Weird Synchronicity! | Sunavo Portable Blender Review & My Recipes

Micro synchronicity alert: When I was looking for Ford Escapes, I thought the hybrid version would be useful because it has a plug for appliances and electronics. I mentioned offhandedly that I could plug in a blender to make smoothies. Then I kept seeing pictures of people making smoothies in their car and hearing people talking about making smoothies in their car. This was pretty weird. I was thinking, “Am I supposed to hit the road?” But I didn’t end up getting the Hybrid Escape, just the regular one. Nevertheless the universe pulled through and gave me this little battery-powered blender for free. I’m still not sure why, since this blender is too small and weak for my typical 500 calorie meals, and it doesn’t make much sense to leave home right now. But I agreed to do a review, so here we are. Hopefully it is a small sign of more wonderful things to come, like finding a dollar on the sidewalk when you’re praying for $1000.

This is the Sunavo Personal Blender from Amazon:

It is a portable, USB chargeable blender. The container is glass. It is BPA free. It is marketed for fresh fruit juice, like putting in cut up fruit and water. I like blending fruit with my mouth unless its frozen, but it made a nice garlic and basil dressing, and found it blends frozen banana decently well. Also it is fairly quiet. That could be useful in an office-type setting. Or how about a margarita on the beach?

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ProthoPectore says:

sign me up for 10 of ’em please.


Luke Schneider says:

Hi… You can also buy a little DC to AC power inverter to use 110 volt appliances in your car, just plugging it into your cigarette lighter.. Could be a good option for ya… Then you can use a bunch of stuff in your car..

bucky says:

Cool synchronicity! And pro tip: shake it heavily before starting it – that will make everything collect in the bottom and get going right away

Foreman says:

Ur beautiful strong woman and hope to ask u out ha jk anyways hybrids r ok but yah

Ignat Titus Doru says:

Banana,apples or kiwi, pineapple,water . You improve a lot your beauty(hair,at eyes and black colour of chlotes) .You can do even more . And with a good mood,a smile ,you will make miracles.I also make experiments in kitchen, like you.

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