Breville Hemisphere Control Blender Review

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Breville Hemisphere Control Blender. LINK to Breville Hemisphere Control Blender: It’s 750 watts and has 5 speed settings and a pulse button. This unit comes with the Die-cast metal base. 48 ounce BPA free plastic round jug with stainless steel blades. Assist lid with inner measuring lid so you can add ingredients while blending and Instruction manual with some recipes and blending guide for different foods.

The LCD display counts up on speed settings and counts down on the pre- programmed settings. The buttons are illuminated. The Breville assist plug is a nice feature, really thoughtful design. There is cord storage on the bottom.

Let’s test the blender. Plug it in. Press the on/off button to turn the unit on. The button will illuminate and flash. The LCD timer screen will light up and display 00. We’ll crush ice first. This is one standard tray of ice cubes which is the maximum you can process in this blender at a time. We’ll use the pre-programmed ice crush setting. After you choose a speed, the blender will run for 60 seconds and automatically shut off. You can stop the blender at any time by pressing the stop button or the selected speed button. You can also change the speed by pressing another button while blending. Next we’ll make a fruit smoothie with frozen fruit, milk and a little honey. There is a max line on the jug, don’t fill above that line. If you fill it near that line, put your hand on the lid while blending so the lid doesn’t come off. Use the pre-programmed smoothie setting. The timer will count down to 0. The pulse button is similar to using a food processor.
Next we’ll make a vegetable smoothie with kale, carrots and cucumbers. We’ll pulse a few times then blend.

The ring pull design makes it easy to remove the lid. If the motor is overloaded, an overload warning icon on the LCD will flash. Once it stops flashing, the unit has cooled down and is ready to use.
When you’re finished with the blender, turn the on/off button to off and unplug.
You cannot blend hot liquids in this blender, no making dough or mashed potatoes. The jug is dishwasher safe and the lid is top rack dishwasher safe. I always hand wash blenders right after use, it’s just so much easier – all it takes is a quick rinse. Wipe the base with a damp cloth and dry.

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110-120 volts, 750 watts


Christopher Shannon says:

How about reviewing the Waring Pro Food & Beverage Blender?

Thiago Floriano says:

Thanks for this great review!

Just one remain question: are the blades removable?

Soul Journ says:

Vitamix, is all you need. Don’t waste your money on cheap blenders.

Ez P says:

That green smoothie performance killed any thoughts of buying it

Dan E. says:

I understand your mention of the gritty kale smoothie but that is dependent on the amount of water you use. You used a tiny amount of water so if you used more, it would be less gritty and more smooth. Just a suggestion. Great review since I am thinking of adding this blender to replace my old Oster that is starting to show its age.

IcelandicElfSpotter says:

What about the breville hemisphere smooth ??? They gave me one instead of this one – what is the difference?

Carol Binnie says:

Looks a pretty good product

Andi Addimando says:

Great video thanks for the review could you do a side-by-side by side with the blend tech vita mix and the Braville using the same ingredients? I need a new blender but not sure which one to get

Carin Ruff says:

This is very helpful! So, the whole thing, the jug with blades attached, goes right in the dishwasher? Does the jug seem to resist odors ok? My old Osterizer, which finally died after 30 years, had a glass jug and I’ve never used a plastic one. I love the idea of not having to unscrew all the components for cleaning, though.

Jorge Valdepena says:

what are the difference between Breville ikon bbl600 and this one ?….

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