Consumer Reports: Best blender

After testing several blenders to find out which one gives the best bang for your buck, Consumer Reports discovered that one Blender poses a serious safety hazard.


Baron Local says:

good presentation min 1:06

Brian Unc Albert says:

blendtech is the best, better than vitamix. hands down.

Bill Perreault says:

i see the VITAMIX blender as the Cadillac of all blenders and in the first category. all. every blender fall into the second and third categories. there is a slew of well made second tier blenders, and i opted for the breville boss blender. now, cost to me is an issue, i wanted a good quality blender, but could not go up to the Vitamix higher cost. i am 80 y.o.and a Vitamix would outlive me, so again i got the second tier type. am very happy with my BOSS BLENDER, really a nice machine for the price i paid on Amazon. i had been juicing for about 5 years, but i have found, i get SO MUCH MORE FLAVOR in my drinks with my blender, clearly a night and day issue. if you are young enough, and can afford the higher cost of the Vitamix, by all means, that would be the one i would have bought if i were younger and could afford it. so there are factors in a PERSON’S LIFE to consider as to how much to spend and which of the many very nice second tier products on the marker. BUT THE REAL BOTTOM LINE HERE, YES DO GET IN THE GOOD HABIT AND USE A BLENDER ALMOST DAILY, for you and family. that you will never regret. bill perreault

Margareth Viteri says:

I personally love my blender by Karmin

Justin H. says:

Ninja is shit

APK Cheating says:

You need a blender? Search in ebay:ptnc 5200

Ron Edward says:

I think Ninja paid them for a positive reveiw. LoL!!!

Mandy says:

My 19.99 single serve blender works better then this exact ninja showed hear. Garbage!

Darcey DeRosa says:

Didn’t answer the question of what is the best blender! BOO!

WorldOfRandomStuff says:

Why wasn’t the Blendtec reviewed?

kberken says:

VitaMix, hands down, is the best. There are a lot of videos comparing the two. See for yourself. It is definitely worth the price. They also last.

Tomasina Covell says:

I hate their credulity in alerting Calphalon to a major defect that I’m sure they had intentionally built into it on a bet they’d still make profits. As it’s a blender there’s no chance they’d not know this.  They should be sued for everything they own and be tortured to death.

blondwiththewind says:

This report totally left out a large/growing segment of the blender industry: “immersion blenders”. I was hoping for information on that as well.

Ji Di says:

much better westinghouse blender 600 watts.

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