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We are comparing the nutri ninja vs the nutribullet 900 series. Both have 900 watts of motor power. There is an extractor war going on. Who is going to come out #1 ?
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What’s up, everybody?
Welcome back to
Rackboyz Fitness.
Now there’s a juicer wars or
whatever you want to call it
going on.Let’s call it the
extractor war because that’s what
they’re calling them.
They’re extractors now.
But you got the NutriBullet.
And now you have
the new Nutri Ninja.
So they’re both the
series for both brands.
And we’re here to compare them
to see which one is better.
Now I already have
individual reviews for both.
I will put them on the screen.
As well as the
unboxing so you can
see they each come
with the different cups
and the different stuff.
We’re not here to get into that right now.We’re here to get into which
series is the best.
Because clearly, they’re
competing with each other.
NutriBullet was out first
for anybody that doesn’t know.
And the Ninja just came out with
their own little small version.
They’re trying to bring
it to NutriBullet.
So we’re going to
get right into it.
This is a big ass banana.
So damn we’re going
to take this break it up.
Now they each have a big
cup ounces pretty good.
The blades I have a video up on the different blades so go check that out.
But you can see the difference in the blades.
Not going to get
into the details.
I’ll put that video
up on the screen too.
Now I’m going to try to
split this up evenly.
Now one big thing is if anybody
had the original NutriBullet
they know blackberries
and raspberries
the Bullet did not
blend them up very well.
So I did another
video also I’ll
put that on the screen showing
how the Nutri Ninja blends that up.
And it actually did pretty well.
It got rid of a
lot of the seeds.
So watch that video too.
Now it’s going to
be pretty much even.
So I’m going to put the
contents like I said even
so nobody can say oh
you had this much in one.
It wasn’t fair.
Oh your reviews are biased.
Listen I’m a NutriBullet fan.
I’ve been using the Nutri Ninja
for about a week maybe a week


Carol Binnie says:

Rackboyz, could you please do a review & try some things in the Salter Nutripro 1200

janbaby says:

Thanks for your review. Which blender had the problem with the sealing ring? Was it the bullet or the ninja? The commentary said ‘bullet’ but the video showed the ninja.

Graham Wellington says:

Great review!

Sienna smith says:

oh my goodness. The black van diesel. I love u

Buddha Girl says:

Thank you, all very helpful.

Donnell Wright says:

So hold on…. the part where “it happened to you to” was the ninja or no? the part where you had the seal in your drink.. that was the nurtibullet correcT?

Mad Hag says:

Very helpful! THANK YOU!! 🙂

Self Allwell says:

It’s not a good video stop ✋ you could have held it down longer on both ends it’s bullshit you had a large clump of fruit at the bottom it

Mas A says:

How good are these machines with solid veg & fruit?
like apples, carrots, beet root etc ? as i love beet root juice and at the moment i use a blender but the clean up is a chore as it leaves all the pulp to one side so my question is , can these machines completely blend everything so there is no wastage? thanks

Rich Marshall says:

Do you know if either the Bullet or Ninja can blend Oats into Oat flour – Just dry, No liquid?

anonymous says:

why not fill up water
easier to drink

jan cat says:

Good video, I have to stick with my Nutribullet though. All you have to do, is just blend it about 10 seconds longer. To each his own.:)

JOE PREZ says:

my nutribullet burned out after one year and that rubber was always popping out think it happens when it’s overloud gotta try the new Nutri Ninja!! ty

Yun Sang Cho says:

is ice okay to put in either?

Nick Yasin says:

Damn that was a huge banana

Mr Moo says:

You could put the nutri bullet blade on the ninjas cup… Boom, it should fit with the rivets if the thread on each machine is the same

Danny McCann says:

You’re Awesome !!!

J S says:

besides using the NutriBullet for juice can it chop other food items like carrots onions or chicken for chicken salad

FAST Chair Based Exercise Instructors says:

By blending just a little longer the Nutribullet Pro will blend so it is smoother.

Nish Nish says:

Thank you for this information, I only stumbled on 1 of your videos this morning and started watching more. I need to start making Almond milk for my little girl. Can you guide me on which product might be best? Thanks much

Richard Driese says:

Awesome video helped me with my purchase!

Adam Mazziotta says:

The rubber ring is the gasket that should be removed when cleaning your machine.

Travis Wolfley says:

You can buy a brand new nutribullet 1700 rx for around $100. Just sort price + shipping lowest first on the buy it now. That’s what I did, and I don’t use my 900 anymore. They make great gifts too 🙂

K27R says:

Buying a Nutri ninja for my dad today. He’s used two daily for 3 years and the cups are pretty work out and so are the blades lids. Time for a revolution.

Self Allwell says:

I’m actually annoyed with this review it’s actually irresponsible of you brother. If the cycle of that smoothie took 10 sec that would mean 600 dollar blender or a 1200 dollar blender could do it in 3 sec come on

Nikki Fahey says:

What is more expensive? Have you tried the Jamba or Bella ones?

Amena Frias says:

ninja or nutri bullet

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