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Here in the test kitchen, we demand a food processor that can handle lots of chopping, slicing, and shredding while delivering professional-quality results, and we think home cooks deserve the same.

We tested 8 food processors to find the best one:
Cuisinart Custom 14 Food Processor
The Breville Sous Chef 12-Cup Food Processor
Black + Decker Performance Food Processor
Cuisinart Elite Collection 2.0 12-Cup Food Processor
Cuisinart Elemental 11 Food Processor
Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor
Oster Designed for Life 14-Cup Food Processor with 5-Cup Mini Chopper
Kitchenaid 11-Cup Food Processor with ExactSlice System

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We tested eight food processors with capacities of 11 to 14 cups, rating them on their ability to chop, slice, shred, mince, emulsify, puree, and mix pie crust and pizza dough, as well as perform other common tasks that call for a food processor. We also rated them on ease of use and cleanup.

Testers chopped onion, carrot, and celery into mirepoix; ground whole almonds; minced fresh parsley; and ground beef chunks and butter into hamburger. This category was weighted most highly in our ratings.

We sliced ripe plum tomatoes and russet potatoes, giving highest marks to models that cut crisply and neatly, rendering little to no juice, which would indicate that food was sliced, not crushed.

We shredded carrots and cheddar cheese, rating models highest if pieces were crisp and uniform with little to no unprocessed, trapped food.

We mixed pie dough and a double batch of heavy pizza dough, made mayonnaise (in small workbowls where available), and conducted a timed test using drops of blue and yellow food coloring in yogurt to show how efficiently machines made a uniformly green mixture.

We processed large cans of whole tomatoes in each machine until smooth; high-rated models made velvety puree.

We rated each machine throughout testing on its handling, intuitiveness of assembly and controls, shape of workbowl and lid, weight and stability, quality of construction, noise, and other factors relating to its design and ergonomics, including the convenience of any included accessory boxes or other extra features.

We filled each machine to its “maximum liquid fill” line and compared actual to stated capacity; we then ran machines on high for 1 minute, checking for leaks.

Anatomy of a Great Food Processor:

Big enough to minimize ­pretrimming and waste but ­narrow enough to hold food upright.

The space between the end of the blade and the side of the bowl as well as the space between the base of the blade and the bottom of the bowl should be small. This ensures more efficient, thorough mixing and food that is evenly chopped.

Ensures that all the food gets shredded or sliced.

Space-saving and keeps machine anchored during heavy mixing.

Enables quick stop-start so ­ingredients are tossed around the bowl and into the cutting action.

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Greg Najduch says:

I have the winner, and bought it for its simplicity, power, and reasons why I knew I would use it. I don’t use it for half of the things listed, but what I do use it for, it’s performed amazingly well.

Chris Blue says:

Horrible review, she did not show the Cuisinart model in action. I’m glad I watched other reviews (before purchasing), that actually showed this model in action. The Cuisinart actually has most of the problems that the reviewer says this model does not. Aside from the blades turning into shrapnel, as one commenter states. I suggest watching other videos that actually display what each brand can do. I will be purchasing the Breville sous chef. This reviewer seems biased towards the Cuisinart, maybe because of sponsorship. It definitely is not the best by any stretch of the imagination. Even though it is the cheapest as she exclaims, it is seriously lacking in flexibility and accessories.

Ray Jones says:

Thank you, thank you. Interesting and very informative. We like your test results and use those to make our final decisions. 😉

sammy H says:

Long video explaining the testing process. Why didn’t you number them from top best to worst and show why.

RockabillyMike5120 says:

I disagree I have brevile sous chef 12  it Awsome

Steven Louis Paul Goss says:

Breville Sous Chef.

dobbsiancant says:

cuisinart has deplorable customer least in canada

jon doe says:

thanks ima buy it

ਆਰ ਮੋਰਲਸ says:

Woah. I was impressed…until that “broken blade” bit. Made me think of Final Destination™️.

ch282 says:

2:16 and this is why i don’t use a food processor, ugh. knife and cutting board is so much easier to clean.

Naty Gagnon says:

Will you have another testing for food processor as this one is 3 years old ? Thank you

Paul Wharton says:

Amazingly detailed review – Many thanks.

my opinion says:

are u going to test it with the new blade

Tyler Dostie says:

Damn, they got it on Amazon supposedly on sale for $199, down from $365. That’s some shit.

joe v says:

Is the Cusinart 11 Cup Food Processor as The Same Quality as the Custom 14 Cup ?  Thinking about buying their 11 Cup .

Barry Childs says:

Cuisinart offers a free replacement blade without rivets, to fix the blade cracking/fragmenting issue – just go to their website and request one.  My blade hasn’t cracked in 10 years but I got the replacement just in case.

Farley Lai says:

Time to update for all-in-one dish/meal makers:
– Thermomix TM5
– All-Clad HP500 Prep&Cook heating food processor
– Bellini kitchen master

R R says:

This lady doesn’t mess around when it comes to kitchen gadget reviews.

Meena Kumar says:

Invariably, the winners are the expensive models out there…We get what we pay for…but unfortunately everyone can’t afford the higher end models…so what’s the point of these reviews, just wondering…


Can you give us the Top 3 Food processors for the ones like me who cant spend $170 on a processor.????.???????.?.?????.??

John Whirling says:

So their best pick has blades that crack but that’s not a problem. LOL. All righty then.

forestivia says:

Love your tests!!!!!!

dobbsiancant says:

the breville is better.much.

侯少桐 says:

I bought the cuisinart 14 cup but it leaks very easily!

D Jaquith says:

Really!? So the ‘winner’ can *kill* you with the ingestion of fragments from its blade. No, that’s the loser that needs to be recalled and sued out of business!

Mark Kligerman says:

Thank you very much for the thoughtful and comprehensive testing. Bought the Cuisinart. I was going to cheap out but decided the cost was worth it.

Mark Coleman says:

This review is so old now. Are you guys planning on a new version? From what I’ve read, the breville is now on top and you guys didn’t even look at the top commercial processor, the Robot Coupe. What about the other cuisinart model? Hopefully you guys can answer all these questions…… soon?… please?

Jim Baxter says:

Where is the Magimix who btw invented the food processor, I don’t know what top chefs use in their kitchens in the US but here in Europe you’d be hard pressed to find a Michelin star or top restaurant without one

Rita Canavan says:

I don’t trust test kitchen reviews, those with the most power will win if you know what I mean, had 2 cuisinarts crap out on me almost immediately without abuse.

Sarina L says:

Wow! Not the breville or kitchenaid? Wow wow wow! What’s wrong with the breville?

R J says:

Bought one of these Cuisinart models and couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the reveiw!

Machinist 72 says:

No robocoupe? Admittedly, its pricey as hell, but it seems to be the gold standard in restaurants..

James Williams says:

Thx a Ton. You guys soooo Rock.

TheIkaika777 says:

I’m going to keep using the old blade. Because I like to live dangerously…

Bill y says:

hair nets. never seen the need before. until…

Cyberia398 says:

Thank you for an excellent review. It helped me pick out a new food processor – I am loving the design of the Cuisinart! And I love equipment reviews.

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