Manuel Bastioni Lab Blender Review

Manuel Bastioni Lab vs Daz 3D vs MakeHuman

A review for the Blender add-on “Manuel Bastioni Lab” and how it compares to Daz3D and MakeHuman.

This a great plug-in. It eliminates the hassle of exporting from Daz3D or MakeHuman’s stand-alone app. The mesh looks better than MakeHuman’s meshes but retains a polycount that works well for animation and deformations unlike Daz.

The one drawback is the absence of sliders for morph feedback. MakeHuman and Daz have this advantage but overall this human generator is a great resource to add to your collection.


Eros Angelos says:

I like your video tutorial ,thanks for this )
somehow after following step by step I download and install as you show but this ManuelBastioni does not come up at the right side and Ive tried several times ,saved it ,restarted my PC but nothing ,
please if you have any idea /help what I am doing wrong?


karla michelle says:

please I need help I can’t installed manual lab bastion in my blender I followed the instructions and everything please help me :C

Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

If you switch to PC hardware, let me recommend Linux instead of Windows. Linux runs Blender faster than Windows, and is also less crash-prone. Not to mention that you get a choice of nicer GUIs than Windows 10.

farah amer says:

I always get a zip folder instead of a zip file and it never works for me when I add it?

karla michelle says:

why won’t nobody answer my question I just want to understand why I hit material and my character skin appears but not the material or texture of his/her eyes can someone pleas answer me

abdulaziz aljmaan says:

?hmm, should I use it for making a game character or should I use make human

Rob Prator says:

that was a very basic tutorial on character modeling. there is a section you passed over that allows complete editing of every body part. also for animation purposes you will want to uncheck the two boxes when you create the model. this makes the rendering run much faster. the downside is you have to add material colors to your model, but that is no worse than importing from MakeHuman

Sw0rd Penc1l says:

Where is the freaking character editor like in makehuman?

VfxTra says:

When I download ManualBastioniLAB, and go into Blender, User Preferences, Install From File, I find the file. But the icon isnt white. It is a brown file icon, so it doesnt work?

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