Chef Austin’s Review: Vitamix VS Ninja

Full Review:
Trying to decide what blender to buy? Chef Austin’s puts the Vitamix Ascent 2300 up against the Ninja Professional to see which one comes out on top.

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Kristi Yagwit says:

Neither made ice cream well. My ninja does it just fine. I freeze my ninjas, crush the ice into snow then add my mix while ninja is on low. You want small ice crystals to form for creamy consistency.

Paul D Smart says:

lol these reviews are pointless! I’m a chef! In my restaurant kitchen I use a £650 Vitamix… at home I use a £150 Ninja! Horses for courses! Who would have thought that an expensive, pro level, blender out performs an entry level blender!

Why not compare the Ninja to a Morphy Richards Blender?? or a Vitamix to a Blendtec?

Kalen McCoy says:

Ninja is better sorry

peterjg001 says:

What a sellout review, the vitamix is clearly the better blender, but this paid review is clearly biased and didn’t even give the ninja a chance.
What an unprofessional channel.

Fule Ule says:

Review the Breville Boss Blender

Nasir Ahmed says:

Ninja is not good, you compare with Rolls Royce with Ford Focus. I work with 25 plus yr, i am chef my self, if you buy Vitamix every penny is worth. even lower end is good too.The model showing it Vitamix Ascent A2500 Blender cost $490.48 and A3500 cost $549.95 at Amazon.Last long long time.

StruggleDays says:

Lol this should’ve been called how much the Ninja sucks. Thanks for the video I got the ninja but I’ve been considering buying the A2500 and I think you just sealed the deal for me

lliz j says:

I just found your videos on the Vitamix machines. I’ve been reading/watching everything I can on these to see if they’re worth the price. I own the exact Ninja you’re using and yep – that is exactly how my smoothies turn out. Clumpy. Super glad I found your channel! And, I’ve actually baked for years but never once thought of making my own powdered sugar. Nor have I thought of using a blender for whipping cream (I have an automatic charger which uses c02 but my husband ‘put it away’ which means I’ll probably never see it again). So, great information!

Jesus Is The Way says:

So you have no good words for the Ninja, it can’t do anything at all right ?

Katrina Tomlinson says:

Because of the blade design on the Vitamix, it has a tendency to heat or damage the nutrients of any vegetable smoothie. The Ninja would not have this problem…I’ll be keeping my Ninja.

fglend73 says:

We all know how amazing the Vitamix is. But who uses a blender for all of these things? I’m not spending 500 bucks so I can make powdered sugar. I’ll buy it for a 1.99. My food processor makes hummus perfectly. Who the fuck makes ice cream in a blender? If I want hot soup I’ll heat it up in a pot. I never even thought of making bread dough with a blender that’s insane. I’ll take a Vitamix if someone wants to buy it for me, but I’m not spending 500+ on a fucking blender.

peggy bachler says:

you cannot put a Vitamix to any other blender – if you would have used the Ninja Chef 1500-Watt Blender it would have given the VM a run for it’s over price machine – I have used Ninja products for years and I’ve made everything you’ve made and all my food has come out perfect –

Carmen Dee says:

I can’t wait to get my Vitamix

BYasmin AMayorga says:

Cuanto te pagaron para afectar a Ninja a mi me encanta mi Ninja

PCAPro says:

Your comparing a premium blender against a midrange blender. How about you also point out the price point difference.

Jeremy Hagen says:

I’ve made powdered sugar and it works great, but it doesn’t stay powdery. Is there a trick, or is it depending on the sugar you start with?

Flowerdoodle2 says:

This guy is a goon

peoplesperson8 says:

Sounds like a Chevy commercial

Nolo Kobo says:

Can you make hot soup in an E320? I don’t intend to make soups in these because of the plastic I’m just curious.

MrProTechHD says:

$100 VS $350+ so yes of course Vitamix is going to win

Matthew Lane says:

They may not have paid you, but you made it so obvious from the get-go, that you love the Vitamix. The Ninja didn’t have a prayer with you. With all the smirks and the way you were smiling, it was if you were making fun of the Ninja. They should have someone else do another demonstration, someone who could care less which one they had, just as long as they had one. Note: I don’t own either one, YET….

Offthe Lip says:

Many have done the comparison between Ninja to Vitamix. There’s zero comparison. It’s like comparing a high school basketball player to Lebron James. Both play basketball, but on completely different levels.

The Godfather says:

Ok you have a 100.00 dollar ninja and you are comparing it to a 500.00 blender it will never be a fair have comparisons but if you compare the ninja chef to this it would not be that much different at all. I’d go 160 anyway over 500.00 then I’d just go ahead and buy a nutribullet and you could do everything and then some that the 500.00 one would do for only about 260.00 way cheaper.

Carol Binnie says:

Ninja would have performed better in some of those things had they been done in the small containers.Ninja will NOT make hot soup, as you cannot take the top off, neither does it have the little spout at the top.Quite obviously he was paid by Vitamix, to do those things.Money talks & he has proven that.

Andrea Salmon says:

I have the vitamix and it great i have the vitamix 1200 and it grind flax seed for my wraps i made soup and its hot

John Michael says:

How much did vitamix pay you?

Andrea Lewis says:

I have a ninja. Takes longer. Not an issue as I’m not in a hurry…

Dawie Natral says:

right from the word go ,hes a Vitamix man,this VIDEO IS BULL

John Texas says:

Purchasing any–any–Ninja appliance shows that the owner cared more about gimmicks like the blade system on here rather than quality. Cheap Chinese junk appliances–the Juiceman appliances of the future.

Clevershield says:

Of course the Vitamix is better than the Ninja, but it’s also vastly more expensive. So people on a budget’s best bet in the Ninja. Also, it’s nice how you get a personal blender, food processor, and spiralizer with the Ninja as well.

Conner Madison says:

nice infomercial

Reem H says:

its like comparing a blinder to a food processor!!! Apples to oranges!!

Frank Soto says:

Anyone know what model he is using

Adam 3d says:

Snake oil vs Scorpion oil.

Alexander Lavoie says:

So…. Blunt the Ninja blades and save $400

emmemm says:

I love how he got straight to the point lol

Jamaica Dancehall TV says:


tlig says:

8:13 seems unfair – the Ninja photo is more of a close-up than the Vitamix’.

Carol Binnie says:

He’s also using a very old Ninja machine, had he used a modern Ninja , the results for Ninja would have been far better. Ninja is a tremendous machine.

OC Run says:

Why are you comparing the latest vitamix to a 6 year old ninja model? At least you should compare to the most recent ninjas. The test format was great but it’s not relevant to current models.

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