Shake N Take Blender Review

Shake N Take Blender Review: This is the shake n take personal shake machine. You can make quick smoothies, protein shakes or even vegetables shakes. The bottles that come with the shake n take are great because they screw on and off the shake n take which allows you to take your shake on the go very easily.

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The Rockstar Reviews Team


isteftan says:

Hello, I would like to know if the bottle is easy to clean. Can the bottom of the bottle be unscrewed ?

Gladys Cyrene Dagal says:

How long did this last? I heard this only lasts for a few months?

saybu27 says:

Hi. Nice review. I’m planning to get one for me and my mum. I don’t see a power cord somewhere. Is this battery operated/rechargeable? I did hear your mum said “plug it”. just curious as I did not see a power cord.

yeinfei chong says:

It runs on batteries?

Thaliqa Cendy says:

i have this one… ^_^

writingme says:

04:06 Wow, Ma, auditioning for a porn career?

Just messing with ya’! Youtube comments function bring out the worst in some of us!

Your mom seems really sweet and you’re lucky to have such a great lady in your life. 

Rebella says:

How beautiful is your mom?! 

Lolita bolita says:

i got it today from amazon .. so amazing 

Bobby Digital says:

fyi, they are not fresh if they were frozen! They are just frozen raspberries.

Anna Tan says:

have u try to mix milk/water with protein? If u did, does it blend well? I tried some blenders n the powders wasnt blend well.

muhd dzar says:


Michael Epstein says:

Hey Bro, Can you tell me how you plug it in. It says that it is a 22 volt plug and it does not have any reall plug to use. I am pro athlete and want to use it on the road!! please let me know bro

Tom Sacco says:

I think I saw this mother/son on a porn site.

denise kladis says:

I just purchased the shake and take and I cannot get to work. I watched the video did what they showed and when I plugged ot in…nothing. is there something special I need to do…align etc?

InsideTheBox says:

I actually like it a lot. I can bring it in school so its all good

Luvapotter says:

tip I usually do in my blenders is blend some water and dish soap after I make my smoothies. then rinse well

Anthony Harriott says:

Thanks for sharing

Ambrosia Devyani says:

Your mother is a beauty!

TheSonglvr says:

I don’t have this one…The berries and bananas are frozen. So I don’t see a problem adding a quarter of a cup of CRUSHED ice after the liquid. The key to not burning out the blender is to use the PULSE and that way it will crush and blend. After several PULSE’s…then blend for a few seconds.. Many of these little machines tend to burn out. Trust me. I had a bella burn out from overusing it in just a month. But they are fabulous!

Andrea C says:

Willthis work with the size of ice cubes u get when u use an ice cube mold in your fridge? Im worried that it cant handle putting ice since all reviews ive seen doesnt shoe including ice cubes in blending

Joe King says:

I haven’t, but am sure it would blend pretty well considering it blends very fast.

Hanisah Jamaludin says:

Di malaysia..bermint blh sms/wassap sy 017-678 4532..

Joe King says:

yeah, true… the Nutribullet seems a bit better, we’ll have to get and review that one.

MrLazynko says:

ught pack with 2 bottles to my sister house pack to me and pack for her all bottles brokes after few months and i shake only powder with water . Down part of bottle was separate on all bottles.

BELEN Belu says:

i wanna know how many litter   can get into the cup…thanks

Bri Y. J. says:

This blender is awful! We have … I mean had this. The motor eventually burned up with regular use.

he's autistic actually says:

It’s amazing though it makes alot of noises when it blends.My father receives it during the Christmas break at his workplace, DHL. Must say it’s the amazing blender !

Kenton says:

i see these guys arent watching their macros!

Romelson Vicera says:

I ordered one and received this afternoon and I must say its a good choice portable blender

Steve Fletcher says:

That’s a total stereotype.

Yie Sue Chua says:

I love this blender! it’s so convenient! but the bottom part of bottle cannot be opened. Can you please teach me how to wash it?

Itallaboutwatithink says:

They started once they realized that females don’t find them attractive.

JC says:

wouldn’t his neck hurt after finishing the whole drink ? he has to lift his head so high to drink !

Hydz Rariza says:

Hahaha! It’s not actually a review. It’s a demo. Geez! Question wasn’t answered though.

writingme says:

1. Brave to put your mom on here. Cue the MILF jokes.

2. What is kiefer?

3. Wouldn’t the bottle be a bit gross after staying in your office for 10 hours, and you don’t have a fridge? I have clients and can’t expect them to come into a smelly office.

jellyjellybees says:

Can you also make milkshake? Where do you buy it?

Michael Angelo Angeles says:


Jay Blue says:

Is it good with vegetables?

Luz P. U. C. says:

how it works whith the ice???

Ana Viti says:

I got mine last week, so far so good, I am still learning how to blend the leafy greens, since I’ve noticed it does not blend them very well but I think that I am still learning how to use it…since I saw that you have to pulse  5 times or so when you start making the smoothie…. I keep the base in the kitchen at work and take the bottle to my desk, very convenient and fast.

pugggs says:

This is not a review at all, it’s a sales pitch. Maybe you should learn how to properly review something. Maybe list some motor specs, rpm, and whatnot. Maybe put it up against at least one other small blender that is designed to do the same task. Not a very ‘rockstar’ review in my opinion.

Zoltán Marosi says:

Your mother looks so beautiful! 🙂

Popo Hoho says:

got this one today! im happy with it, blends well. i do use small ice cubes and it does the job. nice product.

Jamie Tan says:

cant seem to open the bottom of d bottle to clean some parts of the blade..

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