Most Powerful Blender with 60 oz Glass Jar – Dynablend Clean Review

John from reviews the 1+ Horsepower Dynablend Clean blender – The most powerful home blender on the market with a 60-ounce glass jar.

In this episode, you will learn about the all-new Dynablend Clean commercial quality blender with 850 watts of power that allows you to blend in a glass jar with stainless steel bottom. You will discover the features of the Dynablend Clean blender that sets it apart from other glass blenders as well as blenders that contain plastic. This blender is 100% BPA FREE.

First, John will unbox the Dynablend Clean blender and share with you all the parts and accessories that are included in the blender box.

Next, John will share with you the features of the Dynablend Clean blender, including the longest warranty for ANY blender available.

Finally, John will demonstrate how this blender makes a healthy green smoothie and the consistency of the smoothie in the Dynablend Clean Blender with Glass Container.

Along the way, John will share his blending tips with you and why he likes blending in addition to juicing that enables him to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in his diet.

After watching this Dynablend Clean DB-950A blender review, you will have a better understanding of the parts, features, and performance of this all-new blender by Tribest. You will also know if John recommends this blender to others.

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scuba453 says:

You said that the connecting piece (clutch) on the bottom of the caraffe is metal. What about the connecting piece on the motor side – is it plastic or also metal?

GForceFitness1 says:

Another great video, John. So, if you were going to buy a blender, would you get this one or a Vitamix?

Keepin It Real says:

Mahalo for your help. I’m moving to Brazil for 1 year and still not sure if I need to get a juicer or this blender. as much as I would like to take both, I’m limited on luggage. but this might and the price if good.

ReLOVEutionNOW says:

avocados are a great addition to green smoothies

tenore8 says:

Nice demo John. Looking forward to a Dynablend vs. Vitamix video.

Epiphanystone says:

hey John, can the stainless assembly be used in the older model? I got the previous model from your shop and I have been loving it but I have had to replace the bottom part which was plastic.

Michael Bang says:

Great demo John! Looking forward to making this part of my kitchen arsenal. Really like how no food comes in contact with any plastic!

Tony Olson says:

“Hey John, hey John, hey John!” … (sorry, I get excited), Could you please make a video sometime where you use a blender to make some of your favorite and most recommended salad dressings? That would be so awesome!!!

justgivemethetruth says:

I bought one of these when they first came out … a total waste of money. Stunk like a diesel truck when it was used, very hard to clean, poor service and guarantee … I would never get anything from TriBest again and would urge others not to trust what I think is a very shady company. Check on Amazon the reviews are very poor, some people reported getting pieces of black plastic in their food, and I bought it because it got a good review here … thanks a lot JK. 🙁

Timothy4Yhwh says:

i need to get one

Boodieman72 says:

Why do you need a stir stick? The BlendTec doesn’t need one. I just checked your price on this blender, very affordable.

Radwan Rais says: Jhone plz when you gonna post the video of the new kuvings c7000! like c7000 vs b6000 let me know as soon as u can

Elizabeth Moen says:

I would love to buy a Dynablend Clean from you, I am in Sydney Australia

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