Bond Ceiling Fan Smart Control

How to make your ceiling fan smart. A review of the Bond Home ceiling fan control, which connects your remote controlled ceiling fan to make it a smart fan. BOND Home by Olibra allows you to connect your existing remote controlled appliances (RF & IR) like ceiling fans to your smart home. In addition to fans, the BOND team is also developing functionality for air conditioners, garage doors, and electric fireplaces. Coming soon to the app

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Now back to our review of the Bond Ceiling Fan Controller. If you have a fan with a remote control the Bond will work on any ceiling fan that has a IR or RF Remote control. The Bond Home also works with Alexa and Google Home.

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Awal K. Dafirst says:

Where is Cindy? Miss her

MrRedeie23 says:

Thanks for the weekly product. It’s hot in here. Cooling off. Serious note? With all these devices. “What is the best router to give a great balance of WiFi throughout the home?”

TresLong33 says:

Great Job, keep up the good work.

QuamellGaming says:

the first fan is a hampton bay midili it is a bad fan you must replace it immediatly

Trev Glider says:

Why is the fan turning the wrong way

Michael Ramirez says:

I just can’t stand her voice anymore. It’s like she’s been sick for a couple months now. It’s like, clear your throat already!

Eric Laforge says:

Things i want to do with those smart home controlers.

Lionskilz says:

It seems like the big disc on the table has to be in an unobstructed area to the fan for it to work.

Sir Patrick Reynolds says:

Very nice turning the ceiling fan smart, can you put the Phillips Hues lights in the ceiling fan so have smart lights and fan in one? You girls are great at showing and explaining products

P V says:

For the ones paying attention. Transparent and almost sad to see what really us going on…

Thor Digradi says:

Apparently when they had that survey asking who we wanted to see more, they were using it to decide who to let go. Cindy’s personality (and more) is missed and noticeably absent.

Edwin Jungman says:

NO…. the product does not pair with the remote, it learns the IR code from the remote by pressing the corresponding button on the remote. BT does pair IR does not.. the website is wrong (pairing suggests 2 way communication.. it has not

keep up the good work !!!

jose ferrer says:

Cool video and demonstration on the ceiling fan and both girls are fine happy women’s day

Mule Blues says:

Gorgeous review

Ramiro Valdez says:

nice thank u for the info

Andy Zavoina says:

Does this review make you two Bond girls? 🙂

TheMegamsp says:

Both beautiful girls. Enjoy this Internacional Woman’s day.

Yankee Drummer says:

I became a Fan


You just turned off my lights in my kitchen with your google prompt. May I suggest lowering the volume of the trigger words in your edit so your viewers devices are going crazy. Love the videos btw.

Alex Lopez says:

That’s perfect I just got one

Raymond Sheppard says:


DieOnes says:

And I had to subscribe to get more ideas. Going through your other videos now…

Michael Kennedy says:

Very beautiful ladys

buzz mann says:

Thanks for the video and demo ladies ! I must admit I was a little distracted !!

Type1Chris says:

That one girl can’t think her eye lashes look good? They’re an inch long and clumped together, stop wearing fake eye lashes.

I I says:

Anyone who doesn’t care about those products but only the hosts?

ghost2527A says:

What happen to Cindy?

JD Z says:

Anika in tha house baby!!!

Joe Framer says:

Extremely annoying voice of the girl in grey…..Anika cmon you know why we watch

The Hal says:

Priya Rai…

Kiran PRASAD. K says:

Where is Marie Ann

Drew tutwenty says:

“Alexa” make us less orange? Sorry I can’t help you with that. Shit We still look like some damn Cheeto

Shaik abdul kareem says:

cool ladiesssssssss

2roly2 says:

Good review ladies

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