Breville Boss To Go Personal Blender review! Nutri Ninja challenged!


@09:25 posted wrong information. The Ninja DOES have a built-in cord wrap.

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Joseph1NJ says:

The short warranty will scare me away. If the product is so good, why only 1 year?

Ryan Luong says:

We have it in Australia right now.

cupcakecrash says:

how does this blender compare to the top of the line vitamix personal blender

Adam Francis says:

This review was awesome. Exactly what I was looking for.

Patty Mancilla says:

Love your video.. keep them coming…!!

Blending With Henry says:

Hey You Guys! *BIG AUGUST MONTH!* Vitamix is feeling GENEROUS! Get a *Certified Reconditioned Vitamix for $249!* (AKA 6300). 3 Presets and Variable Speed Control. Comes with a 64oz container, Recipe Book and a 5 Year warranty. Multiple colors! Click the link in the SHOW MORE section above to get the deal or use my Promo Code *06-008687* at checkout on the Vitamix website to waive or reduce shipping.

Jeff Ifyke says:

If they add that Pulse function it would be perfect.

jay keizer says:

When you said over-hyped late night infomercial blender I thought it was going to be the nutribullet, haha. Love the comparison!

Laura Pagan says:

Just bought this blender and wanted to see reviews on it!!! By far the best review I’ve seen. Not only did you take away my doubts, you are so cheery and I love your whole persona!!! Awesome review and most definitely subscribed!!!

Debbie says:

You almost had me sold on the Breville (single use). All of this sounds wonderful with the exception of the 1 yr. warranty… For over $150.00 I was hoping they would stand behind their product. Will be looking at more reviews before I make my decision. I love my Vitamix, still use it for many things, going strong since the 80’s (yes it’s vintage, LOVE it that much), but am looking for something smaller for on the go personal size usage…. Thanks for the review!

momo momo says:

can I have one of your many blenders. no joke

Mesopo Mesopo says:

thats right Breville is Australian company 😉

Jeff Vance says:

Would you go with. Breville Boss to go or Vitamix S55?

Jennifer Lee says:

any videos of you singing??? id love to see!!

Archie Wei says:

Powder metal gear, better than plastic. M8 you gotta break them down, look at what’s inside. Martial, design makes all the differences.

car says:

Dear Henry,
Thank you for your investment and great reviews 🙂

One question… I already own a vitamix 5200 and now I own the Breville boss to go… To my humble opinion the boss to go has sharp blades as well, you don’t think so?

Amanda Cottman says:

I wouldn’t ever buy a product without checking with Henry and buying from him first! He shows you things you need to know and you won’t get from anyone like him! Still loving my blender!

Barmaley says:

Great review as usual! I saw a lot complaints on Australian sites about blade assembly for this particular model. Did you have any problems so far? I hope they re-engineer the part before releasing the blender to US market.

Bhavin Thakkar says:

hi , can you do review of Breville boss to go vs vitamix s55. thanks

Robert Freestone says:

Hey Henry I don’t have to tell you that ninja blenders are crap

Austin Collier says:

All of SharkNinja’s products are overrated garbage, they specialize in lying to customers saying they can beat the big boy brands such as Dyson,Rowenta,and Vitamix. Those blades on the Ninja are unnecessarily dangerous, very poor design and motor construction…just like all their products.

babiixshirleyyy says:

How easy/difficult is it to remove the gasket?

Terrell Campbell says:

But Henry, the Vitamix S30 is still the best single serve blender available right? The real question is how does it compare as a portable blender vs these?

Ande G says:

Hi, how about the sound of Breville and Ninja, is Ninja more noises than Breville? Thanks for the video

trippplefive says:

is the gasket easy to clean on the Breville? heard it’s pretty bad on the ninja with a non removable gasket . it can accumulate crap and crud which is hard to clean thoroughly.

Wanwan Fei says:

Haha I randomly discovered your video and just love how comprehensively you compared the two blenders! And your cheerful tone and laughing at your own joke is so adorable!

YeshuaReigns says:

This is marketed under the brand ‘Sage by Heston Blumenthal The Boss To Go’ in europe.


I just bought myself one today. Your video was great, so much good info. I read some reviews people saying it leaks or motor stops. Have you had anything like that since you bought yours?

Britttany Ellison says:

Please make more videos please!!

Patty Mancilla says:

oh no thank you for your time and work.. really appreciate it… enjoyed your laugh and you’re handsome gentlemen…

VertigonA380 says:

Great review brother, thanks from Australia!!

Joseph1NJ says:

Can it chop nuts & seeds? Growing in popularity Henry is ground flax seeds. Yeah, I can get a coffee grinder, but if these blenders can do it, why two products? BTW, that’s my exact am daily protein drink, only instead of nuts, I add ground flax seeds, just 2 tablespoons.

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