Ninja NJ600 Pro Blender Review – CHOW

Check out Lisa Lavery’s review of the Ninja NJ600 Pro Blender in this CHOW Review.


D4rkC1own187v2 says:

that’s not how you make salsa! that’s the lazy way!

HomeOwnerRepair says:

I just bought this blender it’s awesome for frozen drinks!

The Noble and Mighty Beaver says:

The seal on my lid disintegrated after daily use for 2 months

docsbuying says:

That was a shity review. The blender is amazing !

Antonio P says:

What other brands would you suggest?

Joshua Swedberg says:

Think it is funny she says pretty much all positive things about it and then says it isn’t good lol very confusing. I enjoy mine. Made ice cream with it the other day haha.

St. Apollonius says:

Thanks for the review.

Teabags4Trump says:

Thats why they have smaller add ons… the ninja is badass.. cleaning is a breeze… omg scary? Come on.. its a five stars all day

OMGWTFBBQ1090 says:


BKProductionzTM says:

This is the gayest product I ever bought I can’t even fucking use it

Gareth says:

Who the fuck adds EVERYTHING when creating salsa? Seriously, bitch needs to know how to use technology.

marshall mi says:

Lame review.. Its a great blender

MsOnawhim12 says:

I have one of these and it is sometimes difficult to remove the lid.  The safety feature is nice, though.  It performs well enough to suit my needs. 

KoalaMama 2.0 says:

The blades are scary, so rinse the blades under water right away and dry, or use an old toothbrush if anything’s stuck on them. It only takes seconds.

nelli petrovskaya says:


mrhypermagnetic says:

Any blender that can puree ice is TOP NOTCH. THIS REVIEW SEEMED BIAS, WHEN SHOWING POOR RESULTS WITH SALSA..? seriously, if it puree ice why not a tomato?

john mok says:

cheap plastic material

xvx4848 says:

I love that these reviews are honest and they aren’t being bought by these companies.

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