Kuvings Quiet High Power Vacuum Blender SV500 Review

John from http://www.discountjuicers.com/ unboxes and reviews the all-new Kuvings Quiet High-Power Vacuum Blender model SV-500

In this episode, John will show you what is included with the Kuvings Vacuum Blender. You will also learn why you will never want to blend in a traditional blender again.

In this episode, you will discover why vacuum blending technology is better to preserve nutrients. You will see a direct comparison between the Vitamix and the Kuvings Vacuum Blender when blending apples.

You will discover how the Kuvings Vacuum Blender is able to make a Green Smoothie that contains coconut water, 1/2 pound of leafy greens and frozen bananas.

You will see how to grind flax seeds and make nut butter under vacuum. You will also discover why a vacuum blender puts significantly less air into your food while blending.

Finally, you will learn how the Kuvings Quiet Vacuum blender is able to blend up frozen fruits.

At the following times, John will cover the following topics:
03:45 Unboxing – Parts Included
05:35 How to Assemble – Important Points
13:15 Why Vacuum Blending is Important
14:15 One of the Reasons Why a Vacuum Blender is More Efficient
18:43 Nutrition Difference in Vacuum Blending vs Not
19:44 Vacuum Blending in Kuvings vs Non-Vacuum Vitamix
24:43 Making a Green Smoothie in the Vacuum Blender
30:34 Grinding Organic Flax Seeds into Flax Powder under Vacuum
34:33 Making Nut Butter under Vacuum
38:06 Blending Frozen Fruit under Vaccum for Sorbet/Fruit Smoothie
41:57 Summary

After watching this episode, you will learn more about the Kuvings Quiet High-Power Vacuum Blender

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Javin Towers says:

“it was able to easily butter up my nuts”…lol

me says:

John do you recommend this blender or are there some others coming out that you think it might be better to wait for? $650 with 3 years less warranty than a vitamix and they don’t even include the tamper doesn’t sit too well with me….

Aude Ettori says:

As always, your reviews are the most informative about health food machines and lifestyle on earth !! I love the little summary with the short cuts very much, it is a great addition when i’m short on time. And seriously wish you had a european based business to buy from you which saddly cannot be done :/ Thanks a lot for your ware and i wish you have a wonderfully amazing year 🙂

Adam Vine says:

ANOTHER great video! Thank you. If I’m going to both drink greens and smoothies…do I need both Omega VERT VSJ843S (as an example) AND this blender? I’m new to juicing/blending. I understand it’s best to use both a juicer and a blender if want smoothies/fruit drinks so I will take in fiber with juice so not to drink straight sugar and bang up my insulin. But, this blender seems to do such an amazing job of blending…it almost seems like it ‘juices’ it…although it still has the fiber/pulp I guess. I’d appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

peter simon says:

it would seem to make sense to buy a Kuvings Vac. over a juicer. However, I would definitely would like to know your opinion(s) on the matter Mr. John Kohler. Thank you and GOD BLESS.

Rafael says:


patrick steele says:

Yes ! John, Please include an Ultimate Smoothie test vs Vitamix with Chia and raspberries as their tiny seeds are the hardest to completely blend smooth.

Today For Tomorrow says:

Hi John, what is the warranty on this blender?
Thank you, awesome content.

Natalyaandall says:

How much is this blender cost?

Nick Hubbard says:


Pamela Hollingsworth says:

The next big thing…coming soon to my kitchen counter!

VrsTube says:

just place my order kuvings vacuum blender I also ordered kuvings c7000 juicer from you a year ago, still running strong I am very happy with it!!

Natalyaandall says:

It sound very noisy even with the noise reduction top

gnarly3000 says:

THANK YOU John for the great review. I will be placing an order with you hopefully within the hour, certainly by the end of the night. Keep up the great work. And please upload a quick video update whenever Kuvings releases the tamper addition. I check your YouTube channel most every day, but I don’t look at your website but every now and then. Thanks again. Rob

Theunknowndoodlebop says:

meh…i’ll wait for the vitamix vacuum blender..you know it’s coming…

tziporah97 says:

John, Will you provide a link to those glass jars?

