Green Blender Review: The Best Fresh Smoothies Delivered To Your Door?


Smoothies are one of the most delicious and healthy ways to power up your body. If you’re like me and enjoy trying new smoothie flavors, you’re going to love Green Blender. It’s a smoothie delivery service that sends you all the ingredients you need to make a smoothie.

You might be saying to yourself, “I can jut buy the smoothie ingredients at the store thought.” That’s what I thought until I saw the incredible amount of different smoothie recipes that Green Blender has. Needless to say, these are not the smoothies you’re used to having.

Green Blender has smoothies such as Wheatgrass Elixir, Hydrating Maple Protein, and Pineapple Mulberry Persimmon. The names may sound crazy but every one that we’ve tried so far has been incredibly tasty.

While we loved the smoothies, there were only two super small negatives. Each smoothies ingredients is packed in its own plastic wrap, which makes for a lot of waste. So, be sure to recycle all of it when you’re done. Also, the fruit is sent fresh so there is a small chance it won’t be ripe by the time it’s sent to you. One of our bananas was slightly green but we just waited an extra day and we were able to use it. Because the fruit is sent fresh (never frozen) you’ll also have to make sure that you make your smoothies within a 6-8 days or the fruit could begin to go bad.

Overall Green Blender was easily one of the best fresh fruit smoothie delivery services we’ve tried!


Tammy Schmidt says:

thank you!  you gave me the best and quickest review.  I have been contemplating to try this or not.  Do you think it is worth the cost?

Tammy Schmidt says:

I absolutely love Green Blender….. Unfortunately had to cancel due to delivery service….( ONTRAC …..) leaving my packages by my garage door for 4 weeks…. that were given detailed instructions and I even posted note on my garage door where to place packages…. I highly recommend Green Blender… all smoothies and ingredients were fresh and tasty…if they change to UPS or FEDEX… I will have them deliver again

Tammy Schmidt says:

i received my first green blender box today… ingredients looked great…but delivery not so great… they left it by my garage door… could definitely get stolen in my area… I don’t like that you have to contact them by email only…

Leo Sustaita says:

This or daily harvest? If price wasn’t a factor

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