Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fan—Full Scale Vortex Airflow Demonstration

For more information on the Exhale fan please visit: https://exhalefans.com

The Exhale bladeless ceiling fan creates a vortex in your room. This Tesla inspired design utilizes the science of laminar flow. We created this video to show the vortex flow of the Exhale fan in a room with a smoke generator after many suggestions from our water demo. The smoke used is very light and although appears to be moving very quickly is quite gentle. Standard 34″ Exhale fan in a 14×15′ room with a 8′ ceiling. Enjoy!


Tony Manso says:

Yes, the fan is awesome but I would really like to know where I can get one of those smoke machines! 🙂

Billy Kent says:

pretty cool, hope you can get it balanced correctly, that wobble drives me crazy.

TheBetterGame says:

Nice video, but i would still love answers to my questions on your indigogo comments page. Please look for the comments from “Sean”. I want to pitch your idea to my boss, but if you wont answer my questions…..

acnfanmanin says:

I would like to see a comparison between a normal fan.

TaîRøne Yennille says:

i have faith in this

Exhale Fans says:

The ExhaleFans website will be opening our online store in the next couple weeks for preorders. In the meantime, please sign up for our mailing list to get the latest news as it happens.

BATMAN says:

does it filter the air as well? i mean that would be cool. clean fresh air in the house. not blowing dust around like fans with blades

ObiTrev says:

It’s just an impeller design, I was expecting Ionic breeze!

yue yin says:

can this can be mounted on the wall and tilted if I fabricate a bracket for it? My ceiling is 14ft high and many of my rooms have not closed in ceiling. I live in China, I assume the 240v will work over there? thanks

Exhale Fans says:

You can actually SEE the difference! http://bit.ly/1xOuIMb

fat69100 says:

What i want : Low price (250$ maximum) , very low electric consumption , Air and odor Filtration, led fixation. If possible, on/off by android/iphone smartphone !

good luck

Exhale Fans says:

The Airflow of the Exhale is very gentle. Standing underneath the fan you will feel an up flow of air, but not a harsh suction.

skyserf says:

nm i found a vid without music. v=C28O8WcaeW8
There is still a lot of background noise though.

Ridwan Bustani says:

The cost is very high. In the middle east the ambient temperature is as high as 48 deg C and 90% humidity in summer. A 1.5 ton split AC unit (japanese/korean) costs approx. 350 USD here. No one here would spend 500 USD or even 250 USD on a fan here.

Exhale Fans says:

Sean, Please check your Indiegogo account, I answered your questions through them. If you have further questions please feel free to email me, my address can be found on our website company page.

Dufis38 says:

i want to know how much this is going to be, my living room ceiling is really low, for a normal ceiling fan, about 8ft, but this thing would be awesome

jbferrer3 says:

So on a hot day it moves hot air around?

Exhale Fans says:

Check out this vortex airflow demonstration! http://bit.ly/1xOuIMb

Exhale Fans says:

Watch the full scale vortex airflow demonstration to see just how effective our fans are! http://bit.ly/1xOuIMb

Exhale Fans says:

See the Exhale Fan in action! This full scale vortex air flow demonstration lets you see for yourself how cool our product is! http://bit.ly/1xOuIMb


Instrumental version of “Put Me To Work” by Papa

skyserf says:

Can you make a video without music so we can hear how loud it is?

Colin Genge says:

Why not have someone calming giving some information about what it’s doing so we can get a fix on the personality of the developers?

Brian G. Shacklett says:

What’s the music playing in the background? It’s a great track.

AptCreep says:

Will this have an kind of light like most ceiling fans?

Mason Eberly says:

I really want one I do but I don’t know where to get one please if anyone has info tell me

Exhale Fans says:

Yes, Exhale Fans is currently working on a LED light kit to be released late 2013.

SquirtToast says:

What if somebody is doing paperwork? Will it suck the paper up up into the fan?

veemobeemo says:

Does that mean I can never fart again?

Exhale Fans says:

84xiaoxiao, Yes you could mount a bracket to the wall as an overhang for the fan, but the preferred installation would be from a rod mounted to the ceiling if you wish to bring it down.

50hellkat2 says:

Bet these cost a fortune and try to find anyone to install them.

JVBKing says:

Is it possible for the bladeless fan to include a downlight in the centre?

Colin Genge says:

why ruin a great video with annoying music?  it’s bad enough to have to put up with it on every snow boarding video ever shot. Death of imagination. Even though annoyed, the fan looks interesting. 

Exhale Fans says:

Have you seen our vortex airflow demonstration? http://bit.ly/1xOuIMb

Carrie Jeske says:

cool item.  contact me if you’re interested in licensing.

ForceField9 says:

Question: Will someone feel suction if they are right underneath it?

Ezzy J says:

Vaccum fan!!!

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