Refurbished Blendtec Review – A Breakdown by Blender Babes

In this refurbished blendtec review we break down all the similarities, differences and price. Blender Babes highly recommends these more cost efficient Refurbished Blendtec blenders.

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We are dedicated to helping our community decide which blender model is the BEST choice for you, your family, and your wallet. The #1 reason why people do not (or cannot!) purchase a commercial grade blender such as a Blendtec is because they are NOT cheap blenders!! This is why Blender Babes recommends Refurbished Blendtec blenders because they are the MOST COST EFFICIENT way to get one of these like new blenders, even surpassing the cheapest deals on brand new models found at Costco, QVC, or Amazon! We are going to review the different model offerings, their features and price to help you decide on WHICH model best suits your needs,

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judith faithinlife says:

Where do you get the blender from?

martha e says:

Is the total blender classic suitable for a juice and smoothie business?

BodyRights says:

Hi I got the designer 575. Is it a good blender like would you say better than the Nutribullet. I got the 575 at a great price but I’m wondering if it’s one of the least good blendtecs out there as the design looks a little too simple with the buttons and stuff. Like there’s no soup or salsa button and I’m abit bummed about that. Does the 575 make soup and if so how?

Paul Botescu says:

this offer is available in Europe?

Hassan 2k Whiteside says:

4:08 sounds like its broken

Devil Dog says:

I have owned my Total Blender for 4 years. it’s a great choice.

kairosgrammy says:

This is probably a stupid question but I’m kinda new to blending and have never had a high speed blender. My certified refurbished total blender should arrive tomorrow and I’m super excited. I know that, in general, juicing usually involves squeezing fruits to death in a juicing machine that removes all the fiber and leaves the “liquid” portion for you to drink. On the blendtec it has a whole juice and smoothie option. Is the major difference between the two settings a matter of how thick one is compared to the other?

Temicka Noney says:

which blender should i buy if i just want to make extra smooth and creamy smoothies?

Jarosław Wylazłowski says:

whether it will work in Europe – supply voltage 220V ?

Dana Matthews says:

I love this! Think it’s time to invest in one!

That Dude There says:

I’m ordering the total classic now, but there is no place for a promo code. Is that no longer available?

Feasting on Fruit says:

I’ve always been tempted to go for a refurb one, but hesitant. If, god forbid, my precious blender ever dies I might have to try it that is some pretty significant savings!

Sharmila J says:

what is the rpm of classic and 725.

Marie Valentin says:

prices on these refurbished blenders are still a little crazy.

Sukhwant Kaur Khalsa says:

How long warranty coverage for refurbished ?

Daniel da Boss says:

How many horsepower on blendtec

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