Simple Smoothie Recipe & Inexpensive Blender Review

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TurboKirsty says:

Do you reckon this would work with frozen bananas? (cut up pretty small of course!)

KrisBex says:

I’ve bought one for Christmas and I can’t wait to use it. It looks amazing

Tim Marshall says:

Good video. I’ve just bought the VonShef which is the same except for the name. Very good product and is the second VonShef product bought by me.

afgse dgr says:

I wanted to know how loud was the noise.  If u had mentioned that it would have been more helpful

debstan1 says:

Great review 🙂 i am starting my juicing fast next week and just wondered is the juicer good that comes with this ?

longtalker says:

Useful video & pretty girl 🙂

Astrid Pulido says:

does it blends properly hard fruits and veggies like carrots, apples, etc and crush nicely ice? ; I’m looking for a nice blender for smoothies but not sure if this one will do this job properly

Hayley Louise says:

This looks ace!! can you put oats and nuts in it too? x

luminor007 says:

Do u think this will be ok for green veggies and almond milk all mixed together?

Zen M says:

I just bought it and doesn’t work..what can i do,??

Us & Them says:

Hi Rachel thanks for the review. Do you use the juicer function on it?

And can you tell me does the blender cope with hard fruit & veg? (e.g.carrots) Thanks…

ixy1987 says:

I just bought a von shef version

luminor007 says:

After watching ur video review I went for this one the same as yours.. they have their own ebay shop and sell them for £26.99 free del.

The Hyman Clan says:

Thank you so much for this review. I found the EXACT same smoothie maker marketed as Casa Bella brand for £26.99 and I found your video putting in Casa Bella Smoothie maker so Im guessing you tagged your video like that, so thank you!!!

HatStandy says:

I’m sure this is the same product (albeit with a different brand name) for £226… I’m confused!!! :-S Someone I’ve never even met has just given me one of these (the bella casa one listed here) just cause I got chatting to her on facebook… she didn’t even want the money for postage!… Nice woman hey?!?… Perhaps you can enlighten me as to why the prices of this one and the seemingly identical Andrew James one are so vastly different.. also… how best to get a demonstration on how to make vegetable juices with it as that is the thing I want to use it for most (it didn’t come with any instructions)…

Magdalena L says:

Very helpful review:) Thank you!

Germanus McGrinder says:

does starting it without any fruit etc in it damage it?

Kaki Hansen says:

Hi, I would like to buy a Juicer which is small on the worktop and which after use can go into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. I would like to make to make carrots, apples and oranges (as examples). Can you recommend one?

Silver Stackz says:

Great video, I’m going to purchase one! Your video helped thank you.

Rinica Warner says:

I love the banana blueberry recipes, before watching your video I had the Andrew James blender saved on my bookmarks after your review I definitely am going to take the plunge your review really helped 😀 xx

Michael Scofield says:

Very good review. Very nice face too!

Eduardo Silva says:

Can you tell me please how much power does it have ?and which kind of plug ,if EU or UK or US? thanks.

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