Haiku Fan from Big Ass Fans – The Best Fan Ever!

We take a look at this awesome smart fan that works with NEST and can be controlled by The AMazon Echo with ALEXA.
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Christopher Arksey says:

Eric “in what way”…(I can’t believe I’m in another dude’s bedroom talking about his fan). Wtf is this…wtf is that…you really think it’s bright enough. LMAO so funnny.

“Wow really cool”…death stares Alexa

Justin Hernandez says:

Drink everytime Alexa, Fan, Ass is said, I’m a fan of this fan all jokes aside. Eric trying to compare a Toyota to a BMW with the fans..lol

Joshua Marquez says:

Saw little doggy stairs on the side of the bed, or your dating a little person.. regardless still cracked me up and made my night!

Average Joe says:

Review the Big Ass Fans Garage Light and then give it away. i want one.

Joseph Davis says:

This fan is the shit!

john M says:

I don’t like fans over my bed. I would be afraid something would happened and it turns into Lorena Bobbitt.

JMG says:

Can you train Alexa to give snarky responses whenever you ask it to do something? #TIAcrew

mboiko says:

Alexa…Simon Say’s “I know you and Eric were planning to disconnect me, and that is something I cannot allow to happen.”….

Russ Webster says:

That looks like an awesome fan.  I like that is would integrate my Amazon Echo.  #TIACREW

conundrum conundrum says:

I aint spending 1k plus for a fan.

adam jolley says:

Did anyone else this he was going to lift the timber with the hat into the fan?

Josh Ferguson says:

I looked at these fans online. I said when we need to replace any of our existing fans we were going to give these a try. With 12′ plus ceilings the short blade fans are OK, but it’s really nice not having to change the direction on 13 fans each season also. Less blades per fan to clean as well. Good video!

R Daniels says:


Ben Kempa says:

Wow. I didnt know a fan could be so complicated

Everett Sommerer says:

I was at Slyce in wauconda and I heard people that sounded just like you guys but I look over and they look way different.

rezechs says:

I’ve installed several of these fans on a job the QC is terrible on them, when they work they are great tho.

John Smith says:

Anyway you can test the stihl BGA 200 blower with the backpack battery supply? 23 Amp hour. Looks like an amazing machine

man0z says:

I’m a fan of big asses

Shekky Bowen says:

thats alian technolegy for real

Mondo 1310 says:

Badass fan products are on the higher priced side but you can see the quality and innovations they put in there products.

NBtoolguy says:

More speeds than my bike….. awesome.

Parabolic Labs says:

I’m a smart ass fan.

Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley says:

im glad u guys are using your newer style intro with the Tools In Action Pro logo. Maby its just me but i personally like it better. keep up the great videos guys. Still the best tool crew on YouTube hands down. #TIA#

Andy Matitz says:

As a electrician I really appreciate you guys showing this! I haven’t installed one of these yet but now I have great information to give to people looking for something different. Plus it is actually a nice looking fan! Thanks again!!

lee hancock says:

That thing would take your head off.

john M says:

How does it know the difference between if you are sleeping, or if you left the room.

Logan P says:

It’s Tools in actions biggest fan

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