10/26/2017 Ceiling Fan Review from Lowes

This item was sent to me for free to review from Lowes. I did end up purchasing a 2nd one.

My first impression of the fan’s packaging is that it was an incredibly small box. Upon opening the box and taking out the contents I could see that it was constructed well and the pieces were in good condition with no scratches to the paint or blades. Every item was packed really nicely.
During installation, I noticed that the manuals instructions were clear and concise and easy to understand and the pictures were also easily identifiable to assemble the parts. If you have never hung a fan before and feel capable of doing so, the manual would be an easy guide to complete your task. There is a troubleshooting section with certain problems you may be having and how to correct them. There is also a parts list in case you need to order any parts. The back side of the manual also has the instructions in Spanish. There is an 800 number to call in case you are missing parts or having any problems. Even though the fan light socket says 6.5 watt max for LED, the manual says regular 60-watt max bulb, you can also use a CFL bulb, however, a halogen is not recommended.

I am using mine with the white side of the blades showing downward. However, if you are wanting to use the wooden side please note that the edging of the blades are white. You may not notice it from below but something to keep in mind if that type of thing bothers you.
Compared to some other fans I have installed or uninstalled this fan motor is incredibly light and easy to hang. It is extremely easy to lift up the ladder and to the ceiling bracket. This is a 1 person job. I am a female and installed mine by myself with no issues in about 10-15 minutes. The fan comes with everything needed for assembly except for electrical tape and tools. Even though it called for a number of different tools I only needed a phillips head screwdriver to get the entire job done. The ceiling bracket has a notch to hang the fan from while working on the wiring. This way it frees up both of your hands so you do not have to hold the fan with 1 hand prior to mounting. The parts bag comes with 1 extra washer, 1 screw for hardware on the blade, and 1 screw for the blade to fan assembly. So if you should drop one and lose it you will have 1 backup.

The box includes an LED lightbulb that is 6.5 watts. The fan comes with a blade balancing kit if you are having a problem with a slight wobble. The fan does not have any indicators letting you know which side to hang either chain pull from. However, the manual will show you an illustration indicating which side takes which pull for the light and the speed control of the fan. There are 3 speeds. The fan definitely hugs the ceiling. The measurement from the ceiling to the blade is 6″ down.
The fan has a reverse switch. One for summer to cool down and one for winter to run in reverse and push down the heat.

My overall impression of the fan was for the price point it is fantastic! It moves a lot of air around and cools down the room. It is not noisy at all. If you are experiencing noise then something is not correct in the installation. I had a loud vibration noise on mine and realized that my light globe was not as tight as it should have been and that fixed the issue. It is completely quiet except for the ambient noise of the fan itself. You could sleep with it on full blast without any issue of noise whatsoever. It is a clean minimalistic design, nothing fancy but again for the price point it does its job well and is just a basic appearance of a standard builder grade fan.

Even though this fan was free it worked so well that I decided to go out the next day and buy a matching one to hang next to it and change out the previous owners’ fans. So, in conclusion, I would completely recommend this fan and I would buy it again if I needed too.


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