Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa 1100-watt Professional Performance Blender Review

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Oster Versa Performance blender. LINK to Oster Versa: http://amzn.to/2dcxGXn
The blender measures 17 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The base and jar together weigh 7 pounds. An instruction manual and recipe book are included. This unit comes with a 7 year warranty.

This Oster has a 1100 watt motor and an all metal drive construction so it should be durable. This unit comes with a lot of parts. A 64 ounce BPA-free plastic jar with a lid and filler cap. You can open the cap to add ingredients while blending and steam to escape when blending hot foods. This cap can also be used to unscrew or tighten the bottom of the jar like this. Here’s the sealing ring, blade and threaded jar bottom.

Also included with this model is a 5 cup food processor bowl, s blade, blade shaft to use with the slicing/shredding disk, cover and food pusher. This model also comes with 2 – 20 ounce BPA free cups with lids. They are dishwasher safe. The blade and sealing ring go over the cup. Unfortunately, the threaded cap which is supposed to go over this was missing from my box so I can’t show you how to use this. Your purchase will hopefully include the cap that should fit into the base and you can blend drinks in this as you would use the blender jar.

The base has a control panel with manual and pre-programmed settings. Here’s the power button to turn the blender on and off.There’s one pre-programmed setting for dips and salsas and a second for smoothies and frozen drinks. At the end of the cycle, the blender shuts off automatically. Turn the knob to use the 3 speed settings, low medium and high and push to start and stop. You can change the speed while blending. There’s also a pulse option which you press and let go manually. Use the pulse to crush ice and chop food. The stainless steel blades alternate backward and forward to process food when using the programmed settings. There’s also a reverse blend button. To use this button, choose the speed and press and hold the button. Let go to stop.

First we’ll crush ice. The maximum you can crush without liquid is 6 large ice cubes, use pulse button. The blender turns off automatically if you don’t use it for several minutes.

Next, we’ll make a smoothie with Frozen mixed fruit, milk and a little sugar. With this blender, you have to add enough liquid for it to blend properly, so the fruit has to be floating in the liquid.
I’ll use the smoothie setting. Don’t expect it to pulverize small seeds like raspberries, for that you need a high end blender. The Fruit smoothie was very smooth and I was impressed with the texture after using the pulse button on high a few times.

Let’s try a vegetable smoothie, cucumber, spinach, tomato, onion, salt. This smoothie was also very smooth. No hot soup with this unit, don’t blend boiling liquids, you can use hot liquids with the steam vent open.

Put the bowl on the base, put the S blade in the middle and turn it to make sure it sits properly. There is a food processing chart in the manual.

I’m putting in a medium onion cut into 1 inch pieces. 1 inch is generally the size that food should be cut into before processing. Put the lid on matching the arrow to the unlock symbol, push down and turn to lock. With the food processor, you can use low or medium setting with the knob and the pulse tab. You cannot use high speed, programmed settings or the reverse tab. I’ll use the pulse tab.

Next I’ll use the disk, take out the S blade and put the blade shaft on the post. Place the disk on top. If you want to slice, the slicing blade should be on top, if you want to shred, the shredding blade should be on top. I’m slicing a cucumber which I’ve cut in half down the middle. It was sliced evenly. I’m going to shred cabbage for coleslaw so the shredding blade is on top. Put the lid on. Put the cabbage into the feed tube, I’ll choose the medium setting, turn the processor on, hold the feed tube, push the food pusher down. Turn the unit to off. Wash the bowl, blade, disk and shaft in warm soapy water.

All this is about $100 right now which is a decent value. You’re getting a good blender, decent food processor and two cups. If you want to try this Oster Versa, I’ve put a link in the description below. I hope this review was helpful. Please subscribe and I’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching 🙂
120V/127V, 60 hz. AC outlet


alvaro neria says:

i am thinking about getting this blender would you recommend going with the 1400 watt model

Ryan Sawadichai says:

Thanks for doing an in depth review of this blender! Can you do a comparison between this and the 1400 W version? A lot of online reviewers say it offers similar performance to a Vitamix for half the price. Also I’d like to know if that blend and go cups are compatible with the 1400 W version.

Sherley's healthy lifestyle says:

I really enjoy all of your reviews. Thank you.

Paul Hernandez says:

I really enjoy your reviews! I always can’t wait for your next one! Thanks for making another thorough review!

Vicky Latorre says:

I wanted to purchase this blender until I found out that the jar is plastic. My mother has a blender with a glass jar that it shines every time we clean it. I had a blender that has a plastic jar with blades attached permanently to the jar and I had it to get rid of it because the jar was dirty and couldn’t get it to clean with anything. Will that happen with this blender or will it clean fine since the blade can be easily detach? Thanks for sharing the video is the best one I have found online about this blender. Thanks again.

Tayshaun Tuazon says:

Thank you so much Anita!!! Im the one that suggested you to review the Oster Versa!!! Thank you very very so so much!

Ricardo Elizalde Tovar says:

Hi! Do you think this blender can liquid like vitamix or kitchenaid blender??

Carol Binnie says:

Cool blender & I feel sorry for you +bestkitchenreviews, having to drink the veggie smoothie LOL 😛 😀


exelent tuto 🙂

Carol Binnie says:

I always feel sorry for you Anita, having to drink the veggies. Especially Kale 😀

Curiosity says:

Nice review, 7 year warranty seem crazy for all the abuse people are going to hit is with; something to think about.

maycito says:

Vitamix is the best

alvaro neria says:

i am thinking about getting this blender would you recommend going with the 1400 watt model

sadradful says:

Thanks for the review, confirmed mu feelings, it’s not good at both tasks.

Alexander Tonhi says:

Hello, Where can to buy only the kit Blend-N-Go Smoothie Cups for Oster Versa? Thanks

Johnnie Semien says:

Thank you I appreciate the help it was a great Presentation

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