PopBabies Portable USB Blender Review

PopBabies portable blender is USB rechargeable. PopBabies is lightweight, you can take it with you anywhere. My friend Robyn joins me once again to help with this review.

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Gaye Lee says:

Well that’s a handy little gadget. I am so ready to get on the lake!

grace fugate says:

I think I’m going to get one of these. I have to drink protein drinks every day. I actually packed a single serve blender with me (I’m at the beach of vacation) this would have been very convenient. 🙂

CharsBeautyCorner says:


Shannon Askew says:

Loved it. My family loves smoothies and there are times I want one but I will pass because I’m to lazy to get my blender out and make all that trouble just for me. That size would be perfect

dav1099 says:

Very good job on this review ladies, that dude has more power than expected for sure. We need lots more reviews done out on the boat too. . Thanks for posting

That's a Wrap says:

Excellllllllent!!!!!! And looking hotter than ever

mjhonold says:

Great review!! Love seeing Robyn help with the review!! She needs to do it more often!!

Cbus 33 says:

Cool review…neat product. You look killer with the hat on backwards!

Carol Binnie says:

Poor Cathy has dropsyitis again lol :D. Hellaw rerr Cathy & Robyn frae Bonnie Scotland UK

Cody Willis says:

Chug chug chug chug!! Good review!!

Christina Moore says:

Rachael?!?!?! I like Robintoo!!!!

Lukas Hamm says:

I don’t know why they made the top a smaller diameter than the body of it, maybe they want to make sure you use smaller pieces or something?

ken strampe says:

thats alcohol abuse Robyn! great review, this would be good for the camper as long as they have a way of charging it back up. Cathy where did you get that boob shot glass? i have a friend that would love this for his birthday coming up next month. i think this is gonna be one for my camping box to take along.

Paul Towarnicki says:

Great review, looks like an awesome product.  I was expecting it not to have much power but it does.   When making margaritas I’d put some frozen strawberries in it as well.   Then it’s a healthy drink.  🙂

Mark Lavalla says:

I have to admit I just watched the ending and gave a thumbs up!!!. I will watch the whole thing soon.

PXT1958 says:

I like the Popbaby blender. I might have to look into one. I would’ve like to have seen you make the margaritas thicker like an icee though.

I hope Robin becomes your new partner. She seems interested and is easy on the eyes. And you can have special guest star Rachel every once in a while.

I laughed out loud when Cathy drank straight out of the blender. That just tells me everyone would need their own Popbaby.

I’m glad you kept the 2¢ Chicks going.

shortbare says:

I have those silicon trays but I use them to make my keto peanut butter fat bombs.

Roger Meyer says:

Cathy, GO CAMPING! Then give us a review. Can’t believe you don’t camp. Oh, good video too!

Don W says:

It looks like a handy product for certain situations. Great review! And thank you Robyn for helping out. When I watch your videos, I look for clever things to say. It was a struggle until we got to the shot glass but too hard for me to stay PG. Then came the last minute or so….. how do you make a wolf whistle in text form? wooo-wooooo! (?) Hope to see y’all again soon.

Richard Mika says:

not sure how often would use a usb device in the kitchen shapes kinda neat from magic bullet

Leana_ya'know says:

YAY Robin is back!! I really enjoy you both! Great review!!!

Carol Binnie says:

Hiccup lmao 😛 😀

Brenda Dickens says:

that is neat but send me a margarita please lol

Dale Russell says:

Probably wouldn’t hurt to throw a Power Bank and USB Cable in your bag when using it on the boat!

danish8669 says:

Very cool blender, Great job Cathy and Robin. Was that drink at the end to stop you from getting sea sick…lol.  Can you please give a update on the blender after a month or so. Also it may be helpful to get a large funnel and trim it up to fit the opening. Less spillage. I was cringing when robin spilled the Cuervo.

Anita 3kids says:

Great job Cathy & Robin! Think it would be great for students in a dorm, an RV, small apartment with not a lot of space . Someone with dexterity problems with a larger blender. Have to admit…wasn’t sure when you pulled out the carrots,celery and apples. Impressed. Just would add more ice to make smoothies.

mzmarquette says:

I love ROBIN…. hope she comes back for more reviews!!

Mike of Indy says:

You’re becoming my favorite YouTube personality !!

Jorge Villanueva says:

“No Bueno” saludos desde México!!

GAnime88 says:

That tiny mixer opening on a shakey boat!

Seyl Maha says:

great ! we saw different way with the pop babies is super ! haha smoothie soup and cocktail thanks from France! 🙂

Andrew Mcphail says:

Great review. I’m totally surprised just how well it worked on ice.

Deborah Wildman says:

YES!!!! Sonic Ice. You know they have a machine on Amazon for $499 LOL

Lelia Young says:

Just got one for work, going to start using it tomorrow at work. Thanks for sharing, your video made me excited for possibilities. Lol especially drinking on the job!

Judy Nevitt says:

Maybe good for a grad gift !!! for a college dorm! nicely done Robin , Keep the good work Cathy ..

Bobby You Tube says:

Can it blend say, I don’t know, ummm, Body parts?
Asking for a friend.

Koji 888 says:

Are all of the women beautiful in your state. I need to move there.

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