Equipment Review: Best High-End Blenders (Vitamix, Blendtec, KitchenAid, Breville) & Testing Winners

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We tested 5 high-end blenders to find the best one (listed in alphabetical order):
Blendtec Designer 725
Breville The Boss
KitchenAid Pro Line Series Blender with Thermal Control Jar
Vitamix 5200
Vitamix Professional Series 750

We investigate the new crop of pricey blenders to see what you get—and whether it’s worth it—when the sky’s the limit.

Looking for a mid-range model instead? We review the best blenders with a budget of about $200:

Our favorite slow cooker (“crock pot”)—and why:

– Powerful, durable motor
– Tall, narrow jar to minimize aeration
– Reasonably quiet
– Clear, logical control panel
– Maneuverable base and jar


We tested five blenders, priced from $399.95 to $679.95, rating them on their ability to blend smoothies, crush ice, puree hummus, emulsify mayonnaise, grind almond butter, and make ice cream, hot soup, and carrot juice. Throughout testing we evaluated each blender on how easy it was to operate, clean, and maneuver, as well as how loud it was. We weighed and measured each blender’s base and jar, used a tachometer to measure how fast its blades turned, and used a decibel meter to measure how loud its motor was.


Smoothies: We made smoothies using fresh kale, frozen pineapple, and orange juice in two ways. First, we blended the ingredients for exactly 60 seconds on high in each machine. Next, we followed the instructions each manufacturer provided for making smoothies; we used the “smoothie” button if the machine had one. The best blenders made completely smooth smoothies with minimal air incorporated into the blend.

Hummus: We made one batch of our Restaurant-Style Hummus in each blender; the best blenders required minimal scraping to completely puree the ingredients into a smooth and homogeneous dip.

Crushed Ice: We crushed ice in each blender; the best models quickly turned the ice into fluffy white snow with minimal scraping.

Mayonnaise: We emulsified eggs and oil into mayonnaise using our Quick Food Processor Mayonnaise recipe to evaluate the lower speeds and the opening in each lid designed for adding ingredients while the blender is running; the best models produced smooth, creamy mayonnaise.

Almond Butter: We ground almonds into Almond Butter. The best models were able to produce extremely smooth almond butter with minimal scraping and without overheating.

Frozen Desserts: We made vanilla ice cream in each machine; none of the blenders was able to make acceptable ice cream.

Hot Soup: We made tomato soup in each machine, testing their ability to puree and heat ingredients; the best machine was able to get the soup up to a piping-hot 160 degrees.

Juice: We made carrot juice in each blender by combining carrots and water; all the blenders made similar, slightly pulpy juice that was drinkable but not as good as juice from a dedicated juicer.

Maneuverability: We rated each blender on how easy its jar and lid were to attach and detach and how easy it was to move around.

Ease of Use: We rated each blender on how logical and intuitive its controls were, as well as how easy it was to use and clean.

Noise: Noise is measured in decibels on a scale of zero to 140. We noted how loud the blenders were throughout testing and measured them with a decibel meter, recording a range of 96.1 to 105.7 decibels. Those that stayed under 100 decibels rated highest.

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John Texas says:

I’ve owned VitaMix since the 80’s. I have a 5200 now and really, really love the very slow speed.

Gregory Gonzales says:

I’m kinda surprised they didn’t include the Vitamix Ascent series since they been out for a while now.

Spiral Breeze says:

In my experience the best blenders are the loudest.

LifeAs Leeza says:

I love this lady

Arron Umberger says:

I miss the days when they used to rank all of the runner-ups in the video so you could make a decision based on price or features you may or may not care about having. Now they just give the winner and sometimes (but rarely) the second place item. Then they force you to subscribe to their website to see the full rankings. I bet the only reason they even mentioned the second place item this time around was because they know the winner is so expensive most can’t afford it.

ainsley stewart says:

Wow a no none sense review…I love it

Johnny Blaze says:

Blenders are way better and healthier instead of juicers if you must juice anything because you get the fiber and more of the nutrients which is what is most important.

tony j says:

I’ve tried both Vitamix and Blendtec and they’re both about the same. The Blendtec redesigned their jar, if you noticed, it has 5 sides rather than the standard 4. It was designed like that because people were complaining about using a tamper all the time, one more item to wash, hence the new design. Also I’ve made mayonaise in both Vitamix and Blendtec units, but then, I have the Blendtec Classic, not the latest model.

David B says:

I guess its all personal preference I personally have the Vitamix 5200 and its been a great solid machine. One of the biggest selling points was the fact that its actually designed and made in America. Some people prefer cheap and cheaply made while others prefer to spend a little more for quality.

