Vitamix-5200 Blender: Review/Demo & Benefits
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If you ask anyone who bought a Vitamix blender – I bet that most if not all will tell you that it’s worth every penny!!!

I’ve had mine over a year now and use it a few times a week to make fruits and Vegetable smoothies and other recipes and I can honestly say that this

blender is as good and powerful as day 1 …I love it!!!

I must admit that the smartest thing that I’ve done in a long time was to get this Vitamix-5200 blender and started the green (fruits & vegetables) smootie diet … I’ve also started to cut back alot of the bad (and junk) foods, eating cleaner and smaller portions.

Before the VitaMix and the smoothies, It was very difficult to get my daily vitamins and nutrients from vegetables and fruits … I just wasn’t able to eat or get enough of them. Because of my lifestyle I would always end up eating out (fast-foods, junk foods etc).

But now, with each glass of smoothie, I know that I’m getting a glass of potent nutrients – my mind and body feels great – I’m not getting tired… it’s the greatest feeling!

I can’t believe that I’ve been neglecting and mistreating my body for so long… 🙁

Trust me, it’s never too late to start taking care of your body.. start now!!!

Note: After the watching the documentary, I started to make smoothie with a blender that I already had (a pretty good one) …but it just wasn’t powerful enough to. I did alot of research and finally decided on the VitaMix 5200 – it’s solid, powerful, durable and easy to clean, It also has a 7 year warranty.

I’ve been putting my VitaMix through everything – since I was new to all this – I’ve been experimenting with all vegetable, fruites, nuts …and the blender has perform flawlessly as day 1!

I would recommend the VitaMix to anyone… in fact, two of my family friends have also brought one each!

GL, best to your health!

Click on the link below to See the Most Helpful Customer Reviews on the Vitamix-5200 Blender ….


Jessica T says:

Who is this guy???! He’s amazing !

Linda Marie says:

Great demo! I just bought one at
bed bath & beyond. Got way more useful information then what they were able to tell me. Thank you ☺

Cano says:

he seems passionate. great guy

lovingorca says:

that was funny with the honey bar.

ChristianMuscle says:

Thank you Jesus, praise be to God! I’m just saying, Jesus is the way to perfect spiritual health and life that’s everlasting.

Gunbardo says:

Not sure if we can trust most of what he says, but daaaaamn this guy’s real convincing!!! Hell yeah I woulda buy one of these if I was there LOL

Linda Marie says:

Great demo! I just bought one at
bed bath & beyond. Got way more useful information then what they were able to tell me. Thank you ☺

Katie Schumaker says:

This guy is awesome! I wanted a vitamix anyway, but I think he convinced me :p 

bigdroz1982 says:

I am so surprised some ambulance chaser didn’t find some cancer patient to say he bought the machine to cure his cancer and now wants millions because it didn’t do it after hearing this guy say the blender cures cancer. 

김은지 says:


Aerobicsdelivered says:

LaWanda Brokenborough

Brandon T says:

so cringy

Thomas eelkema says:

my dad bought one about 15 years ago n still working like a pro great blender!!!!!

comedianonstage says:

I bought mine in 2008, still runs like new and I use everyday

MagicDrumSticks says:

Dude, you could honestly make a TON of money doing high level sales. (Enterprise software like SAP or Oracle) or by selling Airplanes. Like… Millions a year. You should really consider this! 

Miami sands says:

At the end it was funny the people who just wanted a free shot and move on swooped in like zombies!!! arrgghhh..  lol

KariahLuke Channel says:

great presenter! l was going to buy one but instead bought the ladyship LVT 866, which revolves at 32,000rpm, it looks almost identical, but at more than half the price.! sure the vitamix machine is better but price difference, it cant be like 2.5x better!

Hashpotato says:

dude could sell sand to the arabs

Miami sands says:

I believe just bought one at Costco but my credit card is still a little skeptical!!  lol

Boujiee Kaylonnii says:

I watched this because he was handsome but u want this blender now

mslexii001 says:

My dream blender

Chia-Chun Hsu says:

I like him a lot, but Blendtec’s demo is a lot more impressive in terms of the actual functionality of the blender.

JayJo says:

This guy’s great. I’m sold.

Nytron says:

Just bought one for $295 amazon prime factory reconditioned. Now to get on that lifestyle change!

GoldenEye 0010 says:

Nutribuller 600 is alright. This is better but guys. Nutribuller is a great alternative if you dont have the budget.

K3NatCSS says:

He’s great, but the moment he started talking about alkalinity and how that’ll beat cancer I was very turned off. I know it’s just his job but he could be talking about antioxidants  and how they can prevent corruption of DNA that may lead to cancer instead of quasiscientific lies.

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