Our new Exhale ceiling fan


Goldenrod636 says:

I wish that they had a light on it

Roberta L. Jones says:

Mine arrived and I don’t have it installed yet. Can’t wait!

FLFCH says:

Are these finally for sale? Have only heard about them shipping and delays etc.. if they are for sale – are they only through the website or other vendors?

Jonathan Deller says:

This looks like a really nice way of circulating air without the ‘chopping’ effect you get with regular fans. If they just had a light in the center, it would be perfect!

fpoz says:

how is the cleaning part?

Kojack says:

No blades to catch and throw clothes? thats no fun

Barry D says:

To CeilingFanExpert: All specs aside, I bought this fan because it is bladeless. I absolutely can’t tolerate the flicker associated with bladed fans. Also, our ceiling is not very high. Our bedroom is air conditioned and the result is perfect. We set the thermostat higher and save energy. The fan moves enough air for our needs (even at sub-max settings). It does have a reverse setting that provides a more downward air flow. We have not used it much in the winter to move warm air. We still like it.

bigbeefjerky says:

It looks sweet!! I ordered five of them and I still have holes in the ceiling awaiting their arrival. Cannot wait!

soccerpeve02 says:

it’s a neat idea… but it’s rather ugly imo. like a giant tire on the ceiling.

CeilingFanExpert says:

OK, so I looked at the  specs for this product on the manufacturers website and it only produces a little over 3000 CFM of airflow, which is about half of what a good quality ceiling fan with blades produces. It also draws the air up in a column directly beneath the fan and then pushes it out across the ceiling and down the walls, which is essentially like running a typical ceiling fan in reverse winter mode to draw the warm air off the ceiling without creating a wind-chill effect. I suspect this fan will do very little to make you feel cooler…but I could be wrong. So if anyone has experienced the actual product, I’d like to know if you actually feel a nice cool breeze as you would if you were beneath a normal ceiling fan?

SAerror1 says:

How has the fan performed over time? I have a regular ceiling fan that I never use because the motor is too noisy, humming and rattling the entire ceiling.. I think this could be a good replacement if it is really whisper quiet and durable, even if it can’t move as much air as a bladed model!

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