Equipment Review: Best Blenders (Midpriced/Mid-Range) & Our Testing Winner

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Behind the Testing:
Full testing details and ranking chart:

We tested 7 midpriced blenders to find the best one (listed in alphabetical order):
Braun PureMix
Breville the Hemisphere Control
Cuisinart Hurricane 2.25 Peak HP Blender
Cuisinart Hurricane Pro 3.5 Peak HP Blender
KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender
Nutri Ninja Ninja BlendMAX DUO
Oster Versa Pro Performance Blender with Tamper 1400 Watts

From burnt-out motors to cracked pitchers and smoothies that aren’t smooth, most midpriced blenders are a bust. Luckily, we found one you can count on.

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– Powerful, durable motor
– Well-designed blade that results in optimal food circulation
– Well-designed jar that requires few or no scrape-downs
– Reasonably quiet motor
– Clear, logical control panel

We tested seven blenders, priced from $159.99 to $285.00, rating them on their ability to perform various tasks. We also evaluated each blender on how easy it was to operate and clean. We measured the diameter of each jar at the midpoint. We used a tachometer to measure how fast each blender’s blades turned on the lowest setting and a decibel meter to measure how loud each was.

SMOOTHIES: We made kale, pineapple, and orange juice smoothies in each model. The best made completely smooth smoothies while incorporating minimal air.

CRUSHED ICE: The best models quickly turned ice into fluffy white snow with minimal scraping.

MAYONNAISE: We evaluated each model’s ability to blend small amounts of eggs and oil into mayonnaise, measuring the efficiency of its lowest speed and the functionality and usefulness of the hole in the top of its lid, through which we poured the oil while the blender was running; the best models produced a smooth and creamy sauce on the first try.

ALMOND BUTTER: Models that were able to produce smooth butter from whole almonds with minimal scraping or overheating rated highest.

EASE OF USE: We rated each blender on how logical and intuitive its controls were, as well as how maneuverable the jar and the blender itself were. We also evaluated how easy it was to clean.

NOISE: We noted how loud the blenders were throughout testing and measured their noise levels with a decibel meter, noting a range of roughly 80 decibels (comparable to the dial tone of a telephone) to 103 decibels (comparable to a lawn mower). Those that stayed under 100 decibels rated highest.

America’s Test Kitchen is a real 2,500 square foot test kitchen located just outside of Boston that is home to more than three dozen full-time cooks and product testers. Our mission is simple: to develop the absolute best recipes for all of your favorite foods. To do this, we test each recipe 30, 40, sometimes as many as 70 times, until we arrive at the combination of ingredients, technique, temperature, cooking time, and equipment that yields the best, most-foolproof recipe.

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David T says:

Many of these tasks (e.g. almond butter) you would be better off using a food processor, and they are a LOT easier to clean. I’d rather through my money into a good food processor capable of daily use and then go cheap on a blender.

Dr. Zebra says:

I can never get enough of these equipment reviews.

Ken Tyler says:

Had another thought. I see lots of “hacks” where people hook 4.5″ angle grinders to different machines for more power. An angle grinder attached to a blender would be a beast. Might be able to mix small batches of concrete let alone ice for Margarita’s. Bet Tim the toolman Taylor has one.

patrick hallyburton says:

have the breville, its a great blender, i make smoothies 5 times a week. its fairly quiet as well.

Las M says:

Butternut squash to these guys is like eggs to howtobasic

saleh aburashids says:

OMG thnx i needed this vid.

MonoDiTriSub GameTrailersThaiSubtitle says:

If you want to be honest, just give me raw test result NOT your opinion base on product sponsor.

Joshua Langston says:

These are so great! As someone who has bought two blenders that both died blending ice… I wish I had something like this before I wasted my money.

