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This Nutri Ninja vs Nutribullet Rx Review is a Green Juice blend off!

Blender Babe Caitlin and I are testing the Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto IQ (1500 watt blender) and the NutriBullet Rx (1700 watt blender).

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The Nutri Ninja:

See our full comprehensive Nutri Ninja vs NutriBullet Rx Review:


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Jack Willis says:

This is testing the nutri ninja on high, how about the other settings that light up for this test? Would they become any smoother?

Amanda Akers says:

I’d like to know which recipe this is…

aptitude says:

I’ve had both and made the same smoothies with both every single day for a year. Nutri ninja is so obviously better that I honestly don’t understand why this is even a debate

Victoria Bermudez Wingo says:

Are the mugs and cups bpa free?

Tex Mex says:

I love my Nutri Ninja- that’s the best one for me !

Lifelong Joy says:

It’s a 1700 watt against 1200 watt !

Zorica Milićević says:

If you stacked veggies propotionally to the size of a container (that would mean less in ninja or much more in bullet), I think it would than give you same result.

joy santod says:

Good thing I bought nutribullet.

Victoria Bermudez Wingo says:

Can you do the Vitamix Professional vs the Nutribullet RX?

Chey Shantell says:

I don’t know what yall did but I have the nutra auto I q and my smoothie was not as think as yall

Baris Rodriguez says:


Wild Cats Life says:

Thnx. Plastic No.7 cause cancer and hormones disturbing.

Ryan V says:

I’m not sure if you can talk about this but I’ve heard of Magic Bullet blenders having long term problems such as damaged blades and the motor running itself to death (literally). Any experience with that?

wbb wbb says:

I own a Blendtec, now if I could just win the lottery to propose to Katelynn.

Mike OZ says:

Well done girls…….now, can you cook?

alchemistoxford says:

Thank you, ladies, for this comparison. The Nutri Ninja appears to be past its sell-by date, and the Nutribullet seems to be the most up-to-date design. This was a helpful video.

Ashley Lamborn says:

per the ninja instructions, you are supposed to first do fresh fruits and veggies, then leafy green/herbs, then liquid/yogurt, then dry/stick ingredients, then ice/frozen ingredients….

William Freeze says:

Solid videos ladies!

Hugo Ruiz says:

Love the video. So sad my wife and I just bought a Nutri Ninja 🙁 so now I must got the Nutribullet RX. Thank you BlenderBabes!!!!

The Greek Pianist says:

Ninja will always be a better quality brand. Remember, the Nutribullet is from the same makers of the Magic Bullet which got bad reviews + made from cheap plastic. I personally tried both of these machines and I got much better results with the Ninja. GET THE NINJA!

newton raymond says:

texturized meaning there’s clumps. ninja needs to give it up, they’ve been manufacturing garbage for years now

Rebecca Allen says:

I have a NutriBullet and am in love with it!

Taz Maz says:

great review ladies. My 2 year old wants to hug you 🙂

Robert C says:

Why didn’t you use ultra blend on the Ninja. You would have gotten better results.

Jon Cammarata says:

Nutri-bullet all the way. Simplicity meets performance. I love my bullet. It is three years old. I consistantly run it for 3-3.5 minutes with no problems. Further, I always disregard the max fill line – again, no problems.

Am says:

Ladies, a good advice. Before screwing the cap on to the right always turn it to the left until it “jumps” down. Will save you time aligning the cap and “accidents” either destroying the thread or a leaking cap. 2:45

Teresa M says:


AmbyAvery says:

so is it just me or should the nutri bullet been used on the ultra blend setting instead of high? I’m undecided on which one to buy but it seems like the wrong setting were used in the video.

Jenneth Agustin says:


Bull Art Works says:

Dont know why, but i am still into Ninja!

Sis Donnice says:

To get a more Smoothly Text with the Nutra Ninja you have to use the IQ Button

Nando says:

That was awesome. I was actually contemplating at first on which one to get – Rx or Ninja. Going for the Nutribullet Rx now. Thank you. Subscribing from Thailand.

Thor Thunder says:

Thanks Blender Babes, nice job. I want the RX please !

Brandon Boss says:

After watching a bunch of reviews and reading reviews I went with the Jamba quiet shield blender. Metal gears, 5 year limited warranty, quietest blender for the price by far and it has the tamper like the Vitamix.

Quentin 33 says:

Tarashaun, are you single? no jk… but really great videos ladies.

Shadowpanther20 says:

Girls are too sexy to watch a damn juice…

Brianna ShorterRoctz says:

I’m shocked! I had the Nutri Ninja on my x-mas wish list. This video sure changed my mind. Nutri Bullet is now on the list. Thank you for a very informative video.

Padede Boys says:

Nutribullet blow me away, it’s worth recommending…..

Antonette Johnson says:

I got my nutribulletRx on a site called OfferUp for $35. Its awesome and it was barely used. I doubt it was used 5 times, and some of the cups were still in plastic. It was a moving sale so I kinda got lucky.

cozytea scones says:

I am looking for a blender that will do smoothies, banana ice cream, mint chutney (small amount), cashew cream (small amount – 1/2 cup to thicken a curry. Would you recommend a Vitamix 7500 as your first choice? Loved your video, but want a good strong blender.

NutriBullet Blender says:

The NutriBullet is really amazing. it really blends everything up really well

1davidro says:

Great review. Very gorgeous women

Russell Nielsen says:

They both appear to be tall on camera. Tarashaun looks like she’s 6’3. Caitlin looks 5’11.

Danika Barrientes says:

Thank you so much for this review! I was pretty set on the nutrininja but this def changed my mind!

Stoney Guerrero says:

It feels like the ninja always loser regardless of what model or who you put them again

Carol Binnie says:

Thanks BlenderBabes, as soon as I can afford it, I’ll defo get the Nutribullet RX

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