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A stand mixer is one of the most expensive appliances in your kitchen, so it had better do it all—from whipping a single egg white to kneading thick pizza dough. What’s the best stand mixer? We ordered nine models, priced from nearly $230 to a jaw-dropping $849, to find out which one performed best in our stand mixer review.

Products tested (listed alphabetically) to find the best stand mixers:
Bosch Universal Plus Mixer
Breville Scraper Mixer Pro
Cuisinart 5.5 Quart Stand Mixer
Cuisinart 7.0 Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer
KitchenAid Classic Plus Series 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
KitchenAid Pro Line Series 7-Qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer
KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer
Vollrath 7-Quart Countertop Commercial Mixer
Waring Commercial Professional 7-Quart Stand Mixer

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Jim Källerholm says:

One question! At 5:10 when testing bagel dough you have one slow speed when showing the KitchenAid mixer and a really high speed testing the Cuisinart mixer. If you apply the same speed for the KitchenAid mixer, it will also not stay in place (also not the intended speed for mixing bread dough according to the manual). Don´t get me wrong (I own a KitchenAid mixer and it is great) but is this test funded by KitchenAid, and therefore misleading?

vijay pawar says:

Awesome , torque should be is top priority while purchasing dough maker

Pilipino ako says:

Kenwood is always the best!!!

Phillip Arpin says:

I have the kitchen aide classic. I’ve abused the shit out of it for about 10 years now. It’s a champ. However, the tilting head is probably the weak point. I’m always having to pound the retaining pin back in. Small price to pay for my little burro.

Peter Dearing says:


Jennifer D. says:

Kitchen Aid made in Ohio!

Pragmatron says:

Kenwood Chef, tried and tested for over 3 generations in my family, absolute quality!

Laurence Ste Marie says:

Give a stand mixer who broke in a review the best choice…huuumm by I got a cook’s illustrated ads in the box of my kitchenaid

Linda K says:

I would have liked to see a list, best to absolute worst, and what they failed on 🙁

goinghomesomeday1 says:

If you love to bake bread you need a Dough Mixer 🙂

Ronaldo Murillo Espinoza says:

My list (Not based on ATK/America’s Test kitchen)

For Occasions: KitchenAid Classic/Classic Plus 4.5 Qt. Mixer.

For Many Batches: KitchenAid Commercial 8 Qt. Mixer w/out Wire Guard

For Having Multiple Accessories: Breville Bakery Boss 5 Qt. Mixer (BEM825BAL)

For Cheap Price: Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer (Not sure what description is but it is a great deal)

For Home Use: KitchenAid Artisan Design 5 Qt. Stand Mixer (The Bowl doesn’t have any issues unlike the stainless steel one.)

What to Avoid:
Breville Scraper Pro (Not recommended for kneading)
Cuisinart 5.5 Qt./ 7 Qt. Stand Mixer (Loud, Bad Bowl Handle, Bad Beater Quality)
KitchenAid Artisan 5 Qt. Stand Mixer (Bowl has lots of issues)
Vollrath Commercial 8 Qt Stand Mixer (Unlike the KitchenAid Commercial, this mixer is frustrating to use, bad design, small puring chute, and loud)
KitchenAid Pro 600 Design 6 Qt. Stand Mixer (Attachment can’t reach the bowl and noisy.)

I used the Artisan, yes, the bowl is pathetic, but you can buy another bowl.

paloma mason says:

This was so helpful

Mama Ducks Meatballs says:

What is the best hand mixer?

KFStreich says:

Those kitchen aids are very different, the small one has an account motor big one has a DC motor and is overall a better built machine, for probably twice the price. Both are great.

Bill Mantelis says:

She looks like Darlene from Roseanne

kd1s says:

Yeah I bought a Pro 600 a few years back. Love it to death – and I paid I believe $339 for it.

Donna Keeley says:

Hate KitchenAid mixers! Very expensive and clunky to use. I bought a Kitchenetics K11 or Wondermix. 900 amps, comes with blender and costs about have the money for half the power. I can make 6 loaves of bread at the same time with my mixer! They are sold on ebay… Thats where I bought mine!

Keet Randling says:

What I’d like to see is a face-off btwn KitchenAid 600 Pro and the mid-sized KitchenAid Artisan.

cbonklisse says:

Ankarsrum is expensive, but I only heard excellent comment.  That’s what I’ll buy in the near future.  You might wish to test it.

Henry Smith says:

As a chef I recommend the KitchenAid.

