Crew Review: Waring Xtreme Hi-Power Blender

Whether you’re serving up delicious frozen beverages in your cafe or you just want a blender at home that will create the smoothest of smoothies, the Waring Xtreme will get the job done at the simple flip of a switch. Watch Brandon go through its features and specs and then demonstrate how well the Xtreme works by whipping up a delicious frappe.

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Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Check for the blooper reel on April 1 😉 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Keep your paws to yourself – seriously! 😉 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thanks for sharing your experiences with both brands! 🙂 – Kat

LapinBeau says:

I have one of these! Sooo powerful.

I just wish I knew more recipes for it. It’s such a waste for it to be collecting dust in my cupboard. 🙁

Andy B says:

great info

but ugh – please hold the camera still. It’s nauseating

Snake says:

He kept pulling the pitcher off too early while the blade was still spinning. That’s bad for the blade and drive shaft as it will cause it to wear out.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

He’s pretty rad! – Kat

Gilles Quenneville says:

What is the coffee mix brand and where can i find it ?

fUjiMaNia says:

@Seattle Coffee Gear  is the VMix tamper compatible with the 64oz container on the Waring blender Xtreme?

Burner0000 says:

Dude you are the commercial equipment rockstar!

unaperrin69 says:

Hi, have you ever made ice cream in this machine? If so, can you do a video showing that? I would love to see that. Currently trying to decide between a Blendtec and this.

bonehead0816 says:

for anyone wondering there is some side by side videos on youtube of vitamix and blendtecs and such, i would say that a vitamix would be a bit better than this though.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Sadly, we don’t have the demo any more (it was on loan); but I know that it will blend anything up quickly and smoothly. Since it did so with ice, I’m sure ice cream would work just fine. Hope that helps! 🙂 – Kat

1too3fore says:

what is the model #?

hugebassfishing says:

how do you like this waring compared to the breville I see in the background?

ReachBlows Dick says:

The Waring’s performance is great no doubt but its durability does worry me, does it have a 7-10 year warranty like Vitamix and Blendtec?

RubicksKube25 says:

@Seattle Coffee Gear HEy,what happened to the VitaMix??Don’t you use it anymore???

stellbo says:

I just got this blender with the variable speed yesterday. I have had a Vitamix for years and its a fine machine but this thing is crazy. Its like a swiss watch had sex with a tank, its awesome.

fUjiMaNia says:

+stellbo I’ve been debating between the Vitamix 750 and Ninja then I found out about the Waring 1200XTX variable speed and things have changed completely not to mention its about 200 dollars cheaper than the Vitamix. Can you give some feedback on your Variable Waring? thanks 🙂

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yeah, from my experience of using both of them, they seemed to perform the same; I think the Vitamix may be more versatile, though. – Kat

superstar says:

Cool blender.  I have the vitamix 750 and I think this blender puts my blender to shame.

Danemicos says:

Seem to be missing the outtakes where Kat gives an mmMMMmm to the drink, then drops the camera and runs off with the blender and all the rest of the tasty beverage.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We don’t carry it right now; if we do, we will. – Kat

Josh says:

You should review the Hemisphere Control since that’s the blender you use in all your videos 🙂

Joseph78574 says:

Dear coffeg, im interesting in a waring xtreme blender. But the info in the web is a shit. Can you help me to recomend the best waring avalaible in the 450$ range. Which is better the raptor or the extreme?

Thank very much…

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

That totally made my Monday afternoon, thank you. – Kat

kingdarko says:

How does this compare to a vitamix ?

Log Splitta says:

It’s basically a huge upside-down router.

hottie1245 says:

I’ve done my research in the high speed blender market & Waring offers the best bang for your buck! I purchased the Xtreme MX1200XTS, which has the stainless steel container. Looked at vitamix, but the lack of a stainless option steered me to Waring. Plastic is bad news bears!
Having experienced a 2HP vitamix side by side my 3.5HP waring in real life, you could not pay me to give up those extra 1.5 horses. Scope it out, I got my Xtreme stainless steel w/ variable speed for well under $500.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

I can’t do a side-by-side, but anecdotally, they seem to perform rather similarly – Kat

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