Ze Bunker says:

HAHA they bought the products to review. GTFO. This channel is nothing but one big amazon affiliate marketing machine. Lost all credibility long ago.

naithom says:

Would you do a test on hot plates, please?

theirvman says:

Im curious about Bosch Silentmixx compared to high end. Where does one make the jump into a long term investment? I use the blender daily.

Dylan Piekarski says:

Idk, I feel like this is very biased, especially given that both top picks are way expensive for the average person. From what I remember, the top of the line Breville Boss performs very well, if not better in some cases, for a much lower price. That said, I it has a longer warranty, 7 years. You also don’t need a separate jar for anything.

mnash3 says:

I have always enjoyed your reviews and this one did not disappoint as well. I actually own the Vitamix 750. I love it! I do not like to imagine my life without it. It is a beast. Well… Recently, I had to send it in for repairs. Thanking God for a 7 year warranty. I have had mine a little over 2 years. All I make is smoothies. I have experimented a bunch, but I have narrowed it down to 4 cups of spinach, 1 cup of pineapples, 1 cup of mangoes, 1 cup of cherries, and 1 cup of blueberries and 1 cup of water to blend. As you can imagine, it takes its share of energy to blend, but I am very happy with the results.

Well… Because my 750 is off being repaired, I bought the loaner which appears to be a 5200. It has the taller container, etc. as mentioned in your video. Well… It can not compare to the 750. It is just not enough power to blend my smoothie. The blender literally bounces all over the counter and I have to hold it for it to blend. Also, with the wider container, it may be a chaotic blend, but the food drops to the bottom without the use of the tamper. Not so with my loaner… I have to use the tamper and it takes much longer to blend.

Oh… the point… If I had to do it over again… I would still purchase the 750 over the 5200 and I feel this video supports that decision and I am happy I watched the video and even happier with my 750 purchase. I hope it gets back here soon.

In either case, cool vid and thanks for sharing your experience.

552mustang says:

Yawn I got a nutribullet pro and I can do all this sh-t for 1/4 of the price

Matthew Ryan says:


Dorothy Kelley says:

Excellent machine…Educated myself with lots of video presentations on YouTube…We intend to use it for better nutrition and a fast meal in a smoothie…

blade4flame says:

AvE came to the same conclusion about Vitamix by doing completely different testing. That says something.

e vil says:

Just get an osterizer

jubjuber1 says:

Something they dont mention that i HIGHLY recommend with either vitamix. They sell a smaller pitcher that is narrow. 90% of the time i dont need the space provided by the large wide pitcher and the narrow smaller pitcher provides a better blend with small quantities

Faylina Meir says:

I bought my vitamix 5200 10 1/2 years ago off the vitamix website refurbished (it was used for a demonstration) and it’s worked great. They have good customer service and when it did need serviced I paid nothing. They also replaced my blender jars, 3 times.
However it’s cheaper if you buy it at Costco and they have a basically lifetime return policy (recommend keeping your receipt).
I even bought a blendtec to compare it and there was no comparison. The tamper is worth it.

Los Pollos Hermanos says:

This video is biased from the beginning! Sponsored by vitamix! Sure it’s a great blender but I love the microprocessor in the blendtec it automatically adjusts the speed when your blending then automatically shuts off! as Mexican chef it’s great when busy doing guisados in the kitchen you don’t have to wait next to the blender as you do with the vitamix. Best comparison is the vitamix is like a peterbuilt semi great reliable no fancy gadgets, the blendtec is like a Volvo semi it’s reliable does the same job and more with the latest technology! Like crash avoidance and traffic control.

Bond Hinson says:

if you ever want to know who will win its is always their old favorite… always

Limonmonkey04 says:

I’ve had my vitamix for about 15 years and it’s still going strong. We use it everyday, I LOVE it. Totally worth every penny I bought it for. The best blender hands down.

Aunt Duddie says:

I am loving my Blendtec more than Vitamix. I love it!

Emiliana Camacho says:

Could you make one on immersion blender please? And Dutch ovens? I’ve been getting really into making soups and breads :^)

Barrie Popeyes says:

Please test slow juicers

Landmantx says:

The newest tech in blending is the vacuum chamber. None of these have that. I am waiting to see if it is worth it, as it is supposed to reduce oxidization. I am keeping my vitamix for now.

Rolando Riggio says:

An all Vitamix Review video is a must! Reviewing their whole line.

Luke Brown says:

Ok but… who makes mayonnaise in a high speed countertop blender?

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