Ahh it’s that wonderful time again! Welcome to Bloxburg bringing more awesome content!

Update Notes! [Version 0.6.3]
– Added ceiling fans.
– Added more food.
– Added new windows, doors, kitchen appliances and furniture.
– Should now be easier to join friends.
– Major bug fixes.

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Video schedule of the week! 4/2 – 4/8
Monday – Bee Swarm Simulator (Done!)
Tuesday – Fortnite Battle Royale (Done!)
Wednesday – No Video!
Thursday – Assassin! ROBLOX (Done!)
Friday – Welcome to Bloxburg ROBLOX Roleplay (Done!)
Saturday – Welcome to Bloxburg UPDATE (Done!)
Sunday – Murder Mystery 2 ROBLOX

Note that this schedule is not 100% accurate and will be changed a lot throughout the week! It’s just an idea of what to expect…

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Recording Program: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)
Graphic Software: Photoshop CS6
Music Credit:
All music courtesy of Epidemic Sounds!


Gwen may garcia says:

Yas!!! U did it! Yay

cupcakes says:

You can also get a cup of water from the sink

roblox LouLou says:

wow i like this update even i didn’t try it out 😀

Sxmh Kylie says:

“This is ASMR now”
Me: ASMR Peetah?

Paulette Colin says:

I really think that the girl stole your car XD

Ajana Hall says:

They put new beds

shauna anderson says:

You can use the sink

Crystal says:

7:36 Its a pop tart get it -Pop- hahaahhaha lol ok im so corny im laughing at my own jokes and no one is….

Crystal says:

Bloxburg is becoming sims xD LOVE IT XD ( GOOD UPDATES XD)

OkayJestique says:

Peetah, The modern light fixture was in the last update, just to tell ya. 🙂

Devynn Tanzil964 says:

Everythingbloxbrug is one game dev acc for it u can get water from sinks so yah

Kawaiipotato says:

Basically what Peetah was trying to say when he was rambling about the water, he was just trying to say, “DRINK WATER.” Lol

keyana auty says:

wow lucky you you can play welcome to Bloxburg im a noob cos i have 0 robux lucky you.

Izzbjornen is a nub says:

12:30 lol oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof

#Bridget Plays ROBLOX says:

The hoods aren’t new lol

itsjessica ding says:

you missed the bins

itsjessica ding says:

also beds

BunnyGirl 1472 says:



You didn’t cover the decorations

Edit: also new beds and on new pillar

Another edit: and a dresser

esrath says:

You just earnt a new sub! 😀 glad to see someone happy with the update! <3

Shane Torres says:

I LOVE THE NEW UPDATE!all of my bedrooms have a Celling fan and I have a lot more new stuff

FroggyHopz says:

Really glad to see you like the new update! 😀

Imaginatikon says:

Hiiii!! Ik Im Late ;-;

The unicorn is Here says:

Legit screaming but can use my computer tell next week solo sad

Cogi Lover says:

OMG I got scared when u SCREAMED I thought I was died

Austin Chase says:

Well like a minute before the update I made a menu without the new quick meals and I was like:GRRRRRRRR I WANT TO KILL BLOXBURG but than I created the new menu and I was calm

shontel games says:


Negra84 Nune says:

Toast:(pops out)
Peetah: AHHHhHhHhHhHhHhHhH

Kiki Games says:

This new update is awesome for roleplayi

Amelie Mason says:


LDShadowLady54 Fan Acc says:

PeetahBread you forgot one thing from the kitchen things!! It’s a thing that makes coffee and more things! It’s for B $ at the bottom of the kitchen things. By the way you can get water for free and you can get it from a tap/sink.

Averezz In Yo Hood says:

Dm me if anyone needs a private builder 😉 – Averezz

tuan lien says:

Where did u come from? I guess Vietnam

ROBLOX Boy says:

Your house is beautiful

Brandi Cline says:

I am glad my sister told me to get bloxburg

cupcakes says:

I’m your new subscriber!! Tick tok

#Bridget Plays ROBLOX says:

Except there’s two new ones I think…..

I Love Tacos says:

Love it the face cam

Wyat Gamer1 says:


I just realized now I have to redo my kitchen a 4th time ;-; lol

iloveMarley123 says:


Cyan Kimberly says:

I can’t wait until this game is public and doesn’t need to be paid for

Sean The slice gamer says:

Wait what….. FroggyHopz is a BloxBurg developer? I am mind blown, I need to meet him.

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