WHICH VITAMIX TO BUY | vitamix comparison + accessories

I’m obsessed with my Vitamix blender! So today I’m comparing of several Vitamix models – the Explorian E310, Professional Series 750 and Ascent A3500 – and giving you my review and tips on each one. I’m also sharing some must-have accessories.

I purchased my first Vitamix nearly 8 years ago, long before I ever became a food blogger or YouTuber. And while I’m thrilled to be able to partner with Vitamix on today’s video, my love for Vitamix is truly genuine because that first blender transformed my healthy eating, lifestyle and approach to food.

Today, I have tons of Vitamix recipes here on my YouTube channel (check out my playlist) and I have even more recipes over on my website. From smoothies, to soups, frozen yogurts, pestos, hummus, nut milks, nut butters and more. You really can’t go wrong with any Vitamix blender, so choose the best Vitamix for you!

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Utensil Holder: http://bit.ly/2tVfGaH
Flour Jars: http://bit.ly/2tV6C5y
Knife Set: http://bit.ly/2tUGzMa
Cutting Board: http://bit.ly/2tFsF53
Glass Mixing Bowls: https://amzn.to/2L2hx6O
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Disclaimer: product links may include affiliate links. This video was created in partnership with Vitamix (a brand I’ve loved and used for years). All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Dijana Krstic says:

And how is the 5200 model comparable?

Patrick Palmarella says:

Expensive blender should come with a glass container.

Marko Lukic says:

None of them goes to 11. Only standard 10. so sad.

Tina92316 says:

Got the 500 professional series back in Aug and noticed by the first week of Oct that the container and lid was retaining the smell of onion and garlic and the blender wasn’t sounding quite robust as it did in the first month of owning and it was no longer spotless when you cleaned it with water and a drop of dish washing soap. Any one else experience this with their vita mixers??? We just got our replacement vita mix and a little worried of running into the same problems.

koskaloca says:

I still saving to buy it =) now I want the new model =(=(=(

cozytea scones says:

If you did not own any vitamixes which one of these models would you buy? Also, with your pro 750, do you have the smaller containers for them for smaller recipes and do they work well? Is the pro 750 quieter or the same as the 7500? In your kitchen, when not filming, do you tend to use the 750 the most, more than the A300? Lots of questions, I know. Love your demos, thank you.

Jennifer Hernandez says:

Before watching this I had already bought the 2500 series per my mom’s recommendation,. I love it!

cocopecan says:

This is one of the most informative Vitamix comparison video’s I’ve watched. I’ve been looking at Vitamix’s for years and just couldn’t justify the cost but after a medical scare I’ve been thinking of making more vegan items and Vitamix will surely help with preparing the food. I think I’m going to get the A3500 just because the store I’m getting it from is listing both the 750 & A3500 for the same price. Thank you for the the great info.

Evergreen Tree says:

■ Vita Mix Blender
1. E 310
– 48-ounce container
– 5-yr warranty
2. Professional Series 750
– 64-ounce container
– 7-yr warranty
3. Smart Series A 3500
– latest digital technology

Tanya Kucey says:

having never used one, and as a single gal, what do you suggest for the power and ease of the A3500 without the huge size? I dont waste food and having to create so much in order to get higher than the blades wont work.

cozytea scones says:

With the Pro 750, if you have this on the smoothie setting, can you stop the blend before the cycle is complete by turning off the machine,, or would a 7500 be a better idea for me as there are no settings and I can stop blend at any time.

Lyndee Day says:

Hello, I want to purchase the vitamix 750 pro, but I need the tall slender blender as I only blend smoothies for one most of the time. Can you tell me for sure if the tall classic 64 oz blender will fit the 750 pro motor? I did call vitamix cs and they said it will fit. However you know what you get sometimes from customer service, and since you own a few I thought maybe you would know for sure if the slender blender attachment will fit the 750 pro. Thank you for your time.

Aaron Robinson says:

Just brought home the V1200 and am excited to have found your channel. Thanks for the video.

Sarah Kim says:

Would your mayo recipe work with the disc accessory instead of the hand held emulsifier that you used?

David Porter says:

What’s ur thought on the legacy 780? I just ordered a a3500 and they sent me the 780. Noticed on the Vitamix website the 780 is more expensive. What should do or what would recommend? This is a gift for my wife and want the best for her.

Downshiftology says:

Hi friends! Who has a Vitamix on their wishlist? You know I LOVE my Vitamix and use it daily in my kitchen. So with the holidays right around the corner I thought I’d answer some of your questions on which Vitamix blender you should buy. And I’m tossing in ALL the accessories. 😉 I hope you find the video helpful and if you have any questions, let me know! xo – Lisa

Fre Yourmind says:

If you have Costco membership, you can check out the Vitamix there as well. Sometimes they also have demo and promo in the warehouse.

Rakesh Hubert says:

I use a NutriBullet, a very good easy peasey machine & cheap. How does Vitamix compare to Blendtec?

Maria Martinez says:

Wow! Time to star saving, I most get my hands on the last vita mix

retrodog63 says:

I have a Super 5000 that I bought 12 years ago. Light use for all those years. I recently tried to make almond butter with it, following all the directions, and the motor shut down three times, I guess from overheating. I finally gave up and used the Cuisinart food processor, which handled it easily, getting only slightly warm. I’m now using the Vitamix exclusively for wet chopping of vegetables for dehydrating. I’d be more interested in some of the accessories if they weren’t so ungodly expensive for what you’re getting. I don’t mind spending money, but $100 is a bit aggressive for a container. I get the whole “quality” thing, but it still seems like they are overcharging for something that is just an accessory.

Joe Schebler says:

Does the blade area break down for cleaning?

Liz La verde says:

I have E310 black cost me $500 dollars but its great.

Janina Hawkins says:

I was wondering if you can make nut butter, homus etc. in the small (baby food size) containers? I notice that you make it in your large container. I would rather make fresh dips and nut butter in small quantities as there are only two of us (children have grown up and flown the nest).

Amanda McNeill says:

PLEASE make a French onion soup video!!!!

BldgWha7 says:

I made the mistake last year and bought everyone a Blendtec for Christmas. It was the biggest waste of money. It doesn’t do anything well at all, and doesn’t even have an actual blade, just a dull piece of metal that relies on brute force to blend.

J Go says:

Im looking to buy a Vitamix blender and your ASCENT 3500 looks amazing!
I also like the old Pro 750..
What do you think between the 2 models?

Susan Doerr says:

Thank you, beautifully done.

10spro says:

Just subscribed, love my 750 Pro. Forgot I had the portable to try on after watching your video.

Oliv Trees says:

Someone should do a vitamix noise comparison video. I’ve been told the a3500 is quieter than the a2500.

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