The fanciest thing in the CNET Smart Home? The fans

Our new smart ceiling fans are certainly worthy of oohs and aahs. But are they worth the cost?


Lets Go gaming and more says:

There is a wink fan that you can control using wink at Home Depot

Ramolifee says:

How bright is the light? Seems cool if it can light up my large room

Wei Liu says:

Well, at least show us the price…

Rodney J Vlogs says:

does anyone know the name of the climate sensor that was shown @0:55 ? it looks different so i wanted to research it

Mando Networks says:

Smart Vents? Any thoughts

thetommantom says:

damn great shit. the fuckin nest thing heats your rooms that you put a sensor in? these fans simulate a breeze? wow

k6usy says:

I automated every fan in my house with z-wave switches, it was much cheaper.

quepiid says:

Give prices man.

D Jaquith says:

As mentioned there are several home automation switches, receptacles, etc and effectively that’s all this ‘solution’ is. However, I prefer a more intelligent and integrated solutions.

I live in Florida and frankly about the only ceiling fans we use are those installed in our covered Lanai. Practically, year round our AC is on and judging on the cost here the market can afford the AC…

Bailey Glyde says:

Ha FANciest

Darren Ernest says:

Ive got a regular ceiling fan with z-wave switch controlled by home automation software. Can trigger with voice via Alexa, or room temperature triggers. Using z-stick + indigo software + plugin for echo.

Ben Borgmeyer says:

The black model of the fan with the light costs $1065.

D S says:

Music too loud!

louididdy says:

Im already controlling my fans with Alexa. Instead of buying an overpriced fan, I bought GE Z Wave Smart Switches which I linked to Smarthings which I can control with Alexa, way cheaper and they work great. I also have them linked to motion sensors, so they turn on when I walk in to a room. See the video in my channel.

Block kcet says:

lets wait for xiaomi to give us a smart ceiling fan solution at affordable price

Arshdeep Bhui says:

2nd comment

Z EP P EL IN says:

Mention the price or list the products in the description. What might be “luxury” to some may not be to others.

Niklas Forsman says:

No price, no like.

Random Person says:


Xtwonine says:

From big ass solutions?

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