Watch this $85 Blender Beat a $450 Vitamix Blender Test Comparison

John from shows you how you can purchase a blender for under $85 that beats the Vitamix in a dry and wet test.

In this episode, John will share with you some of his high-end blenders and why you may not necessarily need to purchase an expensive blender to get the benefits of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

John will talk about the following high power blenders: Objecto Blender by Bugatti, The Vitamix Blender, The Blendtec Blender and the Tribest DynaPro Blender. You will learn some of the features that John likes and dislikes on each of the models.

Next, John will share with you a special website that you can order high power blenders that may have Vitamix-like performance for a much lower cost. He will share how to navigate the site and which vendor and blender he recommends on the site.

John will then share how long it took to get his blender from China, and then open up the box to show you the $85 blender and how he got an extra carafe with blade assembly for only $30 additional. John will then share some of his honest opinions about the blender with you as well as share the construction quality.

Next, John will compare the $85 NutriMax Blender made in China against the $450 Vitamix Blender made in the USA. You will see John grind up flax seeds into flax powder and you will learn which blender did a better job.

Finally, John will make a smoothie with coconut water, orange, Brazil nuts, collard leaf and carrot to learn the consistency that each blender can produce and discover which blender blends better in the same time period.

After watching this episode, you will discover if the NutriMax blender made in China performs better than the Vitamix Blender made in the USA. You will discover if you can purchase this $85 blender and get Vitamix-style performance without the cost.

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intrnlprym84evr says:

Your advertising is the worst! 1 minute, no skip? Didn’t even watch the video.

esmokems says:

Forty two minutes!

cheater00 says:

seriously dude who the hell wants to watch a 42 minute video comparing a handful of blenders? I’ve just watched a 2 minute video that compared six blenders. This is a 5 minute video tops. Focus on what the viewer wants to hear and include only that. No long stories and diatribes, no sitting around between two blenders watching them grind, etc. That’s bs. Get to the point.

Arnold Humenuk says:

We all want creamed nuts

J&M King says:

I’m afraid this test was not accurate due to the fact that Vitamix has 2 type of containers with different blades, one for dry, one for wet. John you have obviously used the small container (Dry blade) same container to blend dry then wet and you also didn’t turn on the Turbo switch when you want to achieve a smooth consistency hence the smoothie test outcome was mashy. I have tried different blenders in the past and since I have my Vitamix (over 10 years now) it never fails me. When my Dad messed around my Vitamix a few years ago, he accidentally damaged the motor and the blade and only 1 phone call to the Vitamix customer service they organized a DHL to collect my Vitamix and Container, fixed the motor and replace a new blade for my Wet container sent back to me by DHL the following week with no cost (completely free) this was 7 years after I bought my Vitamix!! I don’t think you can get this kind of after sales service with a cheaper brand. If Vitamix is used properly, it is the one kitchen gadget you will ever need on your kitchen counter.

LaDigger says:

overload, 2200 watts at 220 volts is around 15 amp draw, safe for overseas wireing , but 2200 watt draws about 26 amps on a 120volt american standard house wireing , which is designed for abour 15-18 amps, dangerous ?

BroccoliBeefed says:

All of these expensive blenders have plastic carafes. Really John?

John H says:

This is what blending your foods does . . .it makes you TALK TOOOOO MUCH

eva eaton says:

interesting that the video was altered, just saying… not correct footage, i have the vitamix and blendtec – vitamix beats blendtec – but actually i use blendtec more often cause of it’s size and easy of cleaning which is a big plus for me! i use the vitamix for the harder jobs although i’m sure the blendtec can do it just with more time
i also had cheap ones and they just are no comparrisson to either

Marcus Norton says:

First off the guy who makes these videos is great. I think it is fine how he presents stuff. I appreciated all the information that he puts out and it’s fine he’s making his sales pitch. That’s his job.

He talks on and on about how how much better “vacuum blenders” are. Let’s be honest though it isn’t a vacuum blender it is just a regular blender with a vacuum container. There’s a guy on you tube that has developed a lid to do the same thing with Vitamix containers.

You can check it out here…

John Meyer says:

Our 21 year old Vitamix TNC is still going strong. It came with two jars: one wet and one dry. The dry jar has different blades designed specifically for grinding coffee, wheat berries and flax seeds. Makes great bread. Vitamix does not recommend using the regular blades for grinding dry stuff or using the wet blades to make smoothies.

Tech Geek says:


Johnny Small says:

Lets see that vacuum blender work OKRAW

Tua Iya says:

The cheaper blender has more power – 20 amps. Vitamix has 15 amps.

