Is the $400+ Vitamix Blender Actually the Best? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Welcome back to the test kitchen! On today’s episode, Esther Choi is testing blenders to see if the legendary Vitamix, a favorite amongst chefs, is actually at the top of the game.

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Sashine B. says:

I bought a Breville Boss and returned it. Very noisy. Then I bought a Vitamix. Much quieter. Blenders are loud, yes, but the Breville was horrible for noise.

Vegan Mart says:

Very Cute but unrealistic

Michael Bacon says:

When I hear Magic Bullet I automatically think of an adult toy for women. Lol

Joel Rokkala says:

Had the same Vitamix since 2005 ,still works like a charm

samfeyo rozo says:



Vitamix is nice not only because the product is great, but if you ever need to send it in for repair. They will pay for shipping both ways and get it back to you by the end of the week.

Yeep says:

4:04 I have a chance fellas!

supertree08 says:

tested Vitamix at my old workplace. That thing is awesome, but I can’t afford it lol.

Simon Zhao says:

I learned If you are trying to blend some fruits all blenders are the same. If you want ground corn into flour then vitamix is perfect.

Rob Snyder says:

How can you do a blender test with out a Bendtech …. #fail

Shelbs says:

Ninja is only good for the first 2 months. After it’s garbage

houchi69 says:

America’s Test Kitchen already did this kind of test. Please stop copying.

Jakob says:

weird…how she is funded of the ninja.. no thx misses keep your wet dream of a ninja and step the f back and look at the products.
how in the freaking hell would that ninja with a containing size around the smoothie volume work as an everyday blender.?? 9:46 perhaps if you only in your house but even then, it would be too small.
Is it an everyday blender or a smoothie blender we reviewing and even then it would likely also be too small, unless you really wanna go out on a limb by making numerous portion.
the ninja blender is way-way to small and where is better deals with big blender-compartment around 100 too 200 USD ballpark.

hwang1607 says:

What is she looking at

leneay says:

Don’t know what all these people have against the Magic Bullet. Found mine on sale for $18 and I’ve had it 5 years. Saw another one like new at a yard sale and bought it for $10 for my family. It’s not as strong as some of the other ones, but has no problem making a smoothie.

bish arse says:

Buy the cheapest one put them in for longer !!!!

Gm L says:

the first test seems useless.. blender is for something with liquid or include liquid..i’m not sure all, but most blender’s instruction manual says dont put NUT or POTATO in it..

Max Samel-Garloff says:

I like the corn test but the smoothie one was disappointing. Any blender can blend fruit especially like she says in the video if you do it long enough. What I think would be a good test would be ice. Most blenders have trouble with ice. I am curious if the ninja can even do it.

Jonn Porter says:

I’ve owned a Vita Mix for thirty years. No complaints. In all fairness, they do have a separate carafe for grinding corn, wheat, etc.

Christopher Sage says:

I have the Ninja blender that’s about the same size as the Vitamix. I’d be curious as to which is better of the two.

Tony Spicer says:

Longevity is also a big reason why the vitamix shines

Joel Rokkala says:

Had the same Vitamix since 2005 ,still works like a charm

Joel Rokkala says:

Had the same Vitamix since 2005 ,still works like a charm

lee guankiat says:

All my cheap blender spoils at the motor to PLASTIC connector. They designed it to spoil fast. Wouldn’t have cost much to make the contact point metal to metal.

TheMagrhino says:

This test makes no sense, were you paid by vitamix?

lazyalexh says:

the blender was very loud.

**Mahina808** says:

The whole time you’re talking about “pretty fine”. And I’m thinking. You’re pretty fine.

djdsf says:

This video is literally this:

Let’s put a Lamborghini Aventador vs a Prius.

Prius came in last

*Picachu surprised face*

Courtney Costantino says:

Clean your breville blades. Gross.

Tanuki says:

A fault in your testing is that you did not blend the *same percentage of volume* of product by volume of the blender. By not accounting for the volume of the blender, you are overloading the smaller blenders and handicapping them. For example, 2 cups of corn in the Vitamix has less percentage of volume than the Ninja. If you overload a blender, the blender simply will not be able to work at maximum efficiency.

milezmaur says:

This is a terrible comparison, I’ve just seen this but Ninja is up with with vitamix at 2 hp and has a great blend your just using the wrong “System” of Ninja

schmeewho says:

The magic bullet used to have a larger model like the size of nutribullet that had higher power like the ninja. That was really good.. so unfortunate that they discontinued it.

Maria C says:

The answer is yes.

Sandwich Party says:

For a full comprehensive test check out “America’s test kitchen”

itselayne says:

“like a private beach” hahaha

twennywonn says:

No blendtec? Incomplete comparison.

Houtka86 says:

Poor headphone users

David Azinger says:

I’d say if you are a manufacturer there is an opportunity to make a blender that is $200 — slightly better than Ninja !!! And you’ll take some market share from Breville and some market share from Ninja !!!! And I’d say she’s pretty smart !! I hope she is not just a commercial hiding behind a test !!! Is Vita Mix giving her $10k to do a phony test ??? Who knows.

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