Ninja Professional Blender & Single Serve Review – BL660

This is a review of the Ninja Professional Blender & Single Serve. BL660 . Amazon LINK TO NINJA:
I’ll test this by crushing ice and comparing it to a standard Oster blender. I’ll also blend chunks of vegetables and make a smoothie in the single serve. First, let me give you the basics about the Ninja. It has 1100 watts of power and weighs about 10 pounds. It’s about17 inches tall. Now the height might be an issue for some kitchens with lower cabinets, this might not fit under the cabinets for storage. The pitcher holds 72 ounces and is made of polycarbonate plastic, so it’s not heavy. The single serve is also plastic and bpa free. You can make a smoothie and drink it out of the same container. It has three speeds and six stacked blades on the spindle. Just look at the blades, they look seriously sharp. The parts are dishwasher safe. The blades are really sharp so be careful when turning the pitcher over because it slides out easily. Suction cups on the bottom so it doesn’t move around. The Ninja won’t blend until the lid is locked in position.
I don’t think it’s fair to compare the Ninja to an expensive Vitamix or Blendtec. The Ninja is about $140 and is a good value.

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Kaitlyn Crean says:

Thank you so much!!! I couldn’t figure it out and now i can do it!

Coppelia Borgatti says:

Is this powerful enough to blend whole fruits and veggies?

Matt Forner says:


Shon9tilR says:

Just bought a Ninja from Walmart with 1000 watts for $67. Not sure if this is the exact one, but they look similar.

T Christine says:

Thanks for a great review!

21boxhead says:



Not fun taking the shaft out

Que Parker says:

Thank you for the great reviews.
By chance do you know if the single serve cups work with the older blender models?
And yes you have a new subscriber 🙂

Themetuk says:

BLESS YOU for the DETAILED review…. Mother is SO BUYING! THANK YOU

Jennifer Bates says:

my blades are rusted how can i remove the rust

Tekka579 says:

Best review using all the correct accessories.

Francisco Rivera says:

Is the single serve the same thing as the nutri ninja or are they completely different???

Fish Zom says:

can the ninja be used in a household with 220v system? And… What blade would you  use to make Almond Milk?

mike deleon says:

hellllp?!?!?!?my green smoothies keep coming out chunky and not smoothe

Ganeshwar Jairam says:

Great video. Answered all my question

Peggy Duncan says:

Just got mine today. Thanks for showing me what to do with Ninja!

Rob Jones says:

A question, if you don’t mind.  Why is there a single serving blender button?  Can you not use the normal 1-2-3 settings as well on the single serving jar?

No Post on Sundays says:

I have a really stupid question but how do i get the cord in the cord keeper in the back?

Darlene Barton says:

Is the Ninja 900 juicer do same thing for juicing as Ninja 1100 professional?

jukazyzz says:

does anyone know here, where can I get it in Europe (not UK) amazon in most cases doesn’t ship everywhere.

La says:

I tried blending ice, melon and watermelon chunks in the single serve cup and it struggled to mix. I added more liquid, the ice finally broke down along with one piece of melon. At the end, I ended up using my nutri bullet. Do you have any suggestions for blending…should I use smaller chunks of fruit?

bestkitchenreviews says:

@John E Hi John, Mango seeds are not meant to be eaten. You can cut the flesh away from the mango and blend it 🙂

Teresa Flores says:

I got the exact ninja blender but it didn’t want to blend the protein powder with water and ice very well. is this blender suitable for this?

Tanya Harper says:

Thank have been a really good help.
Now I can’t wait to get my very own ninga blender! The only thing I saw was your ninga has 1100 watts…an the one I purchase is 1500 watts. Is that the only difference between the ningas?
Thanks again

cyndi williams says:

Professional review and I am grateful you posted.  I received my Nija for my birthday last year and your review is very helpful.

Robert Morin says:

I agree that the Ninja shouldn’t really be compared to the NutriBullet Rx or the Vita-Mix 5200, etc… But it does seem that it should fit the bill for doing those summery drinks and I’m not sure how well this would do with making soups or warm sauces/fondues. That’s something to consider.

Dan Beliveau says:

I own both the Ninja 1500 pro and the $450.00 Blendtec and the only difference I see is that the Ninja doesn’t heat soup.

The Mad King says:

can u blend a avacado seed?

falcon127 says:

Lousy Ninja does not work!!” single serve will not attach to motor drive. instructions don’t tell how to and demo model in store the clerk could not make it work! Ahahaha. garbage

LadySoul502 says:

1100 watts? I just purchased the Ninja Professional and it’s only 900 watts! (but then again, it was only $89, so I won’t complain : )

mike deleon says:


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