MC Krakowski says:

I’m sure I missed something but at 35:40 he flips the switch on the Vitamix to low power. Why?

Erica Jones says:

I think it’s because u used the short wide vitamix carafe instead of the standard tall carafe

John Merrifield says:

I tried to look for your “other channel” foods, but to no avail. I even googled it but it wasn’t there either. Whats up with that John?

Rafael Ladeira says:

Your test is not accurate. You didn’t flip the switch on the vitamin to get the highest speed. I use a vitamin every day and have no pulp ever.

Ramson Cole says:

He wants his nuts creamed up.

Al Paterson says:

BS !! … See the left hand switch on the Vitamix .. click that one up for Turbo drive!!! .. those seeds become dust in Three seconds flat … also wrong container on the Vitamix use the other 64oz container to create vortex! .. the wide one is for making dough and other uses …. now try this out for shits and giggles ……. Fill the Vitamix 64oz container right to the top with ice cubes .. pour in cold water about three quarters of the way up along with the cubes – Full blast for Three seconds = full container of Slush for Margaritas … now try the same thing with your blender and good luck … and just for the record – eat your fruit instead of blending it .. your body cannot use all that Vitamin C etc at one time .. plus you will save a lot of unwanted calories 🙂 Cheers

Brandon Bailey says:

I noticed some of brands like Aimores I seen on Amazon offer a commercial or standard grade blender similar to the nutrimax one you have. The standard grade is $120 & commercial is $220. You think you could come by a commercial grade to review on the quality difference compared to the vitamix? I’m thinking maybe the commercial grade knock off may be much more robust than the nutrimax you have there and still less than half the cost of the vita. Just a thought

nicermog says:

Anyone had this for a few months of regular use? Is it holding up?

Rick Adlam says:

Hey John, looks like you got the “Aldi ” Vitamix knockoff to me. I bought one of those from Aldi and yes, it is too light to be any good. Not enough “copper wire and iron” in the motor. I sent it back unused. It would never last.
I love Aldi for food shopping, but have learned never to buy anything with a motor in it from Aldi. Don’t run that knockoff for 5 minutes to make a soup. It will burn out IMO.

Kirk Tremblay says:


I suggest you compare the Vitamix with Germans Thermomix if you haven’t already done so.

Great videos!

The Desert Forest says:

Kitchenaid will outblend a vitamix 100% of the time and costs a few hundred less. Just will not last as long as a vitamix. Kitchenaid is also so much more quiet.

A1 AR15 says:


Bill Curtis says:

FYI.. I went to buy this blender and the company vigor no longer exists. But there was another company that used the same image. I went to purchase it and they asked for all kinds of personal information so I cancelled the order.

Wow Video Marketing Solutions says:

I’ve had my Vitamix for 32 YEARS, it continues to work superbly and I’m guessing than the one you’re recommending won’t last a fraction of that….

The_Man_from_Epsilon_Crucis says:

I can see eating raw food and juices all the time has slowed your cognitive abilities. GET TO THE FUCKING POINT dumbo – and get some fat meat into your guys and you may be able to think more clearly and to the point.

christinepro says:

Don’t cream your nuts! lol

zeena35 says:

If blender reviews were an Olympic sport, you’d get the gold.

Linda Yuan says:

The old link no longer exist but just found that they posted new link with better price :

sofiastefani says:

Please make a vacuum demo❤

tkarlmann says:

I find your criticism of the Blendtek to be completely unfounded based on my own experience over about 7 years of use. I have replaced one carafe, but the old one was still usable. Have you ever visited the site: “Will it blend”? This guy uses a Blendtek to ‘blend’ baseballs, small video cameras, etc. This thing WORKS! I have NEVER had mine stop or fail to blend, period — and that includes the seeds on strawberries! Although I don’t have one yet, Blendtek has a carafe specifically for making nut butters — with an internal scraper to scrape down the sides. Vitamix, eat your heart out!

Oh, and BTW, I had an old stainless-steel carafe Vitamix blender, and one day the motor just simply quit — so I threw the whole thing out!

Why not contact Blendtek? I do not think your bad experience is typical.

ravvraj says:

OMG I bought this one for my friend and this is just amazing its better than the Vitamix It has a dry grinding jar. Oh NO What did you do? The page does not exist. It seems Vitamix must have filed a copyright complaint. Their page is not there anymore. If only you had show who the seller was it would have helped. Cause I am sure there are two sellers selling the same item with the same exact listing and name. We would like to know which seller you bought it from please share thank you

Rafael Ladeira says:

Nice but you put the vitamix at low speed. If put high and wait a little, dont have better shake in world.

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