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We are reviewing the Ninja Pro blender. Is it better thsan the Nutribullet?
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bridgette john says:

hey u crack me up so much u always have me laughing, but I must say you do a very good job with your reviews and tutorials thanks for sharing 🙂 

Alexander Hale says:

Buy a Vitamix! It is an investment, but you will have it for 20 years and it will still blend like it is new!

Chris M says:

This guys a moron, totally biased, you’re blending it for 3 seconds… and then when you blend it another 3 seconds you say that’s much better but still not perfect… so f’ing blend it for 15 seconds and you’re good!

Fish Zom says:

Hey man, I got the same Box as a gift. Which top do you use/recommend for Almond-milk? The Tiny cups, the food processor, or the Giant Blender?

Ron Valentini says:

your not using it right. read that manual cause your getting a ticket the radar says take a hike

Bk94541 says:

FUCK THAT ..Lets go  to bedroom & mix something elseee  <3

Ryely Laurence says:

This review was very helpful. I’m looking to just make smoothies. What would you suggest? 

Nicholas tunnell says:

Oh, and it also takes only about one and a half minutes to make nut butters in the Vitamix. I think you’d like and appreciate that.

Daniel John says:

I bought a ninja ….to add to my blenders ….I had a ninja and loved it till I gave it to my sister…I missed it and just bought another ninja..I plan to use the ninja to do the hard work and then the cheapo walmart one to chop it finer if nija cost me $50 dollars on amazon…prime…free shipping in two days ..LOVE MY AMAZON PRIME..IT IS THE BOSS…

Scotty Thomas says:

Honestly, I would just buy a regular blender for $20. Its the same damn thing, just not as flashy. If you don’t want clumpy juice either add more water OR instead of pressing the button for a mere 3-5 seconds, try an additional 15 seconds. Should help….

Rikardo González Treviño says:

You’re blending for like 4 seconds on the single serve smh. Leave it blending for about 30 seconds.

vikram gopaul says:

man you’re using the wrong cup you donkey

Dofos Variety Channel says:

first video ive seen on your channel… so I don’t know if perhaps you have some other amazing blender that blends in 7 seconds and there are no clumps… but even during the informercial… they show in small print at the bottom of the screen that the elapsed time is about 30-40 seconds. showing the full time it takes to blend kills airtime… I think you would have had better results had you waited longer… maybe you gave the product another couple days in order to learn its use… but it being the first time you used the product I feel as though there is a learning curve….

PerfectFringe says:

Ive been following your videos and curious to ask, do you buy all these gadgets to review, or for personal use? You seem to have every gadget going!! Which ninja do i get? 

Nutri Ninja BL450 Blender – Black
Power: 900 W
Pulse function
Dishwasher-safe parts
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NINJA Mega Kitchen System Blender – Black & Silver
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Includes 4 accessories
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NINJA Ultima Bl810 Blender – Black & Silver
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Jr. GoneWild says:

Like your review on the Ninja, your demo and opinion…”just don’t work for me”

ThatFire9oNe6 says:

I have a Ninja too, and for a better blend/consistency, use the pulse button.

BodaciousBeverly says:

You didn’t read the directions. It says in the instruction guide to use the #3 for smoothies, not the #2/blend. And I can tell you didn’t use enough liquid too. To do an accurate evaluation, it helps to read the instructions first. I just know this from watching other videos using this blender.

Bobby Kanaki says:

Great video.. First review on this and it was enough to make me decide.

I hate drama.

Greenpea says:

Hey good job. I’m at the beginning of a blender search and this was very helpful. I’m looking for the smoothy maker like you describe here.

Maria Lucia Gomez-Greenberg says:

I’ve been wrestling with my Ninja Professional for a while and your review really helped. It is a matter of getting used to it. You don’t need all the components out when you are making your smoothy so that it won’t be so complicated. Unfortunately, my Ninja sprang a leak, so I am not very happy right now. I will try using the smaller, one serving cup–easier to clean too. I love that this product is so much more affordable at about $100. Thank you for a real review.

A J says:

it’s easy to criticize someone. maybe he could’ve left it in for a longer time just so he could show you all but having tried this product and using it for 3 minutes still produced the same results. it was so bad i actually thought i was using it wrong.

he most likely did it like that because there are plenty of blenders out there that can be used for 5 seconds/10 seconds with LESS liquid that will produce better results. this was a POORLY made product. PERIOD.

if you’re looking for a blender. get a nutri bullet of vitamix or blendtec blender. ninja is a infomercial, low quality product. the frill is that it’s ” all in one ” and you can use it for dough mixing or some random crap like that but you never actually would.

Ding a ding dang My dang a long ling long says:

I was going to buy this primarily for the food processor. Have you used that? Do you like?

Mo G says:

what’s the best smoothie mixer under $150 the best u ever used that makes it perfect

login211 says:

First pass you blended for 18 seconds. Second pass you blended for 10 seconds. Enough said.

Shitty review.

MyDarlingVivian says:

I use to own a blender that cost me like 20$ and left my smoothies looking like this. That was no good for me nor my spouse. We decided to go buy another but this time specifically to blend smoothies. We went to Target and bought the Hamilton Beach smoothie smart™ blender. Omg* in love we are. Makes good yummy non clumpy smoothies. Our smoothies are frozen Vegies/fruits with ice and 1 cup of water, this smoothie blender is great! I’m usually the one who makes them & always use it under Auto Smoothie. It does a very good job. If you haven’t found one yet give this one a try.

goneberserk612 says:

Maybe if you blended it for at least a good 30 secs it might not be as clumpy? Dunno just a suggestion

Daniel John says:

I have a walmart bought blender $35 dollars…cheapo….works very well;..I did look at….Vitamix…I priced a vitamix at $400… blend does… blend… slightly better…but cheapo walmart blender….for…just $35 dollars or a $400…dollars..guess which one I bought..and ??..for soup….my 35 dollar blender is made of glass…easy to clean ,…..for soups I put veggies in …and then pour a cup of piping hot water in….and while its blending I pour another 3 hot water …cups into it….comes out sooooo…nice….the cheap blender works better….and i kept the $$$$365 bucks …lol

craze1701 says:

I bought my wife one and she seems to have no problems with the small cups to make smoothies. Maybe once you get used to it, it’s easier to make them.

Grandma Frugal .Frugalnista of Orange County says:

its loud and u need to add too much water.

ZenmasterX1 says:

Good video bro I would return that blender im sure a $20.00 blender would have the same results.

Holly Lou says:

I like my ninja. On another note, you are gorgeous 🙂

Todd Benedict says:

I have the 900 watt Ninja Pro man that thing works like a dream, perfect smoothies every time..

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