This video shows how to install a ceiling fan in the place of a light fixture. This job is so easy, anyone can do it with minimal tools. Save money and do it yourself!


classic car lover 1959 says:

Well made video. Helped me install my first fan today. Now in enjoying a ice cool Breeze. Thanks for the help!

Atoki says:

Only subbed cos this video was really well made :’)

L V says:

Thank you from New Mexico I didn’t know what to do with the red wire. Great explanation and again thank you.

Nathalie Gonzalez says:

Super helpful. Thank you for zooming in! Thanks!!

Jaime Salgado says:

Thanks man, helped us out!

Anthony Simandl says:

So I have 2 switches and the red wire at my house. I’m not finding a blue wire on the motor. Am I able to put my red and black wires together to operate both switches. There are blue and white for the switch housing but they just plug in together on the switch housing cap. This may sound confusing and the video is simple but I’m still a little stuck.

Frank C says:

Hi notice you used, the same box, nor you replaced it, if secure, it should withstand the weight of the fan? How can I secure the box just to be sure, thanks

Dennis Swender says:

Great video, but what do you do if you don’t have the cross member and only the blue circular box?

A1 Face says:

Great video!!

Rai Files says:

What if you can’t find the breaker to the light cause the room was a add on


Great instructions. Thank you.

Charlie Preidis says:

You wouldn’t believe how vague other ceiling fan installation videos are. This is quick, well explained, and visually helpful. Thanks!

Echo Waves says:

This video is a pure blessing. Thank you.

J/L Sawh says:

Thank You So Much!!!! it works!!!

QuadroNVS says:

I came here to see how to remove the canopy. Thx.

Solar Guild says:

Excellent resource !

Rubenc44 says:

Great video!!!!! Thank u!!

Mark Ward says:

Can you just install a ceiling fan light when you take the standard light out of your living room or do you need any special for you plate

Sydney Jardinico says:

Thanks for the video. 🙂

Callipygous83 says:

This is a better instructional video than This Old House’s, I’ll be giving this a go soon. Thank you very much sir !

Michael Perry says:

thank brotha worked like a charm this was ma first one….thank you

quizzy 288 says:

What type of accent you got bro?? I’ve never heard anybody say hhhwhite repeatedly, good video tho

ExpeditionDanger says:

This video was the best one I’ve watched visually you showed everything close up to the wiring and articulated your words very well. Thank you so much!

Brandon Jackson says:

Dude you’re so smart bro! You’re like the smartest kid I know!

Dielind says:


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