NextGen Blender Technical Review

NextGEN is a scifi 3D movie produced by Tangent Animation using open source software “BLENDER”. Netflix bought international rights for exhibition for $30M usd. Which immediately raises the question: Is BLENDER ready to pipeline produce movies?

Let´s check the full technical review on NextGEN, recently produced with Blender 3D Open Source Software here:

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Blender Open Source Software:

Blender Conference 2016 – Making of Ozzie by Tangent Animation

Rigging Dojo Interview:

Cryptomatte Demo:

Intel´s Embree:

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Lakshya Nimesh says:

Finally Blender getting what it deserves!

TheOtterPupsGames says:


1980s Retro says:

Great Review, I love using blender. Can’t wait till 2.8 comes out!

NJ4K says:

Yep I am making my next movie entirely in EEVEE. I want to show how it can compete with it’s Unity/Unreal counterparts.

啃芝士 says:


Treazure says:

Thanks for the overview of Blender use in Next Gen. I enjoyed the movie. Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be a common “look” to Blender/Cycles made movies. It’s a cartoony, yet realistic look that I really like over what other software produce. Maybe it’s just because I work in Blender a lot, so it feels familiar. I’m glad movies like this are bringing Blender into the spotlight.

Art of David Pombo says:

Hero 6

TriVoxel says:

In the upcoming Blender 2.8 release this movie could also render at literally a tenth of the time with some loss in quality thanks to EEVEE, the new realtime rendering engine. 😉

Jason Fan Club says:

Unfortunately the storytelling of this movie was bad – too much music and stuff going on at the same time.

But it looked great for a Blender made feature film!

pixun says:

Blender 4 life! >:]

Gavin hub says:

blender is the next big thing.. apparently Big companies like Autodesk are in fear.. its funny how they even freely look into blenders code source and copy what blender brings on.

Bracer Jack says:

How many samples for a frame ? So curious ! 😀

hansdietrich83 says:

Jesus, fix your audio please

matter of time [DZ] says:

3H to render 1 frame wtf !!!

Samuel Junus says:

this is awesome. as soon as I saw the trailer to NEXTGEN, I suspected that it is made with/in Blender. I recognized the rendering immediately. or, let’s say I recognized that someone did not know how to set the random sample rate blabla so …., I hope you guys know what I mean.

Paul Chambers 3D says:

Excellent summary.

Issues VFX says:

6:46 do you say 2.42 days ?

Gavin hub says:

thank you very much Sir

Zwei Wing says:


ALF Anas says:

i think its funny that we are still asking this question : !!!!
is blender ready to pipeline produce movies?
its not about the softwear its about the persone who wields it
sens sentel and now agent 327 we can see that blender hav almost anything it need to make a full industrial movie
its just that the studos arnt commn to use blender that why know one used it !!!
or it least thats what i think !!!

TheDoubleWork says:

If I understood correctly, then, with an average rendering time of 3.6 hours per frame, all frames were rendered about 55 years ?! The total number of frames 133920 is multiplied by the average rendering time of one frame. Then we divide 482112 hours into 24 hours (one day). We get 20088 days of rendering, which we divide by 365 days a year. And in the end we get 55 years of rendering of all the frames? Kick, if I counted as a complete idiot.
Sorry for my English.

Demonitized says:


JorgeBernier5d says:

I totally enjoyed the movie. Some parts of the story where meh, but that has nothing to do with the software used to make the movie. I’ve seen some really MEH movies from Pixar and other important studios so that says a lot. I am a full time Blender user and was fascinated by the graphics, animation and effects in the movie. It is amazing that they made it with blender. This movie is going to make Autodesk tremble. The way I saw it, this movie was about Blender vs Autodesk’s little robots hahahaahahah

josh says:

Film looks pretty good to be entirely made in Blender. That being said this film could of greatly benefited from Blender having UDIM support and using Mari for higher res texturing. You would of thought that would be the #1 focus for Blender.

starduck2 says:


AwesomeVindicator says:

just think how much faster this could be rendered with eevee 😀

I know its not a raycaster but its still pretty nice, and the average viewer wouldnt notice the difference.

Selim Nazar says:

Cool, finally something else to promote Blender besides Big Buck Bunny.

CADDIA says:

why we are not using live ray tracing technology to reduce render time, live ray tracing real time visualization like real quality offered by-Twinmotion, lumion, Enray , Enscape softwares they now support architectural visualization.

Muem zky says:


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