Kostas Pappas says:

Thank you – I bought many of the products you tested – great job!

sansa 787 says:

love ur videos…plz do the best portable ice maker…thnx

David Sefcik says:

Have you tested the Blendtec?

miu 75 says:

I am Japanese and love this channel.
Wish it could have English subtitle at least…

Blair Goltra says:

Just for the record. I bought one of these the first time they were rated #1 by the test kitchen. Awesome machine capable of doing it all. However, just shy of five years later it died. Not subjected to excessive use or difficult ingredients. Now considering a new one or perhaps trying their number two pick.

pussypuffs says:

do you send the test items to a lab to ensure the products you choose as your favorites don’t come with unwanted/unhealthy coatings, like the ziploc bags you tested or some of the cheaper gadgets?*cough*theproductsfromchina”cough*

김말자 says:

Have you tested L’EQUIP?

Audriana Michelin says:

I really wish you guys did more videos. Like one ever 2 weeks? Let me know if it possible. I enjoy watching these videos and also purchasing these items so far the only thing I haven’t purchased based on your review was the Spatula because I’d already owned a brand I like. (when those are worn ill try your recommendation) and could you guys do a microwave review I’m having difficulty finding one that does the job

John J. says:

But the Vitamix is still king isn’t?
I know it much pricier than all of these but it does the best blending.

trevorpinnocky says:

The Ming Tsai 1300-Watt Hot & Cold Power Blender with Tritan Jar does all this and will also ‘cook’, for $89.

Love mine. Gets more work than my Vitamix too.

Organist2020 says:

The ninja Pro is also a decent blender, it retails at $119.99, but we got ours for only $89.99, and it does pretty well, as my mother makes smoothies every morning that consist of frozen fruits and leafy green kale, the controls are also easy to use, as there is only 3 speeds, this makes for 4 buttons on the control panel, if you need a good budget blender, you can find them on sale at Shopko.

Onyourknees Beforeme says:

I want to see how the vitamix stacks up…

Minh Tam Doan says:

i wonder how the blender from “will it blend” series will pass the text :)))
maybe it wasn’t here because it’s over 300$ ?

Species710 says:

I used to have my mother’s blender that was older than I am. It had a glass carafe. I dropped it. I will never get over that loss.

Will Ganness says:

The Waring Xtreme Pro series that starts at under 300$ or the Cheaper Blendtec that Costco sells for about 250$ is going to crush all these cheap blenders here giving you performance that can be superior to Vitamix in some tests. The more I look at Americas Test Kitchen product reviews i think they are a scam that is meant to sell product for certain vendors – like that overpriced 100$ thermometer when you can get great thermometers for around 10$.

Aarr Kalai says:

This was a very complete and useful video.I haven’t purchased a blender in years because they are mostly over priced junk.


Noah A says:

I bought an Oster Versa and wish I had spent the extra money to get a Vitamix.

Kip Paseo says:

although I am more eager to trust the ratings and reviews from Consumer Reports which is a not-for-profit unbiased source it would be nice if America’s Test Kitchen would show in order of best to worst. perhaps they don’t want to piss off any of their advertisers which again is not a concern and does not apply to Consumer Reports.

Boris Beverton says:

Did they test the Blendtec? I missed that bit.

Guido Guido says:

How is $199 moderately priced?

Adam Churvis says:

After going through four blenders that failed miserably for heavy kitchen use, I finally bought a CleanBlend for the same $199 as the winner of this shootout, and I have never been happier. This competition was incomplete without comparing them to a CleanBlend.

bassboost says:

Now this is a review I can get behind!
I’d love to see a high-end blender showdown next.

RAH ! says:

Last time I trust this once beloved group. Blender died on first use!!!

BennyWise says:

I love these reviews, you guys do really great with these and i have a suggestion for woks if you guys use those

Albert Esteva says:

As a cook I use my blender almost everyday and I’ve had a 16 dollar oster blender from walmart for about 8 years.

monkeeCnDew says:

I purchased the Breville Hemisphere solely based on your last review and test. It is a fantastic blender. I would like to add for your viewers that it lasted in peak condition for 2 yrs of daily use. I notice now that it doesn’t “chop” up kale and ice as finely as it once did. And the motor is wearing since I hear it squeaking and smell what I believe is motor/greasing fluid?

omgimgfut says:

wish you had tested a Blendtec

Antônio R. Pinto says:

Congrats on the video. Make a difference of mixers !!

G Baking says:

No Vitamix?

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