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Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation


Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (my shade is Chai)

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Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time 🙂
Phil 4:13


key crum says:

what camera do you use?

Josephine O. says:

Whew Chile…the racism

Soccer Life says:

11:50 how i feel when i get a question right in school

chloe says:

It makes you look like a red brick

Holly Halliday says:


NaellyLuv says:

Medium skin tone people like me do not need that many damn shades it’s honestly just sad and ridiculous that they have 3 to 4 deep tone foundations and numerous medium to light shades. Orange foundations are so cringeworthy when that’s all the offer in the collection. Melanin comes it more that 4 damn tones.

Jordan A says:

i totally agree with what you are saying and do think the shade range does need major improvement in not just this brand but i also would like to say that being a latina girl..yes they usually have “medium” shades, but its also more about the undertones and being a avid makeup lover on most occasions I have to mix foundations to get the right shade and undertone as well

Amelia Winters says:

just putting it out there with my mixed baby olive skin, beauty blender achieved a warm, cool, and neutral olive undertone that actually is my shade versus fenti who’s is too dark. im nocturnal and barely see the sun, my undertone is NEVER matched and I have to contour with blush. People also forget that cooler colors naturally look darker just like in hair levels. Honestly i think they hit a facet not represented by any other line. And I’m talking about the olives and the Asians. There is DEFINITELY a lack in the fair and deep shades though, there needs to be inclusive undertones for ALL not just mediums.

Ashlynn Manson says:

I was so hopeful and excited ☹️

loganlizg says:

Wtf fair skinned people don’t need that many shades. I ain’t dark skinned but I know dark skinned people exist unlike certain brands out there **cough** Tarte, Beauty Blender, It Cosmetics **cough**

Keisha K says:

This is why I love aunty Jackie, she’s never biased

ramona lynch says:

That check in is red girl!

Lin Swe says:

“oh oh“

yubbadubbadubba yubbadubbadubba. says:

There is definitely a lack in the medium-tan shades generally, but not as bad as dark-deep. I am tan (around Mac C5) and can rarely find one that fits my skin tone properly, and in diverse enough formulas. I have very yellow undertones, but even friends and family with very olive undertones also struggle. There are, however, already brands that exist that target this gap in the market like EX1 (which is also pretty affordable). But even if they were targeting the latino market, there are afrolatinos too who deserve to be catered for.

Reagan’s beauty ! says:

I love your personality girl your so pretty❤️❤️

brsk says:

Do I really need to explain this to you?? The reason why most brands sell more of their products towards MEDIUM shades and the MIDDLE is because that’s the majority of people. the US population is 78% white and only 12% black. that’s just a fact. There are lots of companies that sell lot’s of foundations that will math deep/dark skintones. If 78% of people are white, and the company makes all of this dark foundation, they won’t make as much money. Blacks are a minority so a lot of companies aren’t going to focus on them, their main money source is the MAJORITY (which happens to be lighter skin tones in the US).

Shanice Littlejohn says:

This is what happens when you don’t have a woman of color as a creative director for these brands. This has historically been a problem and I’m sick of it.

stella bradow says:

i feel like all brands for the most part lack shades for mixed race people. im a mixed girl and i have yet to find a foundation/ concealer shade that matches perfectly

LGS beautynlifeover40 says:

I love that you’re honest. What they did was shameful and they should be ashamed of themselves they are a big company and they left out the deep dark tan girls which is horrible it’s horrible. It is 2018 like some of these companies got to get with the program. I for one will not buy from a brand if they cannot include everybody

Kelly English says:


Débora Meyer says:

What is your favorite foundation? With the best shade range…

Alysha M says:

Is there at least an olive shade?

Madison Beltz says:

I was talking with my bestie yesterday who is dark and who doesn’t wear makeup but soon will. I told her that I was so sad that some brands have 500 foundations for white people (me) and that I’ll always be able to find my foundation. My bestie won’t always be able to find her foundation. For this brand she won’t be able to because of these colors


I mean even if the foundations aren’t all that at least u got a fuck tone of beauty blenders.

Jamie Allen says:

Who else notices that the darkest shade is not very dark

Layla wolfe says:

i’m not a woman of color and i know my opinion on this topic doesn’t matter per se but this is absolutely ridiculous. there are so many light shades and the medium shades are literally the same thing. it’s 2018 and brands are still using deeper shades as the after thought. completely ridiculous.

Patricia Ahdosy says:

Yeah, after seeing the shade range and being that the creator was Latina. I assumed she must be light skinned or what I consider light skinned. I’m half mexican, half native. I don’t even see my shade available.

D Jones says:

I feel like the shade you wore would match me perfectly right now because I got a tan but once my tan fades it’s going to pull hella red

Serena Ødegaard says:

Are you using the “Pro Multi-Purpose Buffing Brush” or the “Pro Powder Brush” from nyx? Because sometimes you link both of them under your videos.

M T says:

hope they fix this…

Jaël K says:

I did not understand why this wasn’t inclusive until you showed that upper tier and I was like ‘see, what’s the problem’ and then you showed the other tier of only white shades and I was like ‘oh’

Angel Salazar says:

I understand what you’re saying about medium shades “always being represented” but that’s not the case. A LOT of the shades that look medium to you only work for tanned Caucasian people. Just like in the deep shade range, medium/medium deep undertones are hard to get right. We’re not facing a different problem here.

Brandy Mickens says:

Your skin looks like glass girl Yaasssssss you Melanin Queen ❤️

Tia Boarman says:

I love you!! Your videos are funny and I have really learned so much in a little bit of time!! xoxo

Halley Dem says:


Lilly Smith says:

They made trums color

Tyler Dixon says:

MAC has a foundation that locks

Beannie says:

your body is sexxxyyyyy

Michelle K says:

It was literally the perfect match to your neck {on camera} at least.

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