to Google Home and can turn on/off fan but can’t figure out how to control speed by voice. The fans have 3 speeds and when using Home to turn on, fan goes to maximum speed. How can I tell Home to switch fan to speed 1 or 2?

Janelee Keller says:

Thanks Brett :-). JL

Avender says:

Your smart home videos are the BEST! Keep it up.

Scott Goldthwaite says:

Can you change the fan speed using Google Home?


Can you control the dimming and fan speeds thru the google home

Jimmy is Promo says:


Greg Carpenter says:

We have that exact ceiling fan in oir kitchen and thanks to you it will be added to Alexa.

rick fimple says:

I was hoping you would review this, I was actually going to order one this week! I have 4 ceiling fans and wanted a simple solution to round out my smart home. Great video! I was wondering if you would review the CHANNEL MASTER new stream/OTA DVR??? It has built in chromecast capabilities…

jbir mohamed says:

hope you make videos about all the new apps we can use

Fernando Castro says:

Great like always. Do you know when Google Home will talk another new languages?

Om Saxena says:

How do I get the device?

Dean Ambruse says:

Nice video

Matt Storey says:

Hey I have the same fan and now a Bond based on this video. I am curious if your parents Bond/fan acts the same as mine. When I tell Bond to turn on the light it will only turn it on to full brightness which is too intense and not how the regular remote works. Is this your/your parents experience as well? Thanks.

FYI: In case you didn’t know, holding down the light button dims the light. It will remember the last dim setting when using the remote.

Om Saxena says:

When is theGoogle routines video coming ?

Scott Gemmell says:

Nice intro!

ijamesweb says:

Is the founder’s first name ‘James’?

Tony Rainey says:

What is the difference between this and the logitech smart hub? Oh wait the logitech is cheaper and has more compatibility. Seems like a no-brainer to me!

Jiren The Grey says:

Great video!!

MarzNet256 says:

It would be cool to use ITFTT to use phone GPS plus data from Nest thermostat (and perhaps time of day) to turn on fan when you are home and indoor temp is above certain level.

ComedyClubE SERIES says:

You are so Super tech with Brett

Tech With Brett says:

Who do you know that has a ceiling fixture that would fit into this category? Share this video with them to show them this awesome new tech.
BOND: http://amzn.to/2DFlOJ2

Sorry about the grainy video, not ideal lighting conditions.

D S says:

That’s very cool!

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