Haiku Ceiling Fan [Woosh] [LED Lights] [bamboo], by Big Ass Fans, most efficient Ceiling fan

The Haiku is a high-efficiency ceiling fan by a company called Big Ass Systems.

There has been a MASSIVE Price Drop on Amazon This fan used to retail for nearly $2000 now it is down to $475 nearly the same price if not cheaper than most other modern ceiling fans. Here is a link directly to the Haiku on Amazon http://amzn.to/2d4NEmt

Overall design is beautiful and modern. The Haiku utilizes state of the art technology and materials to blend ultra efficient with unprecedented beauty.Read my full review on my blog: http://goo.gl/1jjYcm

The Haiku is a high-efficiency ceiling fan by a company called Big Ass Systems. Overall design is beautiful and modern. The Haiku utilizes state of the art technology and materials to blend ultra efficient with unprecedented beauty.

The Haiku ceiling fan breaks away from the traditional residential ceiling fans to achieve a more modern look with a pendulum mounted motor which is directly connected to the Airfoils to achieve perfect balance practically eliminating wobble.

The Haiku Airfoils come in Caramel or Cocoa colored bamboo, black or white composite for the 52 inch and 60 inch diameter fans. If you want to move to the larger 84 inch diameter Haiku you will need to go to Aluminum which comes in black, white, polished, or a logoed yellow.

Each airfoil is balanced as group to further eliminate any chance that there will be wobble. If you purchase two or more it is essential to make sure the airfoils do not get swapped otherwise things won’t work well. Big Ass Fans, the makers of the Haiku have been making large fans for a long time and with that knowledge they have perfectly designed the aerodynamic profile to give the smoothest and silent airflow at all the available speeds.

I can confirm that the operation of the fan is silent compared to even the most expensive traditional fans.

Ultra-Efficient Motor:
The Haiku uses a DC motor to make extreme gains in efficiency. The motor takes up to 30W max depending on model. So assuming $0.11 per kwh running at the 30 Watt level 24 hours a day 365 days a year it will only cost you about $30 to operate. An estimate of a typical 52 inch standard ceiling fan will use approximately 90 Watts/hour generating nearly a $90 bill at the end of the year. See energyusecalculator.com for more information.

There are multiple ways to control the Haiku. Using the supplied remote control or the optional RF Wall control you can select 6 different speed modes (standard and extended mounts get an extra 7th speed).

You also have timers, A sleep mode that will reduce the fan speed gradually overnight as you sleep, and a Woosh mode that simulates a breeze. This is my personal favorite mode of operation as it really reminds me of being outdoors and feeling a light breeze.

SenseME is their second generation technology that incorporates a motion, temperature, and humidity sensors to automatically adjust to keep the room as comfortable as possible. The Haiku SenseME control adds smart, schedule, and winter modes in addition to the Sleep, Woosh, timer and manual modes. Use SenseME and integrate with the Nest and or Jawbone Ecosystem to provide additional variable speeds, and grouping modes. SenseME will also integrate with the optional light automatically turning it off if it is left on and variable brightness.

Our Haiku did not come with the SenseME package so I can’t comment on how that integrates with NEST or Jawbone. Maybe I will be able to upgrade in the future and will update this post on it’s added benefits.

The optional LED lighting kit for the Haiku produces about as much light as three 60 watt incandescent bulbs so it is adequate for lighting a dining table. Dimming the lights to the perfect level to make the mood perfect is an added bonus that is usually not available on most ceiling fans without a separate dimming switch.

Our lighting kit is first generation like the photo above, not like like the first picture on this page, so I can’t speak to the upgrades that it looks like have been added to the current line of Haiku.

Here is my Video Review of the Haiku Look, Listen, and see for yourself the benefits of the Haiku.



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Tintin Fan says:


The_CJ says:

I became interested in this fan when I learned that it is able to be paired with the NEST Thermostat. My question is, do you have any items in your house that your fan is paired with? If so, does it work well? Have you had any problems with it or does it easily integrate with the other items you have?

marino2283 says:

Awesome review. Really thinking about getting one.

Alex Sherman says:

Steve – nice review, thanks for posting – great to hear the sound of the fan. A few questions: is this the short or standard mount? Our ceilings are 9′ but considering the short mount anyway since they’re by no means high. Also, the light fixture looks a little different from what’s shown online – double rings below the motor hub http://bit.ly/1MoFLEx. Yours is flat, which I like. Was this a custom order or did they recently change the design?

Alex Saplala says:

Great review! I purchase the H Series as well as the L Series. I plan on pairing it with our Ecobee3 thermostats. Does your system have the senseme feature…..if so, can you set it up to have motion detection? Thank you!

Danarius M. says:

@Five30Reviews is the light bright?

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