Vitamix vs Cheap Blender | Is It Worth The Money?

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I get a lot of questions about blenders? So today I thought I would compare my Vitamix with the cheapest blender I could find.

In hindsight I probably should have made something that would challenge the blenders more… but maybe that calls for another video?

Let me know down below if you want another, more difficult test!

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Martin Carstensen says:

for 200$ it should atleast come with a thick glass container and not plastic

Gabriel Ortiz says:

I was in “transition” so I bought a cheap blender expecting to buy better later on, however, I was very pleasantly surprised as to how it totally does the job and I don’t even put it in the higher settings!
Also I think purchased organic butters are just fine so I don’t need to do all that work and don’t need to pulverize rice either….lol!

Spasoje Kulasevic says:

The problem is with the sharpness of the blades

Geco Correal says:

“I am hard on this thing” :V

Brian Williams says:

I use an oster 60 dollar blender. Blends smooth and quick as well and stops on its own when it’s ready!

Katie Pecotich says:

I cant live without my high powered blender!

rz0 says:

Derek, what is your thought on Huel shakes. It saves so mucht time and i think its super healthy

Adam Ungson says:

have you heard or tried the dynapro vacuum blender? got mine for $400 with free shipping and 15 year home use warranty. sold my Vitamix.

Igal Brener says:

Hi Derek, do the Vitamix vs Blendtec please…

Daniel R. Rothschild says:

An absolute no-brainer! Don’t be stingy and get the best first time! I got a biochef living food blender and it kicks ass too!

rz0 says:


aBMWEnthusiast says:

Thanks for the video. Personally, I would never have thought to try this, but I found it hilariously entertaining! I would, however, like to point out that Vitamix recommends running its blenders for one minute when making smoothies. I am on my fourth Vitamix blender, my most recent purchase was the A3500; they truly are amazing machines. Thanks again for the entertainment factor!

Pichounator says:

Be pretty neat if you blended the smaller blender in the Vitamix 😀

iKan says:

Cheers bro for sharing your opinion. I’m currently using Nutri ninja and its currently doing a decent job. Will check out vitamix in the future 😉 Keep up the good work
~From London~

Jovan Damnjanovic says:

I have Vegavita blender(some kind of vitamix copy), 1500w cost about 120 in dolars counted, works like Vitamix, and I push it to the limit all the time 🙂

Larry N says:

Smooth as vegan butter lol

blackl1steddrums says:

Yeah but is it 16X better?? That’s the diff in price…

Dine Loshaj says:

I would love to see a date bar video

overthehill91 says:

I worked with a ninja for a long time. The thing is a piece of shit. Terrible design. I think it’s time for a vitamix

John Texas says:

I bought my first Vita-Mix (as they called it back then) more than 30 years ago, the all-metal one. I’ve owned several iterations of the current type over the last 25 years; they all still work perfectly! I pass them on to friends or family if I get a new model. I love the traditional Oster and Waring blender, but there’s no way that they do what the VM does. You, like me, are obviously a guy who makes full use of the power of the Vitamix, and you’re right, it becomes an investment worth every penny. Best wishes from Texas-

Ryan Gallagher says:

My Vitamix is my baby. It overheated for the first time the other day and I thought I broke it but then found out that it just can do that sometimes. It’s working great again

Lisa Allen says:

I’ve been debating on spending the money on a vitamix. I hate chunky smoothies! Thanks for this comparisons.

MelRox says:

I got my Vitamix from Costco when the vendor is there they have good deals on them. I do have an old $20 Blended too and I do agree that it does not blend as well as the Vitamix does

Eboni Hanson says:

I just wish vitamix wasn’t so expensive.

Cameryn Beaudry says:

bestbuy canada has the blendtec on for 299$

rexandroza says:

Ive had a cheapie Oster blender for 10 yrs and my neighbors can hear me blending LOL buuuut it makes everything smooth after 5 mins or so LOL. it works. oh a fitness instructor when i was 13 told me you gotta chew or hold the smoothie’s juice in ur mouth a bit not swallowing it instantly this way it helps absorbing nutrients better.

Richard Gray says:

Using the plunger IS a fair comparison. It’s part of the Vitamix and should be used if it’s needed. Just because the other blender does not have a plunger is not Vitamix’s fault. It’s kinda like saying, “I’m gonna keep the speed of the Vitamix low to make it a fair comparison because the cheap blender can’t run as fast.”

Tom Tech says:

Great comparison! Vitamix is awesome for the more demanding tasks. However the older vitamix models are weak at the speed control. I just made a Vitamix repair video:

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