Top 10 Reasons I Love Blender

Reasons why I Blender is my 3D modeling and animation software of choice.


Animations to Music says:

Could this be used for making characters or monsters or a game?
The reason I’m asking is because I want to be a game designer

Reed Romero says:

Thank you!

Frana says:

why blender is better that zbrush?


Jack McGuinnessMedia says:

How come you do not mention render speed? I tried to use Blender about 7 years ago since my customer wanted me to take over a project an earlier supplier have started up. Since my main software suite at that time was Lightwave I found the interface a little bit different but damn, Blender was so slow to work in.

I guess a lot have happened since 2010 with Blenders workflow and possibilities but as I remember the render part was terribly slow in these days as well as the capacity when loading large models with detailed curvatures and intersections.

If anyone of you know I would like to hear about the news!

Cegoes says:

Just saw that demon hunter?

Nathan King says:

Those silver text titles are gorgeous. I would love to know how you created them.

Makin Bacon says:

seriously blender is way too awesome to be free

TheGore1021 says:

Isn’t Maya and 3ds Max better?

Dony says:

Top 9000 Reasons I Prefer 3ds Max

JMAN112378 says:

is blender free?

hahaha wut. says:

click bait this is roblox

AddictedToEmotions says:

Hi! Can anyone tell me what addon is it : popping up menu like from the Sims? On the beginning?

3dboy sai says:

i will not come to your word! Because all 3d software’s are too high cost even with this software also some problems will their.

compared to this all software’s Blender is the best!

Harry Sanders says:

So totaaally agreeeed !!! Blender is an all in one suite of pure awesomeness. Create content in Blender, and you have everything regarding meshes, skeletal meshes, animations, sculpting, simulations …and more, inside of one single package! This makes it an outstanding peace of an omnipotent software. And in comparison with Maya, or regarding sculpting even Mudbox, Blender is far superior, lightyears ahead in efficiency and stablility. Most people jus dont dare to say anything against Autodesk or are just influenced by their marketing.

i7fan says:

I am so thankful for Blender and all its contributors.

Electromag[e] says:

The cross platform stuff is amazing considering I’m learning it on a raspberry pi

little Johnny Gas says:

I am in love with blender 🙂

1 conscience 0 dimension says:

next 10 reasons I love my wife

Type Override says:

1 reason i hate blender:
– parenting

Anonymous Developer says:

I love blender. Since 2007!

Andrew Byrnes says:

lol loved the part about it not being a circle jerk.

GAMER says:

do anyone know how to do the 7 significant upgrades
please tell me how he only move that monster’s leg (or anything it was) not the full monster
could anyone tell me how to do that

The Tito TV Show says:

Blender is so underrated! Fuck 3Ds Max!

nigratruo says:

I totally agree with your points, once mastered, you can work extremely fast, I have been so surprised now that I know my way around the interface and the shortcuts.

Nick Mckeehan says:

#1 its FREE!

Teddy Martins says:

can you please create a video of how to make an animation with blender please?

Siska Bab says:

Amazing video you made dude! And I love Blender also! : ) I am at my third day using it, but I am getting better and better!

Wojciech D says:

And all of that in very small installer! If I remember right, it is about 70MB.

Lit on fire design, LLC says:

Cheers on the vid, Blender imho will destroy the competition in the coming years, hell, ceo of Pixar basically said that at a convention 1 year. Its coming, just a matter of time 😉

IceVmp says:

I’m an amateur 3D designer, not graphic designer or anything, and have talked to some who are actually aiming to be pro at it, they mostly use Zbrush and show amazing stuff made in Maya, but whenever they hear I’m on Blender, they just pay respects to me and wish me the best, since they really think Blender is like the god among 3D software, but it’s also like playing dark souls, you’ve gotta git good

Andreas Tormin says:

how do you do those animation skeletons of characters, can someone give me a link or tell me what I should search for?

Caetano Veyssières says:

10 : yes
9 : yes
8 : yes
7 : I disagree with “but end up being nothing more than bug fixes”. Big proprietary programs always bring major new features or significantly improved ones in their releases.
6 : yeaaah well the simulation tools are “there”, that’s the best I can say about them. To me it’s the part that needs the most to catch up time.
5 : totally.
4 : Totally, and it’s getting better by the day.
3 : I haven’t had any bad experience with the internet community of any program.
2 : Yes
1 : Totally

IceTPMC Crystal says:

Blender is amazing!

Channel Copy says:

I’ll ask to anyone between blender and Maya Which one better for learn 3D Animation ? Should i learn Blender or Maya Autodesk ? Plz help me

carlos limon says:

my game was in the video in the BA forum page. lol Trump vs Hillary

Prodan Marin says:

yeah Blender is amazing!

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