Cyberia398 says:

I love these reviews. I think it needs an update though. I bought the Bosch Maxximum a couple of years ago when I’m special because I read good things about it in German reviews. It’s so good, it prompted me to gift my old Kitchenaid (Artisan) to my brother. He was happy, but I don’t miss it.

While I loved the Kitchenaid and still prefer some things about it, primarily the whisk, the Bosch is so well designed. Importantly for me, the meat mincer attachment is the best mincer I’ve ever owned and the bowl is better and bigger. I don’t really get why this isn’t a more popular machine.

Brenda Quintero says:

Well! You know which one i’m Buying!?

Mattywho says:

She may like the Kitchenaid… but I’ve worked on them and the gears in these units are not nearly robust enough and WILL STRIP OUT too often. Look up repairs on Youtube and see for yourself.

Mateusz Felix says:

3:50, just SHOOK

James Orbeck née Watkins says:

Anyone else find her delightful and really want to bake with her?

Jaxx Brat says:

Plastic attachments suck..if you do a lot of bread or dough mixing ide go with her too choice..the little Kitchenaid has a nylon gear that lasts only a couple of years… but still a strong little guy..

Adnan Nawaz says:

I bought the Kitchenaid Artisan since I’ll be mostly using it for myself but i was wondering if i should return it and get the Kitchenaid Pro for $84 extra. America’s Test Kitchen, advise?

Stacey Williams says:

Do not buy new Kitchen aids pre1986 ones only better reliability!

Steve Skouson says:

OK, a wee bit of back story.

I am the second, of 7 children. Mom had the
old style Bosch Universal, with the larger
stainless steel bowl. (She also had the smaller
bowl, but rarely used it. Did you see 7 kids above?)

The motor is beside the bowl, and has connections
in the base, to drive the attachments. (NOTHING on
the top, to get in the way.) The top was made in 2
pieces, a 2 inch ring on the outside, and a cover that
went in the middle, to cover the whole thing. If you
are making bread, and don’t dump ALL the flour in at
once, you won’t make a mess, using just the ring.

That mixer lasted her, 20 years or so, and I had it
for another 5. Worst thing that happened, were the
whip style beaters getting ruined by making cookie
dough with them, (they got replaced) and the numbers
by the control knob wearing off. Low was about at the
2:o’clock position, high at about 4:00. Momentary on,
backwards at 11:00.

I’ve used Kitchen Aid mixers, from 5 cups, to a commercial
Hobart model. (Army mess hall.) Still, I prefer the Bosch.



El Breville está sobre una base no uniforme por ello tiene más movimiento tiene que estar puesto en una base lisa, así como pusieron las Kitchenaid. mala Review comparativa

ruben barrientos says:

what was your opinion of the BOSCH UNIVERSAL PLUS? I’ve been thinking about buying one, my KITCHENAID the one with has the bowl that moves up and down. if i put it in high speed when trying to make bread i have to chase it down and lower speed.

Tommy Rad says:

$549? Saw one today online with free shipping for $479 EXCELLENT mixer!

Craig Rhoads says:

I love this woman! So smart and informative!

Victoria says:

3:48 rofl

Mitchelle Beverly says:

fantastic video!!!! I love this lady!!!!!!!

Frank STEIN says:

thank you i’ve started looking for a stand mixer

Carla Pereira Jardim says:

Missed Kenwood stand mix.

Linda Grace says:

When you find out yours is their favorite, down to the color! Sigh.

Lisa Spikes says:

I have the kitchen aid pro. It works great. But I got it on sale for $300 something. I think it was around $360.

Apple Day says:

I’ve had my KitchenAid mixer for 22 years. My mom has had her KitchenAid mixer for 42 years. Never an issue and it’s takes on everything., and worth every penny.

cicong says:

DO NOT get the kitchenaid mixer – terrible customer service and horrendous build quality, broke in less than 3 years of seldom use

Artemas Ward says:

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Roland Ireland says:

I have had a Kitchen aid 6qt pro lift bowl stand mixer for just over a year now and was so happy when I got it. “wow the things I can do now” I though. well it started hitting the bowl the bowl and adjustments by turning screw on back of mixer did not help. and there is NO ONE close to me who can fix it???? some one told me it may be the the part that hold the rod that spins the paddle has loosened up and needs replaced??? hELP


thank you, we were just looking to replace our stand mi9xer with something a bit bigger. my wife and I bake bread and need a good mixer.

Happy Day says:

Why not test the Ankarsum?

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