Glass Jar Personal Blender PBG-5050 with Zero Plastic Contact Review

John from unboxes and reviews the all-new Tribest Glass Personal Blender model PBG-5050.

In this in-depth episode, John will show you what is included with the glass personal blender that has zero plastic contact. You will learn about the 3 different size tempered glass jars that are included with the blender as well as the silicone lined lids that ensure zero plastic contact.

Next, John will turn flax seeds into flax powder with the Glass Personal Blender and 8 glass ounce container.

You will discover how this personal blender makes a 24 ounce smoothie with coconut water, frozen bananas, leafy greens, vanilla bean and matcha tea powder.

Finally, John will attempt to turn raw macadamia nuts into macadamia nut butter in the Glass Personal Blender and 8 glass ounce jar.

Finally, John will share his opinions about the Tribest Glass Personal Blender with Zero plastic contact.

After watching this episode, you will better learn if the Tribest Glass Personal Blender PBG-5050 is for you.

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Kevfactor says:

sounds good till when glass turns out to be bad too

Chrizzli Bear says:

Too bad, using regular mason jars would have been a perfect icing on that nice little blender. I hope they’re gong to adjust that or bring out a certain kit to use wide mouth majon jars. And for sure, as you said alrady, an upgrade kit for vacuum blending would be awesome as well :-D.

Richard Gray says:

But, but, but…John!!!! When you drink from that top, your lips are touching PLASTIC!!!!!

Dylan T says:

“Health freaks” ?

John Texas says:

What is the max rpm on this?


Your seals where not set in the bottom before you screw it onto the the video you can see the seals are mess up

scuba453 says:

2:46 does not seem to be able to grind coffee?

scuba453 says:

I just can’t see the attraction of these upside down blenders (apart from their smaller size). The loading and sealing of the carafe is a lot less convenient and the risk of leakage seems higher.

John Texas says:

The original Osterizer in the forties showed in their owner’s manuals how you could use standard Mason-type jars rather than their carafe. By the sixties they were recommending against doing this. Why? Because some jars were breaking during blending, and many jars holding spaghetti sauce, etc., would fit the blades. Tribest is smart in recommending against the Mason-type jars, simply from their liability standpoint.

Zura Hollow says:

Would it help if you add a tablespoon of coconut oil to the nuts before making the butter?

Patric Steele says:

Kool John ! Does pre-applying covconut oil spray into the small container keep the nut butter from sticking to the sides while blending ?

Serious SpaceParty says:

Thanks for your great reviews!
You make it sound like it is a new thing….for over 50 years you have been able to screw on a mason jar onto Oster blenders. You can use small jars and big jars but not the wide mouth jars.

tiredrummertube says:

You are so honest; it is refreshing and makes it easy to purchase from you; THX for your reviews!

thedigitalgypsy says:

So this doesn’t come with a mason jar attachment? The old one has a specific attachment which allows you to attach mason jars and blend with them.

ismuks says:

irony of it all coconut water in plastic.. vid could have been more aesthetic 🙂 🙂 but guess these video get down and dirty with it and leave aesthetics to the ads.

Mashahm Autochthonous says:

I’d be afraid of the glass jar shattering after prologed use. Just imagine it falling apart while blending something. Wear goggles. BPA free plastic does the job just fine for me; I’ll just leave that one for someone else.

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