Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender – Product Review

Well, my blender went belly up and it was time for a new one. Figured I’d give this a little test to see if it was worth the money. Let’s see how it did.

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Cheasequah D says:

finally it looks like ninja went away from the super square pitcher that pitcher really sucked stuff would catch in the corners and not blend looks like they still need to work on it though with that peanut butter test

jacob martinez says:

just buy one

Anthony Ellis says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing.

771blahblah says:


Taneisha Simplyme says:

Great review!

UK man loves goddesses says:

TY. Can i put my sausage in there?

Carol Binnie says:

OMGOSH you moan a lot

Aa Artist says:

I am sold. X

SawltyDawg Chris says:

Great video, and thanks for the tutorial BurningCereal. Just got mine, just like yours from I’m already loving it. Was just making my 1st breakfast blend with it , Skippy peanut butter, bananna, cocnut oil, and flaxseed. Nice to have picked up how to make pure peanut butter less the presevatives. Now making a watermelon iced smoothie with green tea. Gotta love it. Time for sum more easy weight shed.

Mike Bodnar says:

Would’ve been nice if you actually knew what you were doing and read the instructions

joey b says:

Looks darn good. There was a lot of noise on this end too. So Just turned up volume and screamed as Loud as possible when needed. Good Video bro!!

Aa Artist says:

You are a very good teacher x

digiphot2 says:

Pardon my comment, but 1100 watts of power is going to sound like it is capable! Of what you might ask…Blending the Crap out of everything! Ha Ha! Thanks for the demo.!

Vegan For The Animals says:

Loved the way you presented this! Great video! Hilarious when you said,”Wow that thing scared the crap out of my dog, oh well, let’s keep going.”

Erns O says:

I really appreciate your review… I hope you were not paid by ninja because you did a very smart review. Thank you and Ninja should thank you because your review feels so unbiased. Honestly, because of your review, I am buying the thing.
Did I said thanks again…

Susan Reynolds says:

I got mine lightly used for $65 on Ebay.  So far it’s great for making Green smoothies in the little cups…..  I wish you’d demonstrate the food processor making ground beef / ground turkey.  Excellent video.

User Stories says:

Hi Rusty, do you know if you can blend/process warmer liquids. I know my wife likes to blend cooked spinach so that it has a smooth consistency before putting it back into the pan.

ire d says:

your video made me decide what blender should i get myself…so, how can i get a free one like that? seriously lol

Tina Rucker says:

I love mine

Bryan Mantecon says:

So… did it break down? It’s 2017 (almost 2018)

Okyerewaa betty says:

Pls type of model

Nghiem Nguyen thi says:

Thank you for very nice review and please advice how much did it cost ?

Patricia Pierce says:

It also makes awesome homemade butter! Trying to make mayonnaise (without eggs) today! Got a very good recipe.
Love my Ninja Pro 1500!

Kate OConnor says:

Thanks for a great demo! I just bought this for my son for Christmas….got it on Amazon for $137! Now I’m going to buy one for myself! 🙂

Patsy Brathwaite says:

can it do coconuts

Jennifer Simpson says:

loved the review. Just bought my yesterday. Never thought about peanut butter. We made ice cream the first night with a bag of frozen strawberries, 2 cups of fat free milk and 2 table spoons of splenda. It was excellent. My picky eaters (Kids ages 7 and 9) loved it. Now I am buying tons or frozen fruit.

Rocco 2k2 says:

what!?!? 1 or 2 years only? you can buy a vitamix 6300 on their site reconditioned for 280 shipped with a 5 year warrantee.. it is a professional blender and lasts a lifetime.. go to and search for vitamix and use the coupon.

Debra McLaughlin says:

thanks bought one 5 yrs ago… have not figured it out.. your video helped a lot.

771blahblah says:

Can cabbage be shredded ok in the processor attachment?

Nixy Pixels says:

This was an excellent review! Thank you so much! Made my mind up!

Christopher Navarrete says:

I like the vid! GOOD JOB

Gabriel Perez says:

The single serving also makes good whipped cream with heavy whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla extract.

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