000 says:

Right on John

loveli223 says:

On 12/22/17 I asked over at your OK Raw’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNMeKHC0cSE: “Can you please do a comparison between these vacuum blenders? 1. Sano – the Capsule S Vacuum Blender 2. Dynapro Vacuum Blender 3. Kuvings Vacuum Blender.” Now, also 4. Tesco Vacuum Blender. Thank you for all your guidance!

jagsterr1 says:

What do you think of this vacuume blender? DASH 800-Watt Vacuum Blending System

Steve Smekar says:

John, how many RPM’s will this product turn?

Joel Kye says:

Like other comments below I too am excited to finally see a retail vacuum blender available in the USA that have been highlighted by John at CES. However this unit looks massive. It look like it is competing with John for screen space. I expected to see vacuum blenders on sale back in May of 2017. I am holding myself back from picking this up to see if more blender companies are coming on board with product availability in the USA.

George C says:

Something’s off with your sound in the beginning; I love your reviews, I bought my first omega vrt350 hd a number of years ago because of your reviews. Time to get a new blender!

collin huey says:

hey what do we do with our millions of vitamix. i do not see this at costco

Twisted Chains says:

Is it possible to get more vacuum by pressing the vacuum button more than once? If so, do you recommend doing that?

Zura Hollow says:


Slick Willy says:

Maybe you should try the dry stuff like the nut butter without using the vacuum, I think it would probably mix better.

Kitty Gooris says:

Really glad you have a Kuvings Vac Blender! I love mine!

martha cruz says:

Does it always have to vacuum first and then blend the ingredients? or can it be use the the duo option?

Nina Weber says:

Do you know if there will be a Vitamix Vacuum Blender coming out?

bluemystic7501 says:

Can anyone link me to a study that shows that oxididation reduces nutrient content in smoothies? We already know heat is detrimental…

Mar-Lin Austell says:

I would like to see almond butter in the new blender

Richard Gray says:

Finally!!!! I’m still gonna wait to pull the trigger until I see what tweaks and refinements will be made over the next year or so. Also, I wanna see if any reliability issues crop up.

Quiet Bear says:

Great review John. Love your stuff. Especially all the detailed information you provide on various fruits at various places around the planet. Your talk on Dates grown at Flying Disc Ranch was great! You looked a little sleepy in this video and like you weren’t exactly firing on all cylinders. Don’t burn the candle at both ends too much (too often) Bro!

Amy Rick says:

Thanks John for this great information!

Lastdon56 says:

Been waiting for this!

subscriber says:

Hi John, great work! Does this blender heat up the food like a Vitamix the longer your blend cycle is?

Andrei Sas says:

Can you make a comparison between oursson jm7002 and kuvings, hurom, omega? Oursson is a cheap and pretty good slow juicer.

Roland Brown says:

Thanks for the demo. I wish Bugatti would turn the Vento into a vacuum blender.

Nick Hubbard says:


Tony Olson says:

John – Could you please obtain a vacuum gauge, and place it in the carafe, and perform this same experiment with all of the other vacuum options that you have (ie vacuum pump, silicon lid, etc.)

It’s the only way to get a true comparison test.

Just use water, and use the same amount in each carafe for consistency. Maybe even perform the tests twice with each carafe wherein you use different amounts of water (like 2 cups, And 4 cups). I suspect the more water you use, the easier it is to get a better vacuum.


Robin McFarlane says:

Hey John deffinately need a versus of the vacuum blenders. Kuvings versus Tribest!!!! Please. Thank you.

Ch3rub ______ says:

Hi John. Was waiting for this video for a while now. You make the very best video reviews. I must say I was a bit disappointed by the macademia nut butter performance in this blender. Especially when compared to DynaPro which made it look like a breeze and did all the job without any interaction.

It’s nice Kuvings is automatic but you still need the time for the air to get sucked out. Wonder how long it takes to do it manually and if it’s actually not even better for you to do a little bit of pumping as you’re waiting anyway.

I would love to order from you, however I’m based in Poland so sorry I can’t support you by ordering from discountjuicers.com.
Thank you very much for the videos and the enthusiasm you have in all of those. Great watch!

I’m looking forward to another video you announced here – SV-500 vs DynaPro.
Any idea when this may be published 🙂 ?

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