Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender Smoothie Maker Review

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This is an awesome travel size blender smoothie maker. You don’t have to be bothered with the bulky regular size blender smoothie maker. And if you’re in a rush you can blend and go. This is a great way to be healthy and blend your own healthy ingredients in smoothies, shakes and more. It has a fast and easy one-touch blending. It has a reusable and dishwasher safe jar. The jar is BPA free and has a capacity of 14 ounces. And the cord wraps around the bottom of the bottom of the unit.
Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender Smoothie Maker Review
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CUMITA-4WD says:

NICE  !!!!!!!!!!!!

ray29999 says:

your links don’t seem to work… trying to look to see how to get paid for reviews like this….

Rahul Mundhe says:

You are idiot.. You don’t know how to handle camera.

Tamara Slaton says:

@Popo Hoho your Oster may be better. I am really happy with my Hamilton Beach. It gets the job done for me.

Tiffany Smith says:

I had to have the purple one and it’s awful. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but it doesn’t mix anything for me. I’m glad yours worked!

Tamara Slaton says:

@MegaMark1991 I have some bubbles at the top of my smoothies.

Isreal4realz says:

pause 2:38 enjoy the view for what its worth. 

Adeline Nicholas says:

I have a green one too! I use it every day!!

solukhumbu911 says:

cute voice ,

kenyagirl2009 says:

how is the blender now? any issues. i got one a couple of days ago from target so im curious.

Dani Nelson says:

Hey,does it crush ice?

Abdulrahman khalid says:

good job

Tom E says:

I’m pretty sure pulse means you should press it on for a few seconds and off for a few. You will burn out the motor that way.

mspixiedust100 says:

This is an awesome blender. But you have to be sure to get the skinny one not the fat one because HB makes two different types.
The fat one has smaller blades

Blender says:

What are you doing with me ?

LuSundra Everett says:

I have been looking for something like this for my husband! Ok for me too!

Gauge says:

I bought one yesterday but I’ve never made smoothies so I’m looking for suggestions to make a smooth consistency. i noticed that this Hamilton Beach single serve blender can’t quite chop up ice.

I’m gonna be making smoothing with frozen fruit blends.

Any serving size anount suggestions for the perfect consistency?

princess glitter says:

How loud is it I have siblings and I’d love to make for school but don’t want to wake them up?

Crystal Kupcake says:

The website has all the colors, but my Walmart only had white and black. I just bought one today. 🙂 I can’t wait to use it.

Rosa Cetina says:

do you think this can be a good comparison to the baby bullet… for baby food making

K3OneLove says:

Is it really loud?

SWEETTY617 says:

Have you tried it out with some ice. I want to buy one but want to make sure it breaks ice, lmk. Tia

OhPrincessSaRaH xo says:

Very cool!! I posted a smoothie video using my blender if you’re interested! 🙂

Vinayak Chitre says:

Thanks for review. Have you used items like walnuts etc. How it performed?

jsrcamp says:

I bought this and after 6 months of countionus use it died. I make protien shakes every day. I did not buy a new one but bought an ostyer one instead and love it

howyoudurrinhunneh says:

Green! Where did you get green!

All the website has is black white and red… got mine this morning in the store with only black and red to choose from. 

Tamara Slaton says:

LuSundra I love it. It’s a great buy.

George Abdo says:

Is it wireless?

Gustavo Caetano Lopes says:


melo27 says:

Cool a friend of mine got the black & transparent one why you choose the green!

Ly Nguyen says:

I LOVE that green color for the blender! And it’s so convenient!

Popo Hoho says:

Oster my blend is waay better :)) but nive rev you got there. TT

Debmun1215 says:

I bought one today at Walmart as well but got it for $9.64. I made a delicious smoothie, worked great! lol hopefully I can get some wear and tear out of it!

Nora Jade says:

Can you also do some green smoothies? 

Laura Padron says:

lmao the one reason im checking reviews is to see HOW TO REMOVE THE CLEAR PART from the base and that’s the part you didnt show :p lol i wanna cry

Tamara Slaton says:

Thank you. I will try it out 🙂

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