The Best Blender For You: Expensive Vs. Budget Buys, Tested

Consider it a blender battle royale.



Stefan Dobroiu says:

if you want your blender to “cook” your soup you surely are an idiot…

Nella Rogers says:

How do each of these blenders do at making a Margarita???

bonbons says:

Yo my idea of affordable is under 25$….. who has 100$ to blow on a blender??

Glen & Friends Cooking says:

We’ve gone through a lot of blenders… they all break eventually. No matter what they cost, and where they were made.

VenomTheCat says:

But where is the 18 dollar blender from Walmart? you should have thrown that one in just to see.

Colin Fowler says:

Paul Rudd

Steven D says:

That Philly hot dog poster is from a place called Hot Diggity, too bad they closed though. Are you guys from Philly??

NTH THN says:

Why was the “soup” cooked but the smoothie wasn’t???

Devin Duncan says:

this dude said qweezinart

Taylor Cavale says:

What kind of shirt is that?

Shani Ballard says:

This was a great video! Please do more of these reviews. I love my Vitamix.

e.g John says:

Or you can blend it a few min more…

Jane Leelavathi says:

Vitamix is #1. It’s Made in the USA and comes with a fantastic warranty.

Mary Marguie says:

YOU ARE SO ENTERTAINING!!! and your editing is Superb! Keep it up.

kokoro nagomu says:

interesting but there is a way! this method doesn’t work with everything but will work with breaking down the kale and it works when you make nut milk. freeze the ‘dry’ ingredients first (nuts or kale) and then put them in the blender with liquid… i’ve got an old oster blender i’ve had for 30+years that still makes nut milk that is so creamy that i don’t bother straining it…. freeze the nuts (or kale) first before adding (i store nuts in the freezer). the freezing process makes the water in the cell walls expand and the addition of water and the blending causes those cell walls to shatter making a very smooth result (it’s physics and science :wink:).
for nut butters i prefer the wider food processor… besides smooth nut butter is really boring and sticks more to the roof of your mouth. lol

Xeroproject says:

Why would heating the food up be used as a test with higher marks given for higher heat? Wouldn’t your blender cooking your food be an undesirable trait?

ANURAG Indla says:

Number 5

Kojy says:

do more vids like this reviewing kitchen hardware <3 What about choppers? for quick chopping of salads etc?

Daniel Ali says:


Adrián López says:


SuperDwango says:

Where the mid tier at yo! Are there no blenders between these two price points?

Sandra Halliday says:

Can you do a video like this for food processors??

Morgan Childs says:

Why are you wearing your hat inside?

Lars Marowsky-Brée says:

Good test. But for the BlendTec, the peanut butter at least should have been tried with the unique twister jar, maybe even the flour. That’s what it is made for, after all.

JM JM says:

Two points: the Blendtec twister jar not the one used here is intended for peanut butter. If you are going to spend $$ on a blender you’d probably get both Blendtec jars. Second, cleaning, I would not look forward to cleaning peanut butter from the Vitamix with its sharp blades, it’s a breeze with the Blendtec.

Aquase says:

How well do they blend phones?

David Mitchell says:

I’m surprised you didn’t include the Ninja blender here. I thought it was pretty affordable and works amazing.

redangel833 says:

No Ninja?

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