First Look: Ninja Blender Review

Check out the differences between the new Ninja Ultima and the Vitamix 750 blenders!

Links to purchase each on Amazon below:
Ninja Ultima Blender:

Vitamix 750:

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TheDiet God says:

It may look cheaper than the Vitamix by far but that’s because they compare the single Ultima blender to the most expensive Vitamix (750 Pro) outside of the Vitamix XL. Why don’t they compare it to the Vitamix Creations 2? That blender is about $50 more but a far superior blender than the Ultima and in the long run it will actually cost you less since it wont breakdown like the Ultima. You can get the VM Creations 2 for the same price or cheaper than the Ninja Ultima if you make some calls.

MrPunkeeter says:

Read the bottom of the Ninja Ultima box it’s made with materials that are known to cause cancer. Stick with the Vitamix

luv2craftcards says:

more side by side reviews, please

TheDiet God says:

There’s a reason the Vitamix is pricy, it’s reliable, durable, performs great and has over 70 years of experience to back up its hype!

The Ninja is known for breaking down, melting plastic gears, breaking glasses when blades pop out on accident, have long waiting periods when ordering to replace broken parts. Of course you wont have to worry about this with the Ninja if you’re a casual user. Someone like me on the other hand use it to extreme and I already broke down 2 high power Ninjas in 2 months, including a Ninja processor.

Theorist Complex says:

Still waiting for that in-depth comparison, please!

xEm_0308x says:

For $70 more you can get a reconditioned Vitamix 5200 for $329. This is built to last 15+ years. Plus it’s made in the US.

jtwidmer says:

That’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say they are an elite level blender and seem to think that it mattered to anyone. Ever.

TimeIsEvil says:

Yeah.. and those Vitamix fan people haven’t came on here and commented yet.. I’m impressed.. lol

TheDiet God says:

Also that Ninja Ultima is around $350, it better to spend an extra $50-$100 bucks and get either a Blendtec or Vitamix that will outperform that Ninja and have far more reliability.

TheDiet God says:

The Vitamix wins this video test since if you look closely at the color not only in the jars but the glass cups you’ll see that the Vitamix has a better healthier color as the Ninja’s looks almost black due to oxidation which means that the vitamins and minerals are being destroyed during the blending. Ninja has to come up with a way to blend without killing the vitamins and minerals in people’s smoothies. Also believe me lady the turn nob on you Ninja Ultimate will get loose and soon break as your Vitamix’s nobs will stay there for at least a decade.

Uncle Bernie says:

other videos show the Ninja is cheap plastic trash. Serious blenders will buy a Vitamix.

Susan Lenzini says:

This bitch is